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  1. I revived my old N40L Microserver again. Put in the power cord and booted her up. Running well. It's running with the below version, June's loader. I'm not sure what version loader. I wanted to try and update the DSM with a more recent version but not sure where to go first. The microserver is stock. It does not contain a extra NIC. I think I have changed BIOS years ago. To add extra SATA port capabilities? Anyway, what are my options? There is a serious amount of family photographs on it. I got those backed up on a external drive but I rather not do a total reinstall. Can I update to new DSM 6.2.3? 6.2.1 needed an extra Intel NIC to function. At some point there was a seperate Broadcom driver available. Does 6.2.3 still need the extra Intel NIC or is it possible to work with the broadcom driver?
  2. Hello guys, Here is my architecture : Official DS216j who run Moments/ Drive / VPN / DNS / LDAP / Surveillance Station HP Microserver NL40L who run PLEX / Download Station / Docker The NL40L is running the 6.0 version for a long time ago and I decided to update to 6.2 to use Moments & Drive. The DS216j is not powerfull enough today and it's very slow. I bought an Intel network card compatible E1000e (6.2 is not compatible anymore with the integrated NIC inside HP Micro server G7) and updated to 6.2. All is good ! I installed Moments. For the photos it seems to working well and the conversion is sooooo fast comparing DS216j but I'm not able to see any video thumbnail as you can see on the picture. It's not a permission issue because if I click on the "grey" thumbnail I can read the video. When I watched the log, every time I uploaded a video there is an error message : "System failed to convert video /var/services/homes/admin/Drive/Moments/Mobile/**************************** to mpeg4. Do you have any idea of what it could be wrong ? AMD CPU could be an issue ? Thanks in advance
  3. Just a quick guide from my installation of DSM 6.2.1 Update4, before I forget it. The process was much easier than I expected, thanks to all the contributions and sharing in this forum. *** This guide required MODDED BIOS and a HP NC360T NIC *** Hardware Setup Flash kamzata's modded bios, use attached file to burn an USB drive with the modded bios, boot the server from it and let it completes the bios flashing Install the HP NC360T NIC, I bought a used one in Taobao for 14 bucks Load "Optimal Defaults" from BIOS, then In Advance page, disable C1E Support In Chipset page, disable the onboard NIC Atheros AR8132M NIC DSM Installation Download Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3615xs (Synoboot_3615.zip | 17.3 MB | MD5 = e145097bbff03c767cc59b00e60c4ded) Download PAT file DS31615xs DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update4 (263MB) Prepare the USB boot drive, I followed Polanskiman's tutorial to write the generated SN, USB vid and pid in to grub.cfg boot image then burned it to my USB drive (below steps also come from Polanskiman's tutorial, really recommended to read it through) Boot the USB drive, select the 1st option (or just let it timeout in a sec), wait for 10mins then run Synology Assistant, your Microserver should be found as a "Not Installed" DSM Right click on the found DSM and select install, browse to the download PAT file above. Installation will take some time (10mins for my 8TB drives) Post Installation Enable SSH login Update packages Add SynoCommunity package sources - http://packages.synocommunity.com/ Packages Log Center Storage Analyzer Photo Station Audio Station Surveillance Station Transmission WIP Using Webcam as an IPcam with Surveillance Station Kamzata Modded BIOS - run HPQUSB.rar
  4. Hola a todos y gracias por la ayuda de antemano. Hace tiempo que vengo disfrutando de un xpenology gracias a este foro. Lo tengo instalado en un HP Microserver Gen10, con 16 gb de ram y 4 núcleos, en una máquina virtual de vbox. Al xpenology le tengo dato: - Jun's Loader v1.02b - 8 gb de ram, 2 cores - el sistema está en un ssd de 15 gb con 8 y pico ocupados. - usb 2 y red en modo bridge con la tarjeta compatible con Intel pro/1000 MT 82540EM. - y luego le tengo dados 3 discos físicos enteros a la VM, nada de vdi, ni vmhk... los discos directamente conectados a la máquina virtual, que es donde tengo los datos. El caso es que haciendo una actualización esta pasada semana (subiendo de la 6.1.7-15284 Update 3 a una 6.2 que me daba el propio synology), se me ha cascado. Ya he visto en algún hilo que esta