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  1. fa2k

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    well, seems my J3455-M is not as same as I thought. the three pci-e slots and the graphics card can be assigned without loosing network connectivity.
  2. https://xpenology.club/compile-drivers-xpenology-with-windows-10-and-build-in-bash/# the last steps descripe the process to create a extra.lzma
  3. fa2k

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    for J3455 you can try to install vmware esxi, then use 1.04b loader and set the energy control on esxi to high performance. you can passthrough the graphics card or other stuff on pci-e slot. the installation with realtek nics can be done with a custom iso, like descripted here: https://advanxer.com/blog/2017/10/adding-realtek-8168811184118118-based-nics-to-esxi-6-5/
  4. fa2k

    Jun's DS3617 installation not successful

    make a manually installation of the last 6.2 release and dont update to 6.2.1 or use the DS918 1.4b Loader.
  5. the driver was build for 6.2 on DS3617xs. So can you try it with that?
  6. Hi bearcat, i have built the driver for DS918+. It seems the driver need firmware, so i have put it in the zip too. you can load the driver with insmod /path/to/tg3.ko Let me know if it work Broadcom-TG3.zip
  7. unzip, copy the files to filesystem of the filer and then insmod /path/file.ko
  8. please try this one. Let me know if you cant load this modules. hpsa.zip
  9. please try this one... Marvel_SATA.zip
  10. i have build some kernel modules for broadwell 6.2. I have checked all things related to virtio, AMD, Intel Net, Broadcom Net and many Media Drivers. Maybe you will find some useful modules. Also i have build modules for TT-Budget S2-4200, SkyStar2 and SkystarHD. When you get a error message regarding "missing symbols" then you had to load a dependent module before. Broadwell_6.2_Kernel-Modules.zip