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replace all drives


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I should know this as I have built several xpenology boxes but not sure on this. I have one server that I am going  to replace all drives with larger ones. I have already removed all the files. After I replace with 4 new drives do I have to do anything with the flash drive or just replace the drives and when I boot I will just be setting up server again. Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.

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Are you using the DS3615xs?


There are a total of 4 disks in this system, and it seems that all 4 of them are going to be replaced.
The 4 disks to be replaced will also contain a main volume with packages.
If so, there are a few things to consider.
I have my script ready to move packages between volumes.

(Docker is the only exception. Containers and Docker packages must be manually moved separately.)


Although it is a blank disk, you should also consider how to move it naturally so that the shared folder is not damaged.


Are the packages all installed in one volume?
Are you not using RAID?


Please answer my question.

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The 4 disks currently in use are already RAID5, but are all the bays occupied?


In this situation, it would be very difficult to replace the disk while maintaining the package and shared folder.


If it's an 8-bay system with 4 extra bays, that's a different story.

You can proceed with everything the way I first guided you.


Make a separate backup of the package


It seems that there is no choice but to install it by configuring 4 new disks as RAID 5 and restoring the backed up patch.


It seems that there is no choice but to remember the shared folder well and recreate it.

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