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  1. Question for information Is it possible to install the PAT file from the other versions as well? 6.2.3-25426-1 6.2.3-25426-2 6.2.3-25426-3 ???
  2. @billat29 Thank you very much for your generous help, you helped me a lot, thanks to you I have a working system In addition I also installed the powerbutton, the installation was successful (I have not checked it yet ...) I wanted to consult your opinion, should I return the BIOS to Stock or stay with the custom Bios?
  3. @billat29Is this the latest possible version of an HP Microserver server with custom Bios and an original network card? DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 And what is the use of adding a network card (HP NC360T), can I then install another version?
  4. @billat29Although a little late but I came back to say that everything works corrected thanks to you, thank you for your help and the time you took me to solve all the questions and difficulties I encountered during the installation Thank you
  5. Thank you so much for your generous help and the time you have given me ... it's not obvious I'll be back with impressions in the next few hours, wish me luck
  6. If I understand correctly the version of XPENOLOGY TOOL v1.4.2 is no longer updated, the latest version that appears there is 6.2.23739, which means that I will have to download the PAT file from archive DSM_DS3615xs_25426.pat
  7. There are also these versions https://archive.synology.com/download/Os/DSM
  8. Of course, I did not think otherwise for a moment Is this the version I need?
  9. Wow thank you so much for your generous help, I have another question Is it possible to run the system only with HD 1 drive?
  10. 6.2.3. v1.03b ds3615xs Without adding a network card and with the original network card ??
  11. I downloaded the XPENOLOGY TOOL software, if I understand correctly I will need the loader in version 1.02b (with MBR partition) that supports booting from MBR?
  12. I forgot to mention that this is a custom ROM (TheBay_Microserver_Bios_041.rar) with the original built-in network card Which DSM to install and with which PAT file to install?
  13. The link to the pat file is invalid, in directory 6.2.1 Update 4 is invalid, the link is broken And the file was not found in the directory https://archive.synology.com/download/DSM/release/6.2.1/23824/DSM_DS3615xs_23824.pat I would be happy for any help
  14. I have an HP Microserver N36L server currently running FreeNas, the truth is that everything works great and yet I have a desire to try the Synology interface, I would love any information you can provide me, a neat guide will be great !!!