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  1. Polling for modules request. Which modules would you like to be included ?
  2. I would start with the RAM upgrade. Then use a new USB stick for the new loader and use the last known working settings from your 3615 loader (Sataportmap etc) and create a new loader. Also can you PM me the output of the command dmidecode ?
  3. I will try x72 hero. x88 (1288) hero at least requires licence.
  4. It would help i you could get the model.conf file that you've used, if of course you still have it
  5. QuTS Hero is still an issue, the rest has been resolved more or less
  6. Is this the image I’ve translated and created the automatic model.conf generation ? It still needs some work but I’ll release an alpha release soon. Afaik it looks that QuTS hero requires licence. It needs a lot of reverse engineering and I’m not that skilled. I’ll be calling soon for few physical system testers.
  7. It’s about time to give some love to the Qnap community. Do we have any targeted models you would like to focus ? Eg TS-1655, TS-1273 etc
  8. Which loader are you using ? You can try DVA1622, with TCPR
  9. You dont need redpill-load anymore, that is the most time consuming process.
  10. The updates are handles by tcrpfriend so in tcrpfriend repo, i will try to update the info.
  11. Yes you can, i have two of them.
  12. I have seen no issues migrating from one model to another.
  13. I'm not using bsp files at all in TCRP HTML Builder, its only rploader that has not been adjusted to that, but i plan to fix that soon
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