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  1. As for the applcations, a lot of community applications the rely on root access are not working on DSM7 e.g. zerotier. Also some syno apps require activation from Syno e.g. codecs, active backup etc. Photos app for instance requires patching for face recognition to work and its still not working as intended (shared folder). Some other apps are depricated like moments and some other apps just work but in a different way e.g drive. As for the rest of the questions i guess if you cannot find a guide maybe you can create one and share it with the rest of the people.
  2. Thats not true, as long as the kernel version remains the same the updates should be painless. DSM6. – Linux Kernel 4.4.59+ DSM7 7.0.1 so far up to Version: 7.1.1-42962. – Linux Kernel 4.4.180+ So as long as you are on the same kernel version the updates are painless. Its only when you move to a new kernel version. And this is about to happen at 7.2. So if you create the TCRP Friend loader or ARPL you should be fine from 7.0.1 -> 7.1.1 U4 (until now) Bear in mind though that some software and features stopped working on 7.x A lot of users have created youtube step-by-step guides for ARPL and TCRP.
  3. Depends. The disks are LVM, BTRFS or EXT4 any modern linux live distro should be able to read the disks
  4. We are cooperating for some issues with Fabio and we are discussing whats next. In the meantime i think its on common interest to continue working on separate loaders for the time being. Personally, I dont think that ARPL is less stable than TCRP. I find them both well established and working. Remember that with Juns loader in the past we didnt have much success with the updates and the ability to update stopped at some point. Redpill started at 6.2.4 and has gone all the way up to 7.1.1 U4. Started with the already known models and went to a whole bunch of options as far as models are concerned. That required a lot of dedication and work from the community. I own a legit syno device and I will of course always encourage people to spend some money and buy the legit hardware, but in the other side if someone wants to try and play around even with all issues with the loaders its something that is possible also, BUT minor issues, setbacks and limitations should be always expected, even though we are always trying to get around these. As far as your upgrade is concerned, please try first with unused disks and maybe a virtual machine to familiarize yourself with the loaders and then proceed with an upgrade on your production data.
  5. Jun and Jot is a "terminology" that was used initialy by Jumkey and are in terms of conseption the same thing. A buildroot that performs all the actions after an upgrade and then uses kexec to boot dsm using the patched kernel and the patched ramdisk. Jumkey analyzed the buildroot concept and introduced that on his own repo and then it was adapted by TCRP and later by ARPL. TCRP friend came later than ARPL cause that was the time for TCRP to adjust to new technics. TCRP friend has its own repo and its own wiki. https://github.com/pocopico/tcrpfriend/wiki Of course both TCRP and ARPL are based on the same initial concepts but with some enhancements. ARPL currently, as it was designed from scratch having all these technics in mind, will adjust easier in a future upgrade. Some TCRP friend features are uniq like static IPs, Hidden boot messages, loader backup etc. But still missing some features, like eudev. Eudev was adopted partially but will break in case of an update by TCRP friend as this is not yet implemented. Also Fabio further assisted with numerous issues like. dtbpatch, kernel patch, LKM development, new patch development etc. I'm further developing the TCRP loader and will adopt all these in a future release.
  6. If i was to start today with a fresh installation, i would go for ARPL. Fabio has done a great job with ARPL and looks that it can be maintained for future releases easier than TCRP.
  7. You can try booting redpill on this RS2414+ cause you will have issues communicating with other components e.g. Power supplies, fans etc. You can also use Raspberry Pi in usb gadget mode to spoof the USB VID:PID: https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/102212/using-a-pi-zero-as-a-usb-stick-customizespoof-the-pid-vid-s-n
  8. This log message is indicating a soft lockup on CPU#5. A soft lockup is a condition where a CPU stops responding to interrupts for an extended period of time. This message is usually generated by the kernel's NMI (Non-Maskable Interrupt) watchdog, which is a low-level mechanism to detect and report system hang conditions. From the log message, it appears that the lockup was caused by the queued_spin_lock_slowpath function. This function is called when the spin lock is not acquired immediately and the CPU enters into a wait loop. The call stack shows that the lockup was triggered by an ioctl system call from the sd_ioctl_canary function, which is part of a kernel module called redpill.
  9. Sure, this has been requested before. Instructions here: https://github.com/pocopico/tcrpfriend/wiki Just edit user_config.json and change “friendautoupd”: “true” to “friendautoupd”: “false”
  10. Выполнение исполняемого файла обновления прошивки заблокировано redpill-lkm. https://github.com/pocopico/redpill-lkm/blob/master/shim/block_fw_update_shim.c Проблема с поврежденными настройками биоса мне что-то напоминает, но я не могу точно вспомнить, что было исправлено.
  11. Lets not hijack this thread with ARPL related stuff. PM me for further assistance.
  12. Its not difficult. You extract the modules archive to a temp folder, add the modules and reconstruct it.
  13. You can edit add the TCRP modules to ARPL modules by editing the modules archive and reconstruct it.
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