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  2. Bonjour coucoujojo J'ai retrouvé cela sur le forum >>> A priori la seule manière de pouvoir utiliser ton disque NVME est de l'utiliser au travers d'un hyperviseur ESXi. En espérant que cela peut t'aider. Pour ma part le NVME dont je dispose je l'utilise directement sur mon hyperviseur comme datastore.
  3. Hi flyride Thanks for the quick response. The Server is a Dell T320 with a PERC H310 controller, 24Gb RAM, single Zeon processor. Each of the drive bays are populated with a 1Tb SATA drive. Where would I get the ISO for the DS918+ ?, and will that support all 8 drives? Thanks for your time.
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  5. hmm somehow it worked for me but now after adding volumen for raid1 and re-installling moments/photo its not working anymore.. DSM 6.1.6-15266 photostation version:6.8.14-33501 moments version:1.2.1-0646 511dec657daa60b0f11da20295e2c665ba2c749c /usr/syno/bin/synocodectool {"success":true,"activated_codec":["hevc_dec","ac3_dec","h264_dec","h264_enc","aac_dec","aac_enc","mpeg4part2_dec","vc1_dec","vc1_enc"],"token":"123456789987654abc"} when running moments index no line in varlogmessage is written. but it works for normal pictures/videos, but no h
  6. Output of: Output of (I'm still waiting for the HDDs to transfer my files thats why it shows 3 USB Drives) Docker in the package manager shows as error and the only option I have is to repair :S
  7. That *might* be due to my PlexPass, as we passholders have some "benefit's". But the one you found, was the same version as I was running when I posted the screendump above, working fine on my NAS
  8. mdadm should allow you to reshape without unmounting, and it is easier if you don't have to. I would stop Docker from Package Manager before trying a mounted reshape however. The only command I believe you should have to do is the reshape (decreasing the array size in the article would not apply to you). I expect that DSM will automatically increase your Storage Pool and volumes when more space is available, but if it does not, it's easy to do. i.e: # mdadm --grow /dev/md2 --level=0 Obviously, have a backup before doing anything like this. The reshape is
  9. No, I'm actually not a compiling expert, I'm still learning from what I've currently done. But I'll try my best to help you out with this. I will try to compile for Bromolow myself. For which DSM version would you need it?
  10. jensmander


    No, Hyper-V is not supported.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. I may give this a shot. I assume first step is to SSH in as an administrator. In the first unmount step, I think I'd just make sure that no computers have any of the shared folders mounted? From what I can tell, the volumes are as follows: /dev/md0 is the bootloader USB /dev/md2 is one and only volume on the Xpenology (volume1) /dev/sdu1 is the backup external hard drive that I'm using with Hyper Backup Based on my usage, I would change the size of the filesystem and array to "5T" and just copy paste all the commands on the page whil
  12. Oh sorry for the late reply. I'm very happy to see more support. As I use the code from credits, the license are inherited from theirs (which should be MIT) Because the code is soooo simple, I think you can fork the repo, add the chip-related code. Then I can simply put your repo's link in my repo, and people with different chip can then find the corresponding repo.
  13. А это не правильно... И если вы дорожите своей информацией, и вам не плевать на возможные последствия различного рода вирусни, например всяких шифровальщиков типа WanaCry или Petya и типа всяких использующих MiTM атаки, которые как раз и используют все эти уязвимости протокола SMB 1, то настоятельно рекомендую отключить SMB 1 и настроить DSM как положено, ради безопасности вашей же информации.
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  15. Is this going to get you a chance to see if the 8125b drivers will compile for the 3617xs? If so, I am standing by to test as needed.
  16. I think you are right, but surprised to see a chip without these microarchitecture features introduced in 2012. Bobcat lacks the FMA3 instructions that seem to be required for DS918+. So OP, you will need to use 1.03b loader and DS3615xs or DS3617xs. And the main reason folks are not successful with this combination is that they are unable to get it the USB to legacy boot/CSM mode, which is an absolute requirement. All this said, you aren't missing all that much. 6.1.7 is fully functional and really there is l
  17. Sorry I haven't been paying much attention to this thread. I don't fully understand the German screenshots so I am a little challenged. I am completely confused by the reports on the volume mount however. Based on the mdstat, it looks like @Subtixx has a straight RAID 5 (with a read cache), and not a SHR. So there should be no /dev/vg1 or /dev/vg1000 and the data volume must be directly contained within /dev/md2. But still you have posted volume group and logical volume screenshots. It was reported that your files are accessible right now. So the volume must be pr
  18. i would not say that a bobcat core from 2011 is "newer" hardware the amd minimum is "rumored" to be piledriver and thats from 2012, so seems very possible that the cpu in question is no 1.04b 918+ material
  19. if you want to know 1.04b 918+ is even possible you would need to be more precise about the cpu thats the thing to start with the thing about mbr is more does it boot or not, if you try a hp desktop with the normal gpt version its not booting at all and thats the point where you need mbr if the normal version worked then the difference in success was not about mbr or gpt 1.03b cant do clean uefi, it needs csm/legacy mode and you also need to use the non uefi usb boot device (tha
  20. I can't find the same version as you. The only version downloadable is :
  21. You *did* choose the Intel 64-bit ? (intel as in platform, not as in brand) Try to uninstall the .spk, and do a reboot. Then download and install "PlexMediaServer-" (Intel-64bit)
  22. F**** ! So I tried both, Plex install on Docker and whith the .spk file download directly from : and the result is the same. Doesn't work. I'm wonder if it's because I'm not using an Intel processur but an AMD.
  23. @Arsiezis Did you download the .spk using the Package Center, or direct from ? As shown in my screendump, my installed version, from Plex, is newer than "the newest" from Syno.
  24. I run Plex dockerless, installed the .spk manually after downloading it from and I get a notification on my Plex "desktop/Dashboard" whenever they have a new update ready for me, that way I can check other users experience before manually doing the update Edit: <palmface> I just noticed, when manually downloading the available .spk from plex, there was a minor update compared to what I had running </palmface>
  25. Same here. Attached the serial.out file Looks like it is a problem with the mpt2sas driver Is it helpful to someone? serial.out
  26. fab198


    Hi, i have actually DSM 6.0.1 in hyper-V. With VM migration assistant i can boot the loader 1.4b in a vhdx file but it freeze after few seconds. Is it possible to make a new virtual machine with DSM 6.2? Thanks. Regards. Fabien
  27. в общем что-то не получается сохранить свою редакцию файла, вроде все делаю как в этом посте но что-то сохранить изменения не получается. В общем оставил все как есть, но все равно есть вопрос, как подгрузить правильно драйвера для сетевой карты? Есть ли какая-то особенность какой камень стоит в ПК? Сравнивал прошивки, иногда одни и те же указаны для AMD и Intel.
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