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  1. Hi Ed, for DSM 7.1 you need to use a different loader (RedPill). The procedure might be a bit different from Jun's Loader, maybe have a look at the tutorials IG-88 linked in his post how to install DSM 7.
  2. The Synology account is one and you can assign multiple devices to that account... Then each device must have different quick connect id... The DDNS totally misunderstood what your are trying to achieve.
  3. I do not think somebody will help you with this. The QuickConnect ID you have is linked with your DS220 serial. Your XPEnology has a different serial number therefore requires a different QuickConnect ID and valid serial number. When it comes to serials and quick connect id stuff the policy in this forum is "no one will assist in any way to abuse Synology's services using an XPEnology machine". Alternative you can use DDNS to achieve a similar goal. Just search the forum for more information.
  4. I am just using common sense here. Correct me if I am wrong. Passing individual drives is possible but you will loose SMART on those disks. This is what I do on my Unraid. I think if you pass through the HBA as a whole you will be able to monitor the SMART values in the DSM.
  5. I am pretty sure this is not possible. The XPEnology loaders only work on x86 processors (Intel/AMD) and not on any ARM or Realtek processors.
  6. I am not an ESXI user therefore I cannot assist further other than telling you that you need to find a way to access the boot sequence using a serial port. With that you can see what is failing during booting but you need to search the forum how you can do that.
  7. What is your Core i5 generation? Above (Haswell 4th gen) you can install DS918+... As for guide if you want to instal DSM 6 you can follow this guide: If you want to install DSM7 you can follow this guide:
  8. Indeed all points are valid but there is no going back now. Whether Jun's loader was more stable or not, we are comparing apples with oranges and that ship already sailed. Since ThorGroup loader is open source I want to believe when the time comes hopefully somebody will rise from the community with the necessary skills to take over...
  9. DS920+ does not even work for me due to that DTS thingy... DS918+ will not work on your system. It requires 4th Gen Intel and above. You have 2nd Gen. I think is best if you start with DS3615xs or DS3617xs...
  10. @nabito You need to provide more information in order for the community to assist you. Is it Baremetal, is it a VM? Are you using an integrated ethernet card or not?
  11. I do not know if this is the same:
  12. It seems not. Maybe check pocopico repo. The extension jg.acpid was found. However, the extension index has no recipe for ds3615xs_42661 platform.
  13. @pocopico When I migrated from 6.2.3 to 7.0.1 the tinycore image was at version 0.4.4. Updating from 7.0.1 to 7.1, I run the update now and fullugrade commands on the existing 0.4.4 image and did not download the image version 0.4.6. Everything went well I just want to know if there is an issue if I remain on 0.4.4...