actualización a v6.2 puede dar problemas de red y otros... mal hecho por mi parte esta vez, que siempre suelo mirar primero y por ir deprisa le di a que vale y la he liado... Intenté tirar de una copia de seguridad, que hago de cuando en cuando porque ya tuve un problemilla una vez y así recuperaba, pero esta vez cuando pongo la bk y termina de cargar la máquina resulta que me sale la pantalla de gestión y me dice "que ha detectado que he movido los discos duros a una nueva maquina y que la tengo que recuperar" (y me dice quesu estado es recuperable), y al recuperarla se vuelve a cascar y estoy en bucle... Si le desconecto de la VM los discos duros con los datos, el synology funciona bien, pero en el momento que apago y se los conecto vuelvo al mismo problema. He probado a conectar los discos en caliente con el synology en marcha, pero entonces no los reconoce como volúmenes básicos, y me pide formatearlos y perdería los datos. Como ya no sabía como recuperarla, dije pues paso los datos a un disco externo desde el sistema anfitrión (ubuntu 18.04 lts) formateo un disco, se lo pongo al synology y le voy pasando los datos de los otros... pero al montar los discos en el anfitrión e ir a copiarlos me dice que no tengo permisos para hacerlo (los usuarios root/admin del anfitrión y del synology son distintos). Total que puedo ver los datos pero no acceder a ellos, con lo que no he puedido salvarlos de ninguna forma por ahora ni restaurar el synology. ¿Hay alguna manera de que me restaure el synology actual con mi BackUp anterior o qué cambiar para que no se quede muerto? ¿A alguien se le ocurre cómo puedo salvar los datos? Es como si en los discos de datos se hubiese grabado algo que le dice al synology que debe actualizarse y ahí se jode... Muchas gracias a todos y saludos, Héctor
  5. Had a HP Microserver G8 chassis with defunct MB collecting dust. Replacing the proprietary MB felt pointless, so I decided to cram in the leftovers from upgrading the gaming rig and install Xpenology. The list of odd bits available: i5-4670T Noctua NH-L9i ASUS Z87i Pro, mITX SilentWings 120mm PWM Fan I wanted better CPU than the anaemic G1610T and yet limit power usage. I also wanted something more quiet than the original HP system fan. The backplate of the MB-tray in the G8 is too small to fit an entire mITX MB I/O shield. I decided to stay within the edges of the Hp backplate, otherwise one needs to cut(yes, I used the dremel) through the edge of the MB tray and also into the top cover. Cutting through the edge would affect structural stability and usability. Here I sacrificed access to the leftmost ports of the replacement MB, but for use in a NAS they were not essential. To reposition the posts to screw down the MB on the tray, first use a big pair of pliers and give a good twist to remove. I then put in a PCI card to help find the correct position for the MB onto the tray using the expansion card opening as a guide. Then cut an opening for the I/O shield. "Measure twice, cut once" does still apply here, but be prepared to do some extra trimming to make things fit reasonably. Marked the positions for the mounting posts through the MB holes. Tapped and drilled new holes which I kept slightly undersized. Pushed the posts into the holes and pounded them in place. Use a piece of wood(with a hole for the post) as a counter. Reused the rubber studs/distances that the support the original MB onto the tray and repositioned holistically. The Noctua CPU cooler did slide in nicely underneath the drive cage. Then some soldering to extend the Molex power cable for the CPU-power and power connectors for additional disks. Also added a ATX-power extension cable to reach to the new position of the MB power connector. Another fun discovery is the proprietary nature of the HP top front USB ports/cables and the system panel connector(PWR/reset/LEDs). I removed the original front USB ports and glued a 2-port USB 3.0 Female Flat Cable with a 20 Pin Header in place. I also pried open the plastic housing of the power button and added(yes, more glue) a generic pushpin power switch and LEDs inside. It all looks stock from the outside and works just fine. Then my brother got involved and decided to sponsor my project with some storage: LSI 9271-8i 4 x ST6000NM0014 2 x Samsung MZ7GE480HMHP Yes, these are some luxury items and one could naturally have used any odd SATA HDD here. Also note that the original HP SATA harness mounted to the drive cage has a SFF-8087 header. Using the LSI card this snapped right in. Otherwise some