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Found 12 results

  1. Hallo, habe die ganze Zeit mich nicht um mein NAS kümmern können.. nun wird es aber endlich mal wieder Zeit eine neuere Version zu installieren. Früher war ein Update meisstens nicht so einfach möglich. Derzeit Zeit er mir ein Update auf 6.0-8754 an , kann ich das einfach installieren per autoupdate? Wenn nein, gibts irgendwo eine Anleitung wie ich von einer 5.0 auf eine 6.0 hüpfen kann ? Gruß,
  2. Ciao a tutti, in questi giorni ho upgradato 2 dei 4 HD, quindi sono passato da 4x3TB green a 2x3TB green e 2x6TB red. Quindi sono rientrato qui su xpenology ed ho visto che si può fare l'upgrade alla versione 6.1.x del DSM. Ora ho visto che le svariate guide sul forum inglese partono tutti dalla 5.2, mentre io ho la 5.0-4493 Update 3. Io come hardware ho l'HP N54L, ed installato tanti anni fa xpenology direttamente sulla USB, senza nessuna virtualizzazione, se non ricordo male anche con una modifica al bios... boh non mi ricordo bene Ora cosa dovrei fare? basta seguire questa guida? Leggevo di problemi con gli HP per via del processore AMD Grazie a tutti
  3. Bonjour j ai installe un BIOS patche , pour avoir les 6 SATA active. j ai eu l occasion hier de faire un transfert de gros fichiers d un HDD vers un autre (rack 1 & 2) . j ai constate un taux de transfert de 80MO/sec , cela vous semble-t-il corret svp ? Merci pour vos retour.
  4. I am attempting to install 6.0.2 on a HP Microserver N54L. The systems gets to booting the kernel but the Synology Assistant does not show the system. I tested the USB drive on another system and it received a DHCP address. My searches show that others are running the N54L successfully. I have not found any notes on if I need to build a driver for the onboard NIC.
  5. Bonjour à tous, J'ai par erreur mis à niveau mon DSM sur mon Xpenology installé sur un HP N54L. Le problème, c'est que je me souviens plus sur quel version du loader est ce que j'étais, mais il me semble que j'étais en DSM 5.1 ou 5.2, et que j'ai cliqué sur la mise à jour pour passer en DSM 6.2. SI ma logique est bonne, c'est le loader que j'ai sur ma clé USB qui n'est plus capable de lancer le DSM vers 6.2. J'ai beaucoup de donnée sur mon RAID 1, (2 x 2to). Quel procédure est plus simple ? Regenerer une clé usb avec un nouveau loader compatible? Faire un downgrade de mon DSM, si c'est possible? Récuperer les données de mon raid, et comment ce faire? D'autres options? Merci pour votre aide. Macmalus
  6. So, here we go: another Noobie, another set of questions! First: I'm so grateful people are doing this XPEnology thing, this is just great. Great for user having leftover hardware or can not afford Synology Hardware. Also great for Synology promoting their Software, maybe gathering future DS users. Thanks. Thanks a lot! *deep and slow bow* Now to me: Quite normal PC user, Gamer, having build silent/watercooled PCs for over 15 years, nothing fancy, still fascinated by PC Hardware, although now getting a bit tired of the hobby. Always more Hardware than Software Guy. English is not my native tongue, so please excuse any glitches in my writing. My Hardware: I'm runnning a HP N54L since a few years, 4 disks as of now (2x2GB + 2x3GB slow eco HDDs, non NAS, both couples as Raid1 for redundancy), 8GB ECC RAM and the Intel Gigabit NIC (is that right? NIC? the networkcard?), upgraded with a fanless power supply and a slowed down Noiseblocker 140mm Fan. For a while running Windows Home Server 2011, than switched to FreeNAS. Ever since I feel FreeNAS is not really what I'd call accessible. FreeNAS gave me quite a lot trouble with access rights and is hard to master when you only access it once or twice a year for checkup or when something is wrong. Hence my intention to use DSM. I only need a stable NAS to backup all PC in the household via Acronis, store a few things and have kind of a shared or exchange folder. No streaming, no multimedia, no cloud or anything else. (Maybe a mail server in the future... if feasable) I just need NAS in it's purest form, no bells and whistles, easily handled and stable. So, this weekend I'm gonna give it a try and have some questions beforehand. Of course I'd like somebody to take my hand and guide me through everything, taylored to my specific case, but I'm not gonna get that. It's ridiculous, I know that. So I just would like to ask you guys if got everything right so far, ok? So could someone please confirm or answer to the following: There are obviously 2 ways to get DSM on any hardware: having a VM in which it runs (that's this EXSI thingy, right?), basically emulating suitable hardware, emulating a Synology DS? having a simple Bootloader running from USB stick, which just makes DSM start on non Synology Hardware, you called that "bare metal", right? This thing provides the drivers needed for the "Alien Hardware", correct? I'd like to go for the "bare metal" solution, as VM is overkill for me, so this Bootloader would start DSM, which is installed on my Drive array. Is there any way to have DSM not on the Drive array but on, say a little SSD or 2.5" HDD? Does that would even make any sense? Performance wise? Or for the integrity of the Data on the array? The N54L is obviously very commonly used with XPEnology but seemed to have trouble getting the latest DSM versions and with the WPA/WPA2 breach I'd like to make sure that it's possible to update to the latest version as Synology just fixed the issue (like 2 Days or so ago) --> I've seen people confirming latest update on N54L, but how? Which loader are they using? The N54L had no Wake on LAN, hence I bought the Intel NIC which added that but never got it working under FreeNAS. There is the compplexity of FreeNAS again... gave up, NAS was always on ever since. Is Wake on LAN possible with DSM and the onboard LAN? Do I still need the Intel NIC? Will my N54L finally work like supposed to concerning going to sleep and wake up if there is Network activity? What happens when the DSM gets somehow corrupted? Is all Data lost or can it be extracted after DSM reinstall? It's certainly not as handy as a Windows PC after crash, where the data would still be available if plugged in another system, or is it? Does the hardware of the N54L provide any benefit over the rather lowish Hardware of the Synology DSs available to by? Or is it a waste? Thinking of buying a proper DS in the future and selling the N54L, lowering space and energy usage Finally: I've heared of encryption in the commercial talk of synology. Is that done via the DSM software or rather a hardware feature of their processors used? Hence: is encryption available for XPEnology users? Oh and were to get the latest Bootloader & XPEnology version for the N54L? I can certainly find something but whats the best / most trusted source in your opinion? I guess these are my most pressing questions, no doubt to be followed up by some more if installation is not a breeze like in all the youtube tutorials. And it never is, is it? Thanks in advance for any answers, looking forward to make use of the community power here! Cheers, Myrixamophit
  7. My situation is .... I have clean install DSM 6.1.3 in N54L, and migrating data from another server, finally, 1 X 4TB HD full of data in N54L (DSM 6.1.3) after that hotplug 2 new 4TB rebuild the raid from BASIC to Raid 5.... however, this N54L server running almost 4 days, i still got this raid changing info screen. PS: the data in this changing status cannot copy to other drive through share folder (win10 connect to this server) Q1) Usually, how long should it take from basic to raid 5 Q2) xpenology DSM's raid function is work ? since i have no raid card in my N54L Q3) If I remove the Disk 2, can i have all my data back ? maybe i backup my existing 4TB data in the basic mode HD, and fresh build a Raid 5 volume. I very appreciate someone can give me a clue, thanks so much
  8. Bonjour, Pour ceux qui avaient un peu lacher l'affaire avec leur N54L à cause des boot loaders n'acceptant pas les processeurs AMD, sachez qu'en faite... ca marche (oui, c'est bizarre). Sur les topics anglais il y a des discutions qui en parlent, et là je viens de tester la migration pour le mien. Voici la marche à suivre pour ceux qui sont un peu rouillé comme moi : Aller ici pour charger le bootloader de votre choix : https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/7848-mirror-links-to-loaders/ euh, oui il y a 3 versions de NAS, au pif je suis resté sur le DS3615xs comme avant redémarrer son NAS pour aller dans le Setup : dans les options de CPU, désactiver le support des processeurs C1E. mettre à jour sa clé USB (bien sauver son ancien fichier grub.cfg pour pouvoir réutiliser les informations qu'il contient : VID / PID / SN / MAC). Pour le logiciel, j'utilise toujours un vieux "win32diskimager-v0.9-binary" remettre la clé USB dans le NAS et le rédémarrer charger sur le site de Synology le dernier DSM Lancer Synology Assistant Faire un clic droit sur le nas trouvé, et lancer l'installation à partir du DSM téléchargé. suivre les étapes de la migration et puis c'est tout! Voila. Ah si, dernière chose, j'ai pas réussis à faire d'update par contre. Bonne migration!
  9. Objets 3D imprimables pour N54L

