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Found 10 results

  1. Hola compañeros de XPenology. Estoy usando actualmente la siguiente configuración: MB: ASUS P5G41T-M LX V2 CPU: INTEL CORE i3-4130 RAM: 6.144 MB HD: 3X1TB (RAID5 EXT4) VERSION DSM: DSM 6.1.7-15284 MODELO: DS3615xs LOADER: Jun's Mod v1.02b for DSM 6.1 (UEFI - BIOS) FECHA DSM: 2018/05/19 El sistema me muestra para actualizar al último DSM que sería el 6.2.3-25426. Pero también me da la opción de actualizar a 6.1.7-15284 Update 3. Por novato la primera vez que actualicé fue a 6.2.3 directamente desde el sistema y todo se dañó. Así que tuve qu
  2. Hello, I am encountering a weird issue with my server (hp n54l baremetal). It has been working for years with no issues at all with DSM5.2 Two days ago I was thinking to backup my booting USB in case it might fail one day and if I wanted to finally update to 6.x So I turned of my server, remover the usb drive and tried to back it up with my laptop. I say tried because each time the software I use gave me an error saying it could not do it. Then I gave up and put back the usb drive into my server which booted with no problem...until I wanted to acces one v
  3. Hi My question is does anyone have or have successfully installed dsm6.1 chosing ds3615xs on a asus h87i-plus mobo motherboard ie mainboard? I ask because I cannot get dsm6.1 to install on a new single hard drive. only 1 drive is plugged in out of 6. Usb is on usb2 not 3(tried both) Ive followed polanskis man tutorials so which leads me to believe is there a S/N scheme aside from the pid vid and mac to make a difference how dsm6 or 6.1 installs? Using usb and others i can confirm 5x the vid and pid I even formatted the disk on another machine 1st. anyone else have this board that c
  4. I have an old laptop, Dell Vostro 1700, but its network card (Broadcom 440x) is incompatible with DSM 6.1. Which ExpressCard (gigabit) is compatible with DSM 6.1?
  5. Hi all! SHR-2 Crashed 3 failed HDD, please help, only 2 disks report crashed in red color but I have still 2 disks initiated but I can't use "Manage" button to repair. I have SHR-2 with 2 failing disk but I see that I got 3 disks with problems..... How can I get back my data. in Putty the MD2 seems quiet ok I just need 80-90% of the data back because is so much. I need someone that knows this in detail and ask also for more data if needed from me. It seems that I need assistance due to mange button can't be used (it greyed) even I have 2 disks available for mending the volu
  6. Hi i'm running DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 5. Web station package installed. I tried to configure simplest reverse proxy configuration: redirect http://server/path to docker container at http://localhost:port, however it looks like for some stupid reason it cant be done via UI - only port redirection is available. So configuration tweaks required. I have read number of articles. One of those is here Most of them tell to work with /usr/local/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/* Ok.
  7. Synocommunity's ffmpeg-3.3.3-7 is compiled depends on DSM 5.2 toolchains and can't run correctly on DSM 6.1, so I cloned the spksrc and recompiled ffmpeg 3.3.3 depends on DSM6.1 toolchains (arch is braswell, eg: DS916+). If you need this package, you can download from the link below and try it.!krwzjSjT!Jey2qLaonjftRRRykknKMfQnXK-4yZ_2ys9a58bXiIs
  8. Hi! I'm trying to install xpenology in a server with 2 adatpec cards (ASR-5405 + ASR-5805)... I've used precompiled modules and ailso I've tryed to compile my own aacraid.ko module but the problem is always the same... Kernel dump... Like this (using aacraid module from file :: Loading modul[ 6.218538] Adaptec aacraid driver 1.2-0[30200]-ms e aacraid[ 6.223653] ACPI: PCI Interrupt Link [LK3E] enabled at IRQ 21 [ 6.283041] usb 1-2: new high-speed USB device number 3 using ehci-pci [ 6.434246] AAC0: kernel 5.2-0[18948] Apr 13 2012 [ 6.434531] usb-stor
  9. Hi guys! As I am currently struggling while getting my HP Microserver Gen8 to work with my additional RAID controller, I was wondering which working hardware configuration/setup (e.g. Hard Drives, Raid controller, Mods, opt. cabling) you are using on your Microserver Xpenology build. I am especially interested in Raid controller setups (i.e. if you are using an additional one, in which mode you are using them, etc.), since I am thinking about buying a different one. But I had a hard time finding posts with an actual working configuration which I could use for inspiration. So, if
  10. Hi, Since I have updated my HP n54L to DSM 6/6.1.3, I was unable to reboot. When I reboot, the nas shutdown and boot but still on booting the kernel and nothing happens, no HDD led blinking. I have to shutwon it manually and boot it. There is a way to enable verbose on the bootloader to identify the issue or maye be there is a log for booting part? Thanks.