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  1. @jumkey There is one question about the changed file script. ./dts-upx output.dts output.dts.out What kind of conversion does this dts-upx execution specifically handle? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #!/bin/sh # install dtc chmod +x dtc cp dtc /usr/sbin/dtc # copy file if [ ! -f model_${PLATFORM_ID%%_*}.dtb ]; then # Dynamic generation ./dtc -I dtb -O dts -o output.dts /etc.defaults/model.dtb #
  2. @pocopico The file as well as the sha256sum value in must be modified.
  3. Change the disk physically installed in Sata Port No. 3 to use Sata Port No. 1. Is there any other reason not to do this?
  4. @pocopico @jumkey modified the file of dtb ext 14 hours ago in his repo, The sha256sum of your ds920p_42661.json points to the sha256sum of the old file, so you get a mismatch error. Please fix it with the sha256sum value of the new file.
  5. @jumkey The reason seems to be that the sha256sum value in the file modified 11 hours ago was inconsistent. @jumkey I asked for a correction and I'll have to wait and see.
  6. @jumkey Several users reported a problem when using ds920 dtb ext, so I tried the same test, and a sha256sum mismatch error is coming out as shown below. Please modify the sha256sum value of the file.
  7. Is there any benefit to updating from JUN 6.2.3 to Redpill 6.2.4? If you want to solve security vulnerabilities, you should try DSM 7.1 instead. It has already been mentioned above, but now there is a lack of information about DSM 6.2.4 and full of DSM 7.1. If you are afraid to try DSM 7.1, you can try a trial installation with an empty disk first. I don't have any experience with installing DSM 6.2.4 and VMs, so it's hard to give advice.
  8. DS3622xs+ has been tested with Intel 1st generation, and CPU generation is not restricted. DS3622xs+, DS3615xs, DS3617xs of the same DS36XX series can be mixed. However, SataportMap and HotPlug settings are closely related to the corrupted message during DSM installation. Today Pocopico has a guide on this topic. Please see the contents of this topic.
  9. Users who want to stay on DSM 6.2.4 may be afraid that what works well in DSM 6 may not work in DSM 7. Jun Loader and RedPill may experience difficulties because there is a slight difference in the SataportMap setting. And, I think that this part may be a barrier because a little knowledge of Linux, which was not required in Jun loader, may be required in Redpill. However, as convenient and easily accessible tools such as Tinycore RedPill have been developed and provided, I believe this can be offset.
  10. Actually, that topic was also for discussion of DSM 6.2.4. Recently, it has become a topic for discussion of DSM 7.
  11. You don't need any guide. Just install 7.1 dsm with 7.1 loader and it will be updated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. For about 24 hours, an abnormal loader was built due to an error in custom_config.json , and there was a problem that the IP could not be found on the network. It's been a few hours since pocopico fixed this issue. Please download the latest custom_config.json again with ./ fullupgrade now.
  13. Hot Plug can be turned on at any time, before or after the loader build. Turn on all 4 ports that are not used by HDD. And please adjust the SataPortMap not to exceed 4 and report the test result again. If you still fall into the DSM installation request loop, you should consider switching to a model that uses dtc.
  14. If you have a motherboard that supports Hot Plug or Hot Swap, please turn on the above option. Please provide the user_config.json information used and the number of physical disks used.