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  2. Ok, this got me beaten for now. I created a new Ubuntu 20 machine just for the task. Got the extra.lzma in and copied to an empty folder Unpacked it as per instructions. I go into the new etc dir but only see: jun.patch rc.modules Not synoinfo_override.conf Opening jun.patch there is no "maxdisk" or "internalportcfg" anywhere in the file (searching for it or stepping through manually. The difference for me is it's an extra.lzma from 1.03b/Ds3617XS, does this guide not work for it?
  3. Dear Folks, I have spent hours trying reading and searching to seek advice if my project will work. The equipment I have is a HP-t620 with 8gb ram, and an external USB3 Orico 5 bay disk box. I was wondering if I can get this hardware to work with Xpenology? I tried a 6.2 and 6.1 bootloader, and ran the it found the server, but no hard disks (e.g. would not detect the Orico box). I am an old Dos and Windows man, I’ve had no experience of Linux and am wondering if my Orico USB3 drive bay will work? I would welcome any suggestions and advice, as lost lots of sleep and hair too Regards ANDREW
  4. облачного хранилища. Есть у нас инструкции по установке на хренологию?
  5. Hi I am Laura from Sweden Just getting into this fantastic software. Have been successful in installing it on 3 HP Proliant ML110 G6 servers but have also had issues with trying to install it on similar servers (same make and model! and also issues with trying to install it on an ML110 G7 server, doesn't recognise the usb!) Issues with netscan not picking up mac and ip addresses. Also looking to install it on some i5 4th generation computers. First build on the ML110 G6, it will only accept 4 drives, yet the other 2 have accepted 6! Weird! I am sure I will find solutions to all these problems in the FAQ's and searches
  6. With a J3455 cpu, why did you choose to go for the TS-453A, equipped with a Celeron N3150, instead of the more suitables TS-453Be, TS-453B or even TS-653B? Just asking, I might have missed a point but my J3455M with an extra JMB585 pcie SATA card is doing fine at emulating a TS-653B.
  7. пробую ставить на fm2 создал флешку по инструкции не видит в сети через assistant
  8. Yeah. This is the same what I got at first but the IG-88 re-compiled the file and it worked after that. I guess you have to wait for him to be able to answer. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  9. I according to your operation, at the time of the third run this command prompt me: insmod: ERROR: could not insert the module/usr/lib/modules/i915 ko: Key was rejected by the service, what should I do, thank you for your answer
  10. @intangybles ah, I must have missed that in all the text / other replies, sorry @nemesis122 ! I will try that when I get back from work, seems very promising, thank you for pointing that out (again)! Regarding the switch, yes that might be it. But when I created a VM I got an IP from the current LAN segment so maybe it works even without disabling it? But I'll keep that in my mind if it goes haywire later on
  11. Since I dealt with this I'll try to help with how it worked for me but I'm no IG-88 so I can't give you a solution if it doesn't work. My process was: 1. Put the i915.ko file in /usr/lib/modules. 2. Change the file ownership and permissions to be root. 3. Run the command sudo insmod /usr/lib/modules/i915.ko Post the output here. 4. Reboot and post the output here from /var/log/dmesg after rebooted. 5. Run the command sudo insmod /usr/lib/modules/i915.ko Again after reboot and post the output here. It's probably redundant to do so but just to double check.
  12. Hello Folks, Fast forward from 2017, I have a legit running Thecus N2520 dual bay running Custom DSM 5.1-5022, that I was able to Convert from Thecus OS to Synology DS214Play using Vortex guide. I realize now Thecus forums are kaboom, and because this is not a Jun/ or like Synoboot its a custom something I dont even understand should I even risk upgrading it to DSM 6 or can I even do it? Yeah DSM 5.1 is old but for a backup NAS i dont really care as long as its working and not a dead brick. Vortex I believe customized the firmware for Thecus (mimicing DS214Play) and modded it? not sure what but his download zip at that time in 2015 etc, has these DSM versions within DSM 5.x . The last one in his package was sub version 5565. However in Control Panel Synology shows DSM 5.2-5967 as the latest one.Now I do not know or recall if each firmware pack he modded before it would install or be safe on Thecus NAS. Is it safe to leave NAS running as is ? or update to 5967 should be fine? Note this is not Xpenology, he called it Synocus for some reason so I am not sure Any help appreciated guys. Mods: I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but I was not sure where else to post.Please move it if appropriate. Thanks,
  13. Work / personal life got in the way. Was quite active here on in 2015/2017 i think. Here is my list of hardware, still works ! Thecus N2520 (frigging running DSM 5.1!! ooOOoo) - thanks to Vortex. HP N54L x 2 - on DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 3 with 16GB ram upgraded on both DSM 1813+ DS109 DS213 QNAP TVS 871 Glad to be back, and I am no expert or developer, but love to be part of the Xpeno community.
  14. Hi All, Would any one be kind to share any backups of this module? Please PM Thank You
  15. Hi @hellbound not sure I can help with the memory issue but I'm pretty sure your networking issue is the OVS (Open vSwitch) - this needs to be turned off before you install VirtualBox but since your network is still working perhaps you can just turn it off - it will conflicting with vboxdrvs's own network switch. Please ignore the fact that this says it can't be disabled, that's just because the machine I took the screen cao from is an i7 machine I have VMM running on at work! Back to you memory issue, @nemesis122 was suggesting you look at the grub edit is the post he referenced: That may help, sorry I've not tried to run with that much memory! although the i7 at work is running 8G fine! Best of luck!
