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1. Please do not modify in any way someone else's post (either with font or color changes or wording) in your quoted reply except for the only purpose of shortening the quoted post. Non-compliance will lead to the deletion of the post.

2. Make and effort and proofread your post first. Poor grammar and spelling can make the post difficult to understand and gives unnecessary work to moderators. However be aware that not every member is a native English speaker and excessive posts regarding others spelling and grammar not only hijacks the topic but is poor netiquette.

3. Pick the most appropriate title and tags (if any) for your post. A good title makes it easier to find what you are looking for. Using informative tags allows for improved searching of related topics.

4. Your topic does not deserve any more attention than others seeking help hence topic titles must reflect their content, and topic titles containing things like: 'please help' 'look here' ' 'urgent' or other inaccurate descriptions will be removed without warning. This includes all-caps titles.


5. Bumping of topics without contributing to it in a meaningful way is not permitted.

6. Meaningless and useless posts will be removed at Moderator's discretion.

7. Do not double or multi-post the same thing across several forums/topics. Such posts will be deleted and only one post allowed to remain.

8. Quoting multiple nested quotes is discouraged. Quote only the relevant section that you are discussing. Moderators will snip excessively long nested quotes.

9. Avoid quoting entire OPs (Original Posts). It is unnecessary. 

10. Off-topic responses in an attempt to hijack the thread will be deleted without warning.

11. Please do not respond to insults with more insults. Instead use the report button to report inflammatory posts.

12. Keep topics related to the forums they are in. Use the internal search engine. It's there for a reason.

13. Provide your hardware detailed specs when necessary (such as asking for support).


14. Last but not lease, if anyone helps you in resolving your problem then be nice and thank the person!

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