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  1. 14TB sichern ist kostspielig Mal aufräumen???
  2. FYI: Managed to role back to 6.1.7-15284...
  3. Ich werde berichten. Danke für den Tipp. Gehe das jetzt mal an... Hat geklappt. DSM 6.1.7-15284 läuft. @jensmander: Danke für den Tipp. Hast mir viel Arbeit erspart
  4. Ich werde berichten. Danke für den Tipp. Gehe das jetzt mal an...
  5. Moin moin. Ich wollte gestern meinen HP N54L von Version 5.2 auf Version 6.1.x aktualisieren mit Jun's loader. Da gibt es ein nettes Tutorial hier: Ich hab mich brav an alles gehalten. Das System fuhr dann das erste mal hoch vom neuen USB-Stick und ich kam dann in diesen Migrations-Assistenten. Dort gibt man dann ja manuell noch die .pat Datei an. Und gerade diesen Schritt habe ich leider verkackt. Jetzt hat sich die Migration anscheinend aus dem Netz die neueste Version gesaugt und nach dem Ablauf des 10 Minuten Timers und der Installation fährt die Kiste leider nicht mehr hoch. Mein alter Stick von 5.2 funktioniert auch nicht mehr. Weiß einer wie ich aus dieser Situation noch glimpflich wieder raus komme?
  6. So here is what happened to me. Created usb-stick with Jun's official v1.02b loader on my HP N54l. Switched on server, synology assistant found the system and I started the migration process. I choose "keep my data and settings" but THEN i did not give him the correct "DSM_DS3615xs_15217.pat" file (there was a manual button which I did not click). Instead the synology assistant downloaded the newest version from the internet I guess and now the system won't boot up. What can I do now?
  7. Hi. Also tried the bromolow build and I get this error: Please install "python > 2.7.3-3" before installing this package. But I have "Python 3" installed via package centre... UPDATE: Got it working with the bromolow python file...
  8. You need to connect to your NAS with a SSH tool like "putty". Login with the user "root" and your password. Once logged in you type cd volumeUSB1/usbshare/boot/grub/ "volumeUSB1" could differ from your configuration. I use a USB-Stickt to boot with gnoboot. Next: vi menu_alpha.lst This opens the file "menu_alpha.lst" with the vi editor. Within the editor you put the cursor where you want to edit, then press "i", wow you are in "edit-mode". Make your changes and afterwards press "Esc" to quit "edit-mode". After this type ":wq" which will write the changes to the file and quit the editor. Done! Not sure if you need to reboot after the changes, I did... BTW @quantum: You are my personal hero of the week! Could you share some light on the issue why "sn=B3JN00001" is needed? Greetings!
  9. Hi. Just updated to from Trantor 4.2 to 5.0 4458 using procedures on post #1. Worked fantastic on my HP Proliant N54L. Many thanks to Trantor and Gnoboot for their effort. One problem though: The harddrives do not spin down after 10 minutes. Any ideas???
  10. flitschbirne

    DSM 5 4458

    Geht bei euch der Spin-Down der Festplatten?
  11. flitschbirne

    DSM 5 4458

    Ah top. Danke! Hab jetzt DSM 5 laufen. Nur die User muss man neu anlegen und die Berechtigungen muss man alle neu setzen und irgendwie wollen die Home-Laufwerke noch nicht von den Usern...
  12. flitschbirne

    DSM 5 4458

    Moin moin. Möchte auch von 4.2 auf 5.0 updaten. Wie seit ihr denn an das Gnoboot gekommen? Habt ihr dem Typ eine E-mail geschickt und dann hat er euch das Passwort für die ZIP-Datei geschickt?
  13. I just changed the symbolic link and pointed it to /volume2/fotos . Afterwards I restarted the Photo Station service and now it started indexing the photos. So i guess it worked. Question is will the symbolic link still exist if I restart the NAS...
  14. Hi guys and girls. Recently I've been fighting with the Synology Photo Station 5. It expects my photos to be at /var/services/photo which is actually a symbolic link which points to /volume1/photo . BUT I want to use the following folder for my photos: /volume2/fotos Before I do anything stupid I wanted to ask if I can simply change the symbolic link target destination to /volume2/fotos. I know there are other ways like this: http://forum.synology.com/wiki/index.php/Permanent_symbolic_links But I thought after some digging maybe this solution would be simpler. I also found the following file: /usr/syno/etc/sites-enabled-user/SYNO.SDS.PhotoStation.conf which is basically a apache virtual host configration file. In this file there is a directory definition Options MultiViews AllowOverride None Order allow,deny Allow from all where you could also edit a different path. But again I'm not sure which effect it would have on the Photo Station application...
  15. Oh man you are right. I copied the data from an older 500GB SATA harddrive in my gaming pc to the raid1. Now I tried copying something from my SSD harddrive and there you go. 110MB/s!!! I wouldn't have thought that this 500GB harddrive does not deliver the speed...