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    • The HP Smart app must be connected to the same wireless network as your printer. Please install the application then please tap on the application and click on start. Read and accept the terms and conditions, please tap to continue, the app searches for printers within the available network then please add your printer to the app. Once it’s been added you’ll fire a test print. this may assist you to test the application. This app is employed to print scan copy troubleshoot printing issues, also allows the user to line up the hp printer on the wireless network. To successfully install a printer through HP Smart app it’s essential that you simply have an updated Android phone; you furthermore may require a lively internet connection, an hp printer which is turned on; please have a wireless password and passkey this is often so that the network you’re connected on is secure. Open a web browser on your Android phone, type “123.hp.com” on the search bar. The official Hp website won’t charge any services click on the choice which says get the app. Post the app is installed please tap the icon to open it. Once you open the app a welcome page will appear tap the terms and conditions then click on start. To detect the printer through the app the printer must be in setup mode. Setup mode activates automatically after you switch ON the printer for the primary time. But if your HP 123 setup Shows an offline message then restart the entire process once more, If the printer has been within the switched on mode for quite 2 hours to cross-check whether or not it’s within the setup mode you’ll set up the network settings available within the printer menu. Please read the handbook carefully before fixing the printer to the app. For all printers with buttons please press the cancel button to awaken the printer from sleep mode. Press cancel and wireless network button together to set up the network settings. For printers with an LCD select network settings from the navigation menu then select restore network settings. For X printers press the wife key for five to six seconds in order that the settings option is often navigated. For printers with obsolete technology select the wireless network wizard mode to set up the printer. For other printers, you’ll use the WPS mode on the router to attach the printer. Please tap the + sign to feature your printer to setup hp printer. The app detects the printers connected to an equivalent Wi-Fi network. Select your printer from the list provided just in case no printers are listed tap setup a replacement printer. This may show you your printer select it by tapping the printer.
    • I will test and report back. Thank you
    • J'ai regardé vite fait ce loader, effectivement Nicoueron, cela ressemble beaucoup à Arpl. Je ne suis pas allé jusqu'au bout d'une installation, car je n'ai plus de machine disponible, en tout cas, cela parait très intéressant.   Gastonzz
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