rewiring would have had to be performed. Using the existing cabling/connectors to the the drive cages and an LSI-card also provided hot swappable disks and no 3Gbps limitation as imposed by HP onto some slots by the original onboard SATA/RAID controller. The LSI controller is configured to present the disks as JBOD, leaving DSM to apply soft RAID(5) to the volume(s). To work with the LSI command level interface when rebuilding a hardware RAID volume, one needs to possess superpowers that I don't. Configured the SSDs as R/W cache and the system feels very snappy. I have 16MB of DRAM installed which is probably overkill, as I don't have any plans to launch VMs. Installed Xpenology as DS3615xs, and for VideoStation the CPU architecture seems to play nice with transcoding. The access to video and fast forward while playing is almost instant. I'm not sharing any pics of the innards, as my wiring skills are not up to public scrutiny
  6. neooo

    HP MicroServer gen10

    So i installed Baremetal on my new HP Microserver gen10,. Amd opteron x3216 8GB Ram 4x 3tb Toshiba p300 hdd SSD CACHE 64GB I instaled xpenology with loader - Jun's v1.02b DS3617xsis for DSM 6.1 and it works perfectly. You just ned vid & pid and mac address from your network card. Its very fast and works great
  7. I recently updated my Microserver Gen8 which is running on Jun´s loader v1.03b as a 3615xs to DSM version 6.2.3-25426 (it was running on 6.2.3-25426 before, with the only issue being that I couldn´t shut it down or restart it via DSM) and since that update, the server can´t connect to any services. The package center is unavailable, as are Plex and TeamViewer. I can access the Server just fine, as long as I´m within the network. There´s no data loss and no other issues so far. It´s not a router problem either, the settings there are the same as always and I don´t see anything that could cause this problem. I´m using an Intel NIC because the onboard ports wouldn´t be recognized by DSM after update 6.2.3. However, after the latest update, the onboard ports were visible again in DSM. Using these ports instead of the ports on the NIC doesn´t resolve the issue either. I changed the serial number of the loader because I had another Gen8 with the same settings in the network. I don´t have that one anymore. I also listed all four mac addresses in the loader, just in case they started working again after another update (which they obviously did), but maybe the four ports may cause the issue too, so I´ll try to remove the NIC and boot again, just to see if anything changes. If there´s any Gen8 user out there who has it working on 6.2.3-25426 I´d really appreciate any help whatsoever. The specs of my Gen8 are the following: 12Gigs of HP ECC RAM Intel Xeon E3 1230 Intel 2-Slot 1Gbit NIC Many thanks in advance!
  8. Hello, Did some of you found how to get the DSM (6.2.2+) restart and shutdown functions to work correctly? Is there something related to BIOS version(s) or settings? Or the issue is in the DSM software itself? I've updated successfully to 6.2.2-24922-3 on bare-metal systems (both with 1.03b bootloader & DS3615xs and additional HP NC365T Quad Gigabit Intel NIC): HP Microserver G8 with latest BIOS (04/2019). Tried No C-States setting at CPU power management, but behavior is the same HP Microserver G7 N54L with modded BIOS 041 (2013, Kamzata version). I've tried ACPI 1.0/2.0/3.0 with no success. C1E and PCI-E power management were already disabled (no worky without them disabled) I've seen many users with successful bare-metal updates and wanted to ask if anybody knows more about the shutdown/restart issue... Thanks, Chris
  9. Hello I managed to install in N40l xpenology DSM 6.1.5-15254 with jun loader v1.02b. All seems to work fine (i have slow transfer through samba) but that is not working is when i must restart the server i can find the server . The only way is to select the second option from usb boot that is "DS3615xs 6.1 Baremetal with Jun's Md v1.02b Reinstall"
  10. Salve a tutti ho un HP ProLiant MicroServer N36L con sopra open media vault e volevo sapere come procedere per installare xpenology. Grazie a tutti.
  11. Buondì, qualcuno è riuscito a installare DSM >= 6.1 su HP MicroServer? Io ho fatto varie prove (anche modificando la chiavetta secondo quanto suggerito da Jun), ma senza successo. In pratica riesco a far partire la chiavetta (modificando la zImage), ma poi non lo trovo con l'Assistant. Qui c'è il tutorial: Il terzo post (di Jun) è quello che spiega come aggiornare su AMD. Grazie!
