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  1. Everything was restarted include NAS but same thing
  2. Now VPN is work but Download Station is not.
  3. It will work but ipinfo says I am not under VPN. PuTTy show me my real IP in this case.
  4. I 'm not sure I understood you. Attached two screenshots with VPN and default gateway addresses. VPN by seed4.me. Thank you!
  5. Hello, Download Station doesn't download torrents if VPN is connected. Any ideas why it can happen? Thank you.
  6. Thanks for feedback! USB stick already inside. Hibernation works well (It was a problem). Didn't try boost because 3.6 is over for me )
  7. Thank you. I removed all programs. But the system does not enter sleep mode. What else do I have to do? Settings in BIOS? Why should I remove WIFI module?
  8. Is it possible to set Sleep Mode on XPenology? ASRock Motherboard Motherboards Z370M-ITX/AC 1.03b + DSM 6.2 + DS3617XS please, advise.
  9. Hibernation is not working on my system. Any ideas why? Thank you!