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  1. Konfl1kt

    WIFI instead Ethernet? Is it possible?

    I realized the answer. Thank you. 😁
  2. Konfl1kt

    Mail Server on XPEnology?

    Still looking for advice 😁
  3. Konfl1kt

    RAID5 is safe?

    I keep my important data RAID1 now. Want to make RAID5 with one extra HDD. Is anybody here use RAID5? How do you like it? Is it safe?
  4. Создал тему в основном разделе но может наши более осведомлены в теме сидбоксов. Как вы организовали работу с сидбоксом? Вчера попробовал resilio и в принципе не плохо. Но т.к. я на XPEnology пару дней только хочется понять что кто и как делает а потом уж покупать там аккаунт. Буду признателен за советы.
  5. Konfl1kt

    Seedbox and XPEnology. How to use?

    Looks like resilio is a good service. Is anybody here use it? I tried it yesterday and I think with auto sync it's gonna be good for me. Any free services with as alternative? Thank you!
  6. Konfl1kt

    Can't get AsRock B360M-ITX/ac to work with Xpenology

    We have almost identical motherboards. My Ethernet adapters works good but initially I had same problem.
  7. Hello guys. Another cool question here lol How do you use seedbox with your NAS? What plugins are you using? Which way? Thank you! P. S. Can't find FTP client...
  8. Konfl1kt

    Tutorial: setup a DDNS in DSM

    What application you can recommend for work with files for Android phone via DDNS? Thank you.
  9. Thank you! Looks like my current router is doing good. I have 112MBps
  10. Is It influences productivity? If DSM shows 4 cores, then 6 work all the same, right?
  11. Konfl1kt

    Mail Server on XPEnology?

    Who knows?
  12. Konfl1kt

    MacOS via Virtual machine?

    Can I run MacOS on XPEnology?
  13. Konfl1kt

    WD RAID1 to XPEnology

    Can I just insert my HDD to XPEnology? Will it work? W/o loosing my data. (From my WD MyCloud ex2 ultra)
  14. I got fiber (1gbps) just one year ago. happy with that. Don't think what I will get 10 soon. Are you about internet or something else?