    pour ceux qui sont a court de place, possibilité d'installer les cinquièmes et sixièmes HDD a moindre prix, sous réserve de pouvoir accéder à une imprimante 3D... https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=N54L&sa=&dwh=3359a7d88b33705
  10. DSM6.1 reboot not working

    Hi, Since I have updated my HP n54L to DSM 6/6.1.3, I was unable to reboot. When I reboot, the nas shutdown and boot but still on booting the kernel and nothing happens, no HDD led blinking. I have to shutwon it manually and boot it. There is a way to enable verbose on the bootloader to identify the issue or maye be there is a log for booting part? Thanks.
  11. DSM 6.0.2-8451 - USB port not recognized

    Hi, Since I merge to dsm 6 i have some issues, yesterday was the 5th HDD which where not recognized (delete sataportmap from crug.cfg to resolved). Know I have an issue with usb drives. On my HP proliant gen7 n54L, I have 6 usb port, 2 usb3.0 at back and 4 2.0 on front. Only 2 of them are working but they are detected has internal drives. Could you please help me to setup right the synoinfo.cgf. Actually: - esataportcfg='0x0' - internalportcfg='0x2f' - usbportcgf='0x3f' Thanks!
  12. Bonjour à tous, un besoin d'aide j'ai deux N54L PROD: un en production avec la dernière version du DSM 5.2 TEST : un qui me sert de test donc je peux tout faire avec J'ai suivi scrupuleusement le tuto d'installation présent sur le site sur TEST pour une fraiche installation. Une fois tout suivi , a clef usb construite, je démarre. J'arrive sur le même écran que sur le tuto où il est demandé de lancer le Synology Assistant. Mais Synology Assistant ne trouve pas mon DSM6 SI je mets la clef USB DSM 5.2 de PROD sur TEST, le synology assistant le trouve immédiatement Celui de test a une particularité c'est qu'il possède une carte réseau Gigabyte supplémentaire. Je ne sais pas comment récupérer l'adresse MAC de cette carte pour la rajouter. Je suis donc bloqué , une petite idée ? Merci par avance.