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  1. Well I will test the 3615 then as I don’t necessarily need a 3617. Just afraid of losing data and at the moment I don’t have a back up drive large enough. I guess it would be prudent to get a large enough hard drive to back up before I even start but I will test it on a spare hard drive. As always thanks for the help
  2. I am upgrading my mother board. My nas has been running emulating DS918. I have tested with the new motherboard and an extra hard drive and it looks like the new board works better emulating a 3617 and will update to most resent version. My question is migrating to new 3617 os without a total redue. Is that possible.
  3. Thanks so much for the suggestions.
  4. I have a Asrock N3700-ITX running xpenology with the onboard nic but I am only getting fast internet speed vs gigabit. I need a recommendation on a NIC card so I can get gigabit speed unless there is another way. It's setup as XS3617.
  5. I have one move question. My nas is a 4 bay and don't anticipate ever needing more space an than the 4 drives in there but if I setup as raid 10 and at sometime want to have larger drives would I have to backup whole server and then add all 4 larger drives and reset them up in raid 10 array? Hope that makes sense.
  6. Thanks so much. Still learning and that is exactly what I wanted to know. Raid 10 it is. I know it's over kill as I am also going to back my nas to usb.
  7. Since I have setup as SHR2 I guess I could have setup as raid 10 instead to avoid this check. I don't plan on adding more disks or larger disks so is there really any difference between shr2 and raid 10. I have read some about it this morning but still a little confused about the difference with my setup. I am going to also do a backup and thinking hyperbackup looks like an easy way to backup to usb. I want shr2 or raid 10 due to the fact you could lose 2 drives and still be able to recover. This is just for home use and mainly I just like to learn more and I enjoy computers.
  8. I just set up this new server with 4hard drives And it Automatically started doing the parity check and I didn’t see any option to not do that unless I’m not understanding what you’re saying. This is a brand new Xpenology box
  9. I am setting up another Xpenology box with 3 4tb drives. Is it possible to setup the box without doing the parity check? Even with 4 2 tb drives on my other box it took forever. 2nd question is if at some time I have to replace a hard drive will it have to do the whole parity check again. Will be setup as SHR 2 like my other box.
  10. I will give that a try before I decide to mangle my case. I didn't realize heat was ever a problem with ssd's. Thought that was only a spinning hard drive problem.
  11. Yes and Lian Li makes the best cases out there. I never have had problems before but I have all 4 bays filled now. I use to only have 2 and I think it's just generating too much heat. I either need a new case or need to cut a hole in the top for an exhaust fan. Not sure what I will do.
  12. I need to build another Xpenology box. I will be using a mini-itx motherboard and need a board that works with the built in network as the only slot will be taken up by a sata card due to the amount of drives. Any recommendations? Also would like low power usage so one with a onboard cpu. Thanks in advance.
  13. It may actually be running too hot. My server case is my favorite 4 bay server case out there as besides the 4 bays it has a place on each side for the ssds. Problem is it has one fan that blows on the hard drive cage but it's not getting air from outside the case. It's a Chenbro SR30169 server case. Been real tempted to have a hole cut in the top and add an exhaust fan.
  14. This has probably been covered but can't seem to find the answer. I setup a friends server. He's running 3 2 tb hard drives setup as SHR. He bought another 2 tb drive and wants it to be setup as SHR 2 as he is real paranoid about losing data. My question is can we just add a 4th drive and convert to SHR2 or do we need to start from scratch. I will be doing it for him and don't want to screw it up. Thanks in advance
  15. I would but I am fairly new and have no idea what your talking about. Funny thing is it has worked fine for a few months and just started doing it. Just about ready to eliminate the cache as I don't see hardly any difference in the performance.