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  2. Все здравствуйте! Планирую сборку NAS из готовых компонентов c aliexpress: мини- пк на J4124 (Beelink GK Mini Intel J4125 ) и хранилище на 2 диска с RAID (внешний HDD c raid). Хочу поставить xpenology. Скажите будет ли работать на данном конфигурации. Возможно у кого-то уже есть опыт использования схожих конфигураций и успешных запусков на них xpenology. Поделитесь пожалуйста мнениями и информацией.
  3. Hallo IG-88, vielen Dank für deine Hinweise und sorry für die späte Reaktion, habe erst jetzt Zeit gehabt. Werde nochmal drüber schlafen, ob ich den von dir vorgeschlagenen Weg Testinstallation probieren werde, bevor ich mich entscheide, doch eine 920+ anzuschaffen. Man liest ja auch vom evtl. anstehenden Modellwechsel... Noch eine Frage: Gilt das von dir Geschriebene (tinycore usw.) grundsätzlich so auch, wenn ich zunächst bei DSM 6 bleiben würde, aber auf die neueren Updates möchte? Oder ist dabei noch etwas anderes zu beachten? Bes
  4. Есть много софта который ставится на ПК и синхронизирует папки, но если надо синхронизировать папки автоматом Syno Drive делает это автоматом и это родное встроенное приложение для DSM. Зачем усложнять?
  5. Решил проблему, при конфигурации дисков нужно было указывать 22. Всем спасибо!
  6. А стороннего софта, для таких задач нет никакого?
  7. I wrote a complete instruction how to install it on unraid. It is on "pending approval" but should be available soon.
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  9. А может быть такая шляпа из за неправильной конфигурации дисков? Я не запускал команду ./ satamap now и у меня все стартанула, комп появился в сети, ассистент его нашел но при загрузке ругнулся на конфигурацию дисков. сделал еще раз загрузчик, указал конфигурацию 20 и опять не появляется в сети, может я не правильно конфигурацию дисков указываю? У меня 2 HDD
  10. Is there any benefit to updating from JUN 6.2.3 to Redpill 6.2.4? If you want to solve security vulnerabilities, you should try DSM 7.1 instead. It has already been mentioned above, but now there is a lack of information about DSM 6.2.4 and full of DSM 7.1. If you are afraid to try DSM 7.1, you can try a trial installation with an empty disk first. I don't have any experience with installing DSM 6.2.4 and VMs, so it's hard to give advice.
  11. Exactly, I have an old device with DSM 6.2.3 that is very stable and functional enough to use. Recently I'm trying to install 6.2.4 using tinycore-redpill instead of Jun's Loader and I always have problems. Could you please explain the difference between the SataportMap parameters of Jun Loader and RedPill? Maybe I have set this wrong. I am installing DSM in ESXi and put loader image at SATA 0:0 and pass-through physics SATA controller. So I set before are "SataPortMap": "19", "DiskIdxMap": "1000" to be able to hide the boot disk. But not work with RedPill. While I was still debugging co
  12. Hi, so after I successfully installed DSM 7.1 with help from here, I have some questions. 1. If I want to change the model from 1918 to 3622 is this possible to do that without installing DSM from scratch? Can I just re-build the loader and change the serial number and Mac address? Or do I have to format and install everything and set everything up from scratch? 2. Is it possible to disconnect the disk-on-key after the DSM is booted? 3. Is it reliable? - Yes I know no one here can guarantee me that it will work 100 % and I will not lose data. But I'm sure there are
  13. У меня на ночь отключается, а утром включается. Отключение настроил в DSM, включение в биосе. Включение и отключение через DSM не заработало, т.к. в биосе сбивается время
  14. DS3622xs+ has been tested with Intel 1st generation, and CPU generation is not restricted. DS3622xs+, DS3615xs, DS3617xs of the same DS36XX series can be mixed. However, SataportMap and HotPlug settings are closely related to the corrupted message during DSM installation. Today Pocopico has a guide on this topic. Please see the contents of this topic.
  15. Again, I've managed to install 7.0.1-42218 Doing the same steps for 7.1.0-42661 will result in an error (corrupted file).
  16. No it works after i modified HddHotPlug , before i modify it the installatiom went 56% and tells me there is error with dsm version , after i modified HddHotPlug it the installation completed so fine
  17. No 0 is not an option and we dont know what it means to the kernel Your better option then is to use DiskIdxMap and sata_remap to move disk number around. They should work on 3622 as they did in the past
  18. In fact, using sn/mac is not an os hack. We're just trying to put the right value in the right place.
  19. Does it work even without HddHotPlug or you did not try without it ? Anyway i'm glad you came past your issue.
  20. @yanjun IMHO, its always better to separate the OS hack from the loader hack. OS is something that should at some extension be open due to the GNU license (and XPEN is all about our objection to that ) . The individual software is licensed and it should stay like that. Developers should have their jobs right ?
  21. Thank you so much , after modifying SataPortMap to 1 and HddHotPlug to 1 it works so fine
  22. Ah ok. I’m currently using the 3622 build which seems to support the expansion. Although adding the sasidxmap setting to the user_config makes no difference. My sas connected disks start at disk 3 as I’m using the bootloader in SATA0 (rather than the virtual usb stick). KVM/proxmox makes one sata controller when there are no disks and then another for when there are disks. I’ve just set my satamap to 11 as trying to set the unused controller to 0 causes a panic.
  23. Well for SataPortMap/DiskIdxMap/sata_remap/SasIdxMap, different models will have different options. e.g. 1621/2421/920 uses DTS, so syno i guess since its in their kernel tree, they will be moving that way. On older models the kernel contains these values and we are verifiying that are indeed taken into consideration. SasIdxMap, maybe is for models that supported SAS. I think these lower end models do not have SAS controllers at all. Someone can also verify by using :
  24. Хочу спросить, у кого-то получилось сделать включение по расписанию?
  25. i came to post the same question but it looks like you guys are all over it! I've been playing around with it for hours without any luck. Should the SasIdxMap=0 option still work in redpill? This old post by @jun says:
  26. My processor is Intel i3 3240 so i think bromolow is the arhitecture ? sudo -i ./ update now ./ fullupgrade now ./ serialgen DS3615xs ./ identifyusb now ./ satamap now I've choosed 4 SATA ./ build bromolow-7.1.0-42661 ./ clean now Same error on using the pat file, 41% probably corrupt file, now using USB stick, not microSD.
  27. Because I'm trying to solve the problem, jumkey and I have figured out how to authorize advanced media extentions for DS3622xs+ in version 7.1 before raising the need for SN/MAC. Because there is currently no valid DVA3221 SN/MAC combination. So we can't test. My purpose is to make the experience of the dsm loader closer to the original genuine Synology. Don't quite understand what problem your proposed solution really solves?
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