  16. After using QTS 4.4.2 on an ASRock J3455-itx motherboard emulating aTS-453A NAS I have ran across a couple anomalies. Qboost and License Center need to be re-installed after a reboot. While in APP Center I can download and re-install apps but I can't get the "Settings Icon" to activate the dialog box so I can change APP Center settings.
  17. Update: завелась без видеокарты с этим биос-модом: ZX-DU99D4_V1.11_for_x99zv102-Vasiliy-Temnikov взят отсюда был: PS. Добавил SSD - затестил Virtual Machine Manager - все летает, все нравится, ура!
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  19. no thats just the normal realtek 8168 driver and thats still part of the loader you could try to extract rd.gz and zImage from the dsm 6.2.3 *.pat file (918+) using 7zip, copy that to the loader (2nd partition) replacing the files there and then use the new extra/extra2 from here, also copy to 2nd parttion replacing the files there
  20. I am sorry for my use of translation assistant. Please forgive me if I use the wrong words My hardware configuration is CPU: I5-10500 and motherboard is ASROCK B460 PRO.Using the KO (9BC8) file you published, ls /dev/dri still shows No such file or directory, it seems that the driver file is not effective, I send it back to you, I hope it can be helpful to you, thank you for your efforts
  21. Dickster

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Tried that but does not solve the problem. Think i did something wrong with the USB key. Can select the non UEFI USB key but get an "mbr error 1 press any key to boot from floppy"
  22. ciao a tutti,vorrei sapere se è possibile su un Synology Ds2415+ con 6gb di ram, attraverso la Virtual Machine di Synology, Installare una macchina virtuale Xpenology con Dsm del ds2415+ Insomma avere 2 Synology Ds2415+: uno fisico ed uno virtuale. Ho letto molte guide fatto molti tentativi ma non funziona. CIoè faccio avviare Xpenology, mi collego al nas, formatto i dischi e poi installo il dsm 6.2 ultima versione. al riavvio nel nas virtuale non funzione più nulla. Ho visto questo video come spunto ma mi da l'errore detto prima. Qualcuno può aiutarmi? Grazie
  23. Is any one experiencing random 5-15 seconds network drops? This error is from Proxmox log: e1000e Reset adapter unexpectedly / Detected Hardware Unit Hang. And after googling there is a lot of problems with E1000e card
  24. Hi guys, i am new to the xpenology game. My System: Server with ESXi 6.7 16 GB RAM Quad Core AMD CPU 1 TB SSD for VMs 4 Bay 4x4 TB WD Red Plus (WD40EFRX) Raid5 I followed the instructions of this thread "Tutorial: Install DSM 6.2 on ESXi 6.7" Worked great. Now i am struggeling with hard disk management. Because it's an esx server platform i don't want to give the dsm vm the hole 11 GB datastore storage. I played a litlle with the storagepool and volume settings but can't find the right method. I only need/want 1 volume so that the shares are not so clustered over many volumes. How do i proceed if i only want 3 TB at the beginning and at more storage later if i need some? I tried to expand the disk in the esx vm settings but can't expand the disk in dsm. So, can someone explain a good or best method for my target scenario?
  25. Hi @intangybles, yes it seems like a victory indeed. No worries about time zones, I'm very grateful for any help I can get. Yep, still on DS3617xs as it mentioned support for 16GB RAM and 16 cores(?). I will try going "back" to DS3615xs then. Could the IP issue be related to some switch thingie in DSM, cant remember that I've setup something though, or can it be some setting when installing Virtualbox that I just clicked next (aka default) and missed out on? Yeah, I'm using the machine's real MAC in grub.cfg This is my current Virtualbox (on DS3617xs): Edit: So I went back to DS3615xs, but it still only shows the same amount of RAM in VirtualBox (and the same network interfaces as above Not sure what to do here, quickly running out of ideas. I only had 4GB on my J1900 (DS3615xs DSM v6.1.7) prior upgrading to this Ryzen system, could it be some issue from that? Edit2: Okay, got network working inside Virtualbox / VM and can now connect to my VM using RDP to install it, but the memory is still an issue, but other than that it seems to be fine (for now at least). But the wierd part is how much memory is reserved according to resource monitor, graph below:
  26. В Б/П вставил Ноктию, она одна по размеру подходит и тут проблем нет. Там, если не ошибаюсь, питание имеется и 5 вольт и 12 вольт. Так что любой подходящий по размеру кулер. То что родной вентилятор толстый, двойная толщина, решил простыми простаками. Дует хорошо и тихо Ну а основной вентилятор, по мимо распиновки своей, это решается просто, тахометр , регулятор оборотов, прошит в БИОС_ е и несовпадение нижнего порога приводит к системной ошибке и отключению сервера. У родного кулера, если не ошибаюсь ( давно вопросом не интересовался) , вроде нижний порог в 600. Потому и смущает меня заработавший вентилятор с нижним порогом в 300
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