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On 5/11/2022 at 7:53 PM, flyride said:

Hardware Transcoding

there are different api's that software like jellyfin (free, syno package or docker) or plex/emby (needs license/paying for hardware transcoding) can use

syno's videostation seems to be intel qsv exclusive, guess it would not do hardware transcoding with dva3221 with just nvidia drivers

so not just yes/no, maybe Intel QSV for 918/920 and Nvidia ( not sure if its NVENC/CUDA/VDPAU) for DVA3221 as the nvidia kernel driver is installed and with the nvidia package from synology it gets nvidia support for using plex or jellyfin (as also done for 3615, 3617, 918+ on 6.2.3), even a "optional Nvidia" might be possible on all other (with a "*" because there is no driver yet for 3622 or other units)


i contrary to the missing i915 support in other kernels then 918/920 there was no problem in compiling additional nvidia drivers (matching the version synology uses) for other units, afaik there should be no problem having nvidia drivers in 3622 for using jellyfin/emby/plex instead of the intel qsv we cant have with this unit


it might also be useful to mention the base kernel version, its 4.4.x for all but 3615, that one still has  3.10.x (with 6.2.3 and kernel 4.4 on 918 and 3.10 on 3615/3617 i was unable to compile some drivers for 3.10 like the realtek 2.5G nic driver)



for 3617 and cpu threads i had found out (syno kernel config published) that its 24 with 7.x (syno might have used the kernel config of longer standing broadwellnk as base for bringing broadwell from 3.10 to 4.4)


does not change the outcome of 3617 being replaced by 3622 but makes them more or less the same (there might be slight differences in the driver versions syno has ootb tipping the scale to 3622)



it might be worth mentioning that there is still no hyper-v support, so anyone hoping for this needs to choose something different then xpenology



afair we already tested dva3221 for older cpu support and it was the same as 918/920




DS3617xs is listed as "NVMe Cache Support" No - it should be a Yes


it supports E10M20-T1, M2D20 (has a pcie slot) and can have nvme in the regular version from synology, so the nvme support is present and we could use it the same way as with the other units (i guess all kernel 4.4 units have nvme support in general, the only one left out are the 3.10 kernel units like DS3615xs)

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