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  1. @ThorGroup I have noticed some issues with the extensions. 1. I create for instance an extension for IXGBE driver and the module has some dependencies, e.g. vxlan. vxlan module has other dependencies for instance udp_tunnel.ko and ip6_udp_tunnel.ko. A. These modules are included and could be satisfied if the loading process started later. B. Even If a single extension fails to load it exits with exit code 99 and fails into an install loop. 2. If i create extensions whose dependencies collide with other extensions dependencies and are loaded i
  2. I have no idea ... does smartctl -a /dev/sdx reports smart information ?
  3. There is no mpt2sas on the 4.4.x sources. There is only mpt3sas.ko cause they have been merged.
  4. @jumkey Hi, after creating new image with the latest .pat i'm getting a "Not a gzip file" after decompressing the kernel. Any ideas ?
  5. https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux.git/snapshot/linux-4.4.180.tar.gz
  6. Since the modules are now debug stripped, i no more expect to run out of space. At least when you are conservative with the extensions. One image cannot fit all purposes.
  7. Your downloaded pat file is corrupted ? Do you have enough disk space ?
  8. Well, synology modules are signed, modinfo i915.ko signat: PKCS#7
  9. I have created the extension for ds918 .. do you need that for 3615 ?
  10. We had this idea also. Actually I’m using a mix of @haydibe toolchain and a local folder. The main issue with the extensions is the testing more than the compilation. The 918 extensions need to be built with the syno toolkit and the tool chain for the modules to load correctly during the boot process otherwise the modules fail to load with “Unknown rela relocation: 4” message and you enter an install loop. On top of that, the modules that fail to load during boot, load without any issue when I tested manually to load and unload on another system using insmod/rmm
  11. I've recompiled, recreated extension and tested, as i dont have any mpt2sas you retry please ?