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  1. Correct, but I believe on the last post by ThorGroup they gave me the impression that they will try to automate the bootloader procedure to make it easier and quicker for everyone, something like Haydibe's toolchain...
  2. Look at the first batch of today's answers from ThorGroup. I asked the same question look at the answer...
  3. @ThorGroup as always thank you so much for all your work and your time that you spent to reply to all those pages. I even went to sleep and woke up and you guys kept replying...amazing. May I suggest the following if you do not mind... Can you guys share a roadmap? Where are we, whats needs to be done from your perspective before an official release. In that way it might help a little bit with all that hacking that is going on lately.
  4. It's highly recommended that you do not. That way is easier for Synology to ban you if they care. ThroGroup said that all telemetry and stuff were removed etc... but as always you rather not.
  5. Currently - no. We will have a sane method of adding drivers in the future. @pocopico I think they will implement it at a later stage not during alpha stages.
  6. This is what is said before, as I mentioned into other posts, virtualisation has a lot less hassle. On my first XPEnology build I bought a MB with the I-219v ethernet chipset which was not bad. I had to throw that board away and buy a new one with 2 ethernets I-211 and I-219 to make it work... As I expressed my opinion in another post and ThorGroup also commented on that, recent AMD leaks suggest that soon we will have 96cores/192treads CPU. With such a CPU as @taiziccf expressed in his own way you can build a lot more stuff than just a DSM. That 96 cores CPU can run a univ
  7. Yes, it will support baremetal too, as ThorGroup said before virtualisation has a lot less hassle!
  8. No idea. Never read something similar. Can you try with Haydibe's docker container and see if you get similar results?
  9. I am not sure to be honest. All I can tell you is that from previous posts when /dev/synoboot2 was not present in the OS it meant that the USB was not mounted. Are you 100% you used the correct PID and VID for your flash drive? Did you use Haydibe's docker container to create the bootloader image?
  10. If it was not clear what jumkey said, if you look into red-pill loader repo you will find inside the config folder that bsp file. Currently the bsp file for 7.0.1 is not there. Either ThorGroup has to update the repo or build it yourself if you know how to... As Jumkey mentioned in his post, everything it's in the ThorGroup repos how to do all that.
  11. Yes, this was my original question. So ThorGroup disabled the functionality to update from DSM? For the time being when there is update we need to create a new loader...? I updated from the DSM and it goes to recovery mode and does nothing... is a test machine and I am just curious...
  12. @jumkey do you know why the loader does not work if you update to 7.0.1 from DSM? It requires re-patching or something?
  13. I did. If you go pages back you will find one of my posts that I shared my XML. I think ThorGroup replied back that for ethernet I slould use virtio. Edit: Of course if you want to try to pass through your intel nic go ahead...