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  3. elektro86


    Здравствуйте, установил nextcloud в docker ( в поиске dokcker набрал nextcloud самый первый с кучей плюсов)внутри сети все работает отлично, подскажите как прописать внешний хост, не могу найти config.php, захожу по ssh включаю ms, облазил все папки нет такого файла, попок var/www/ тоже нет. куда копать? по инструкции выше тоже пробовал все установилось но зайти на облако так и не получилось.
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  5. Klasos

    ASUS XG-C100C network cards?

    Hi , I also bought the XG-C100C and it worked with bootloader 1.02b (DS3615XS) DSM 6.1.7 with the extra.lzma pack 4.9 I can't get it running on bootloader 1.03b (DS3617XS or DS3615XS) DSM6.2.... , for now I'm using the 2 onboard 1Gb lan ports and created a bond (Load ballance) Lan speed will remain 1Gb but it can handle more traffic from separete sources , can't wait for an extra pack for my configuration so I can use the 10Gb card. Still learning and trying.
  6. merci de ta reponse déjà fait cela ne change rien j'ai réinstaller en recommencement le tuto a zéro en modifiant le LOCAL_NETWORK= en LOCAL_NETWORK= auccun effet
  7. Thanks worked
  8. ndthien

    Trouble getting SSL from Let's Encrypt

    I have resolved it. I used instead of Thanks anyway!
  9. flyride

    Trouble getting SSL from Let's Encrypt

    Do you have a valid domain that you used for the Let's Encrypt CSR? It cannot be a made-up one, it has to be resolvable to the IP that services your host.
  10. LOCAL_NETWORK= mets à la place : LOCAL_NETWORK=
  11. nicoueron

    permanent usb dsm 6.1

    si si ça tien tout à fait la route, ce que je veux dire c'est que la domotique ne devrait pas tenir sur la même machine que ton NAS car le jour où ton NAS tombe en rade c'est toute ta domotique qui tombe aussi en rade alors que ce n'est pas du tout le même service à la base - je parle par expérience^^ je me suis en effet retrouvé une fois avec mes volets bloqués... MAis Domoticz est très bien, je l'utilise depuis 3ans sans souci avec un controleur zwave USB (comme toi visiblement) mais sur un raspberry à coté. Essaie avec une image docker au lieu de la "distrib" proposée via le gestionnaire de paquets (car je suppose que c'est par là que tu l'as installée) - il faudra mapper aussi le fichier /etc/udev/rules.d/99-.... vers un fichier de ton NAS en plus du n° de port.
  12. I followed the following guide: But I keep getting the following error: The guide says: When you get the this error make sure you didn’t made any typo’s, you created the correct DNS records, and your NAS is accessible via port 80. I know for sure I didn't make any typo's I have created the correct DNS records And port 80 and 443 are forwarded to my NAS Can someone help me out?
  13. As stated ... it might be easy or it might be hard but I think it will be all OK with your config. Just make sure you disable the onboard ports before adding the HDD's (in the same order) on the new controller. But as always, make sure your backup files are up-to-date before doing any big changes btw: since I have not tried to do "this thing" myself, I ordered a small controller do try it out in person will be here tomorrow
  14. Power Consumption: 42-46 Watts. No more than 48 even when I work with data. So, DS918+ use 34 Watts. Just ~10 more. Not bad for my specs!
  15. cwindomsr

