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  1. 940/8=117 MBps. You can get it in a test but hard to get 100 in real life. If MS server shows you 80 it's near to 115 in tests and good I think. And you right about HDD, I think it's limited you speed to ~100.
  2. I found a reason and good for me it's nothing about my NAS. The VPN provider just blocking any torrent traffic, because a subscription was gotten for free with unlimited traffic. I checked it on other machines, it's work nowhere. It's kind of stupid because I want to be able to check speed before buying.
  3. My default gateway is when VPN is connceted. My local network 192.168.2.X Are you connected via PPTP?
  4. They want my credit card for the test. ) Don't want to ask for refund after. But I think my issues are not about VPN service... any ideas people?
  5. I did. Do you know other VPN services which I can try for free? Many of them have promotional but only via app on Windows. Thank you for your post!
  6. Everything was restarted include NAS but same thing
  7. It will work but ipinfo says I am not under VPN. PuTTy show me my real IP in this case.
  8. I 'm not sure I understood you. Attached two screenshots with VPN and default gateway addresses. VPN by seed4.me. Thank you!
  9. Hello, Download Station doesn't download torrents if VPN is connected. Any ideas why it can happen? Thank you.