  12. Hi guys! I activated two factor authentication and then I lost my phone and I used all the emergency codes so.. I'm now out of my dsm. I also disabled admin and telnet and I cannot log from ssh. I mean, I'm totally out. The thing is that I tried to reinstall the system again using june 1.02b loader. What I do is to restart the microserver and in the grub section, I select the "reinstall" option. But after that, If I try to find my synology or connect to it via ip, then I get to the login page (where I can't log) and not to the reinstall section. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to do anything else? What am I missing? I'd like to reinstall everything over my previous system without losing data.. Any suggestion?? Thanks in advance! PD: It happens the same with synology assistant. It finds my dsm but if I click connect.. it leads me to the log in screen and not to the reinstall screen. PD2: I have the "redirect to https" option in the webserver too. So I can't connect to my dsm from regular http.
  13. Currently i am running DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 7 on my HP Microserver Gen8 and i would like to start updating it to the latest version. However, its been a while for me since I installed this update. Is possible to perform an update with the newest loader? Are there any tutorials/guids available? There used to be some pinned tutorials..
  14. Hi guys! As I am currently struggling while getting my HP Microserver Gen8 to work with my additional RAID controller, I was wondering which working hardware configuration/setup (e.g. Hard Drives, Raid controller, Mods, opt. cabling) you are using on your Microserver Xpenology build. I am especially interested in Raid controller setups (i.e. if you are using an additional one, in which mode you are using them, etc.), since I am thinking about buying a different one. But I had a hard time finding posts with an actual working configuration which I could use for inspiration. So, if you like to share your setup to inspire other people like me who are looking for a good and working configuration to use for their own build, feel kindly invited to drop a brief description of your rig here Here is my problem btw. Cheers - Salir
  15. Hallo, ich brauche etwas Hilfe von Euch... Ich versuche Xpenology auf einem HP Microserver Gen8 zu installieren. Dazu habe ich den Loader von June, version 1.02b, als bootfähiges Medium auf einem USB-Stick installiert (ohne etwas an der grub.cfg zu ändern) und anschließend auf dem Microserver gebootet. Die entsprechenden Meldungen beim Bootvorgang auf dem Microserver erschienen richtig zu sein. Danach habe ich über das find.synology Online-Programm versucht Kontakt zum Microserver herzustellen. Das funktionierte nicht. Gleiches, wenn ich das Programm von Synology (synology assistant) vom PC (WIN10home) aus starte. Es wird nichts gefunden. Ich habe auch schon den Antivirus Echtzeit-Browserschutz (Avira) ausgeschaltet - kein Effekt. Ebenfalls habe ich versucht, in der grub.cfg die vid und pid, seriennummer und mac-address einzugeben (muss ich das bei dem Loader 1.02b?) und dann das Ganze noch einmal booten lassen. Das half auch nicht. Kann mir da evtl. jemand einen Tipp geben, wo mein Fehler liegen könnte? Ich bin komplett neu bei dieser Thematik und komme nun leider nicht weiter... Vielen Dank im Voraus.
  16. Доброго времени суток! Может мне кто помочь, чтобы на Microserver Gen7 (N54L) заработал родной eSATA Port Multiplier, то есть мультиликатор порта eSATA? Мультипликатор можно активировать с помощью BIOS Mod, но Xpenology упорно отказывается увидеть более одного диска, если подсоединить внешнюю коробку-накопитель по eSATA. Если запускать микросервер под Ubuntu, OMV, Windows,... то другие операционки видят все внешние диски без проблем, скорость записи/чтения 110-115 МБ/сек по сетевому кабелю. То есть, дело в самой хренологии. Перерыл весь интернет, говорят, что это в Сайнолоджи нарочно так сделали и изуродовали поддержку eSATA мультипликатора, чтобы не использовалось стороннее железо. Благодарен за любой совет!
  17. Hey Guys, I have some serious problems. We had a really bad weather here so the thunderbolt has choosen my house and killed my modem. today i got an change everything comes online to normal. But not my HP N40L with Xpenology 6 on it. There is no downlink, i was wondering if this is a hardware error or an Software fail? I tried changing network cable but same problem.... does anybody have an idea how to rescue my Datastorage ?
  18. Hello community, I was googling for an hour now and was not able to find any guide how to upgrade from 6.0.2 to 6.1.X on my HP MS G8. Using Jun's loader for the 6.0.2 booting from USB. Please send me a link or advice, how I can upgrade without loosing the Config and Data. Thanks
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