    Introduce yourself here

    Hello Forum, I'm Charles Windom. I am a Solutions/Cloud Architect working for a popular virtualization/cloud company. am currently running Thecus N5550 and HP Proliant MicroServer NL54 clocked at 2.2Ghz My server is: 2 each - HP Proliant MicroServers running FreeNAS 11-2U1 only on one of the servers 16GB RAM in each server 1 Dual Port Gigabit NIC in each server 5 each real Hitachi 4TB Enterprise SATA 3 drives in each server Looking to try out Xpenology on the free server to Xperiment :-) Thecus currently has 5 each 8TB NAS drives configured in RAID5 for streaming only. Other unit used for backup and some archival storage
  16. Hi, I've a similar problem, my cpu is i3-6098
  17. TL;DR : I want to expand my storage capacity and would like to double check with you if I can simply connect two new drives on my NAS without losing redundancy or any data on my actual RAID. Hello everybody, I’m not sure if I’m in the proper part of this forum to ask questions on this subject but feel free to move my post if necessary. I’ve started my NAS with 3 x 1 TB hard drives configured in BTRFS (RAID 5). I don’t have a lot of margin of error with only one drive failure accepted before losing every content on my NAS so I would like to add 2 more disks (same size, same brand). I’m just not sure if BTRFS will let me expand my volume capacity without losing any data. I’ve found this quick guide on Synology and it doesn’t seem to be a problem with BTRFS (which it is with ZFS for example) but I would like to double-check with you before ordering my two extra drives. Thanks for the support, Have a great day.
  18. kkirov

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Annnndddd.... as it seems I am not able to edit posts, please disregard my previous post in the part for p420i card. This works, but for OMV. Also found a way how to reduce the fans speed in Xpenology as well - just add a drive in the array. Even if it is not recognized by DSM, it will make the fans go down to 6%. Guess it is HP firmware and sensors thing. As those are hardware specifics, I guess those posts could be moved to that section. Excuse me for the confusion - still reading and testing configurations.
  19. Hi all, i wanted to share with others the latest UniFi SDN Controller package, is based on Alexander's work (acmenet), just slighly updated. This runs on all x86 based boxes, in my case is Xpenology latest version 6.2.1-23824 Update 4 (VM). Feel free to leave suggestions!
  20. Я думаю что если обаз открыть ultraiso и заменить файл прошивки на другую модель, тоже все прошьется. Только после afudos надо писать название прошивки другой модели.
  21. Я откатывал с 1.80 до 1.40. Откат прошивки прошёл успешно.
  22. да понял, мелкое пакостничество производителя. а не надо на промежуточную версию откатываться? просто я думаю тоже свою материнку откатить, и у меня тоже такой ступенчатый процесс обновления как у вас
  23. Откат возможен только через дос. С 1.80 откатиться через встроенную утилиту не получится. Можно флешку досовскую сделать и туда кинуть afudos и прошивку.
  24. а што это дает? што мешает с флешки из ефи это сделать?
  25. BanterBay

    Looking to upgrade from Gen8

    Hi Omar, I used to have HP Gen 8 server as yourself. I used it for couple of years without any hassle. I had "cannot find page" error once and it was caused by certain version of Plex server I installed (so I read somewhere), since I removed that Plex no issue since. Try and look into this, just maybe...... I may be wrong
  26. kkirov

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hi all, New here and new to the NAS world. Just got my hands on an old server machine and decided to go experimental. Bare Metal installation on HP ML350p G8 with v1.03b (DSM 6.2 - both 3617 and 3615) causes fans to go crazy. Went to v1.02b DSM 6.1.7 (3617) and they slowed down to 35%. Still haven't tied 3615. Btw, also tried OpenMediaVault and with it, the system is completely silent. My fans go down to 6% and in the first moment I thought the server went down. But no, it was up and running and no overheating observed. If someone is trying the same machine and have problems with the p420i raid card - update to the latest firmware and through Intelligent provisioning you can switch to HBA mode, which will give direct access of the OS to the drives attached to it. The only thing, I didn't manage to understand from all the reading in the net was - when in HBA mode, will it somehow utilize the RAM integrated in the card. I have 512MB with battery. Best to all, Kiril
  27. тем кто хотел откатить биос на AsRock J4205, вот ссылка на образ CD с DOS. Записываете Rufus на флеху и прошиваете. Все файлы уже там. Ввести afudos aplitx1.40 enter!zkEViCAY!5oVBav6D0fMIlcHMGGed2Q
  28. dln

    permanent usb dsm 6.1

    Correction le chemin c'est /lib/udev/rules.d
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