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  1. broadwellnk 7.1.0-42661 - https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/62221-tutorial-installmigrate-to-dsm-7x-with-tinycore-redpill-tcrp-loader/
  2. Thank you for your reply. Above I mentioned I can'''t find user_config (please, see the screenshot). I think I have to have mac2 already with the fake mac address, corrent? Right now DSM can see both LAN.
  3. Still would like to know how to change the mac address, but now for the second LAN port. I want to enable Link Aggregation. Thanks!
  4. WOL works again for me... Besides the WOL option in the BIOS, there is another option for PCI-E devices to be able to power up the PC. This one I am missing this time.
  5. I would suggest updating the BIOS, but I do not think it will help tbh. If you want to keep your MB, try to buy SATA PCI card. It's not expensive. Maybe other people will suggest something, I built xpenology twice, not an expert at all.
  6. Can you see your drives in bios? Does your controller setup as AhCI?
  7. The generated real MAC is incorrect. Very close (:85: instead of :86:). Was it my mistake somehow?
  8. Have you solved this problem? Same for me, but it worked perfectly on DSM 6. Real mac, WOL is enabled in DSM, and in the BIOS. MAC is bound to IP into my router. Tried LAN and WAN. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  9. I did it another way. 1. Backup all the data to other 2, 2 and 3 TB disks via USB HDD Docking Station. 2. Install DSM 7.1 2. Re-create RAID6 from scratch. (Because of migration RAID1 to 5 would take almost 5 days, and RAID5 to RAID6 would possibly take weeks) 3. Copy data from HDDs to NAS.
  10. Hello, please, help me to find the best way to upgrade my NAS from 6.1 (jun) to 7.1 with RAID1 to RAID6 Upgrade. This is how I see that based on the info I found here 1. Install all 6 HDDs. 2. Remove USB and plug in an another one with 7.1 loader (Created based on this guide). 3. Remove one HDD and convert RAID1 to RAID5 with 5 drives. 4. Install the 6th drive and convert RAID5 to RAID6. Does it looks correct for you, guys? Please, advise. Thanks!
  11. What does it mean "Large installs"? Does 6 HDD x4Tb and 8600k considers as Large?
  12. Thanks a lot. If my motherboard can handle it by itself, I am more than happy.
  13. Thanks a lot for your answer. The biggest question is which one will work with my MB? (I mean drivers, as I understand not every controller will work because of that) Will ASR-7805 work? Also, still not clear for me (I am sorry for my ignorance) can my MB handle software RAID 6 if integrated controller doesn't support it? My MB has 6 SATA ports.
  14. As I understand, if I need a driver for ADAPTEC ASR-7805, the script will find it automatically? Thanks a lot.
  15. Can I have RAID 6 on my MB (software RAID) if my MB doesn't support RAID6?
  16. Подскажите, заработает ли ADAPTEC ASR-7805? Хочу организовать RAID6. Спасибо.
  17. I am considering ADAPTEC ASR-7805. What do you think about this one?
  18. Hi, I want to buy a RAID Controller for my NAS (MB AORUS Z370M-ITX/AC). I want to build RAID 6 and my MB doesn't support it. What should I know about RAID Controllers and XPenology? Which one will work? Thanks a lot!
  19. Hi guys, I built my NAS in 2019, and it still runs with the same jun loader and DSM version. Never update it. I have 2x4TB RAID 1, and I plan to upgrade hard drives. I have three slots left in my NAS and 4x4TB hard drives. Currently, think about RAID 5 or other options. This is a noob lounge, and I want to ask your opinion. Should I bother and update to 7.1? (is it possible with my config?) It's worth it? Thanks a lot!
  20. Да с учётом что устройство досталось в довес к хардам, его диагностика в плане денег смысла не имеет. Попробую завтра БП который соответствует характеристикам. ТАк же была надежда что оранжевая лампочка всё же не связана с питанием.
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