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  2. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    Hi, please do some driver for HP hpsa: Smart Array P840 thank you
  3. I read that trying to manipulate the system to use quick connect is a violation of synology terms. So if we cannot use quickonnect or connect are there any services that we are limited on using. I plan to use cloud station from remote backups. Am I going to run into issues with this?
  4. Hi, VMM gives kmode exception handling error(blue screen with qrcode) and reboot loop at win 10 and win 2016 installations. Switching "cpu compability mode" on fixes the issue with beta program only. There no option for basic version. As a Vmware user, they had similiar issues until V12.5 too, then they fixed it. I hope their solution helps you too.
  5. DSM Virtual Machine Manager Windows 10

    Hi, VMM gives kmode exception handling error(blue screen with qrcode) and reboot loop at win 10 and win 2016 installations. Switching "cpu compability mode" on fixes the issue with beta program only. There no option for basic version. As a Vmware user, they had similiar issues until V12.5 too, then they fixed it. I hope their solution helps you too.
  6. The TL;DR is at the bottom. Ok, so as the title suggests, I'm building a nas. I'm suffering from a bit of analysis paralysis and need some help... I'm moving from a Synology ds415+ w/2x6tb and 2x2tb drives using SHR (~10tb usable, ~7 in use). I'm moving to a supermicro server with 2x8core xeon procs, 64g of ram and 10 drive bays (2 static, 8 hot swap). My plan is to load Xenserver on the server, then have a vm of a nas that has ownership of the 8 swap bays. From there the nas will share out to any additional guest vm's on the xen. The goal is to have a beefier plex server (currently not on synology) that can handle multiple 4k transcodes, separate the workload from the synology for sabnzb, radarr, sonarr, etc, and run dedicated vm's for wordpress/websites as well as a pfsense box. Storage will be NAS only, the vm disks will live on the 2 static drives in a mdadm raid1. Xenserver is up and running with a couple of vm's, but the nas has been the question I can't answer. My plan originally was to run xpenology because I wanted to continue using all the nifty tools (DS Cam to access Surveillance Station, Cloud Station, etc) and because I could in theory just pull the 4 drives out of the syn, move to the xpenology and pretend nothing happened. I have since learned the synology tools are not really an option with xpenology, at least not without some questionable antics and a little more work under the hood than I desire. I'm very comfortable with the work, but honestly I do sysad work for a living and just want to go home and watch plex without having to tinker on a regular basis. I have looked at FreeNAS, I work on Solaris at work so very comfortable with ZFS, but the mismatched drives present issues. I can do different stuff like mirrored vdevs or I have 4 additional 2tb drives I could add and make a couple of raidz1 vdevs, but with ZFS I have to increase all the drives in a vdev to increase the size of it, so depending on how I lay the first brick the whole system is pretty hard to change. I have debated unraid but I just don't have warm fuzzies looking at it. I've looked at rockstor, but the fact their page point blank says if you value your data, don't trust it to them makes me leery there. There's all the mergerfs/snapraid/drivepool/I forget what else... but we get back to, I'd really like to just not having to think about computers when I get home... I have really enjoyed synology's gui and would really love to run it on bigger hardware. TL;DR: So I'm back to thinking about xpenology and offloading the tools I currently use. A linux vm running zoneminder for cameras, ownCloud/similar for cloud station. My questions: how stable is xpenology? Does it handle adding drives/upgrading drives as easily/smoothly as traditional synology? Can I change from SHR to SHR2 on the fly when I add more drives? Does anyone have any experience running it as a vm and is it stable there? Does Hyperbackup work the same, as in does it violate anything like adding cameras to SS? Currently use HB to a usb 8tb, hope to get another cloud solution working soon (thanks crashplan...) Any other questions I'm missing/should be asking?
  7. Oui sans problème si tu as une IP fixe directement via ton adresse IP et en ouvrant les bon ports dans ton routeur Si tu as une IP dynamique il y a la solution de marcos_59143 ou l'achat d'un ndd de style pour quelques euro /an
  8. salut les gens perso j'utilise un ddns => on crée son compte puis on le connecte dans le syno. ps: compte gratuit (Free Dynamic DNS)
  9. OK sur le principe pas de souci, mais puis-je partager des fichiers et y accéder depuis l’extérieur ?
  10. Salut, Xpenology est un systeme qui utilise le DSM de Synology mais n'est pas reconnu par Synology, c'est surement pour cela que tu ne peut pas creer ton connectid. Comme aussi par exemple, dans DSvideo le transcodage n'est pas actif avec un xpenology.
  11. Hi Nevexo, found ok my problem is the bios and not compatible with kernel. I had to update the bios and everything worked. Thank you very much for your help. Now I'm fighting with the phpvirtualbox that does not work for me. You got it?
  12. Bonjour à tous, Tout d'abord, toutes mes excuses, si ma question est au mauvais endroit..... Alors voilà, je vais essayer de faire simple. J'ai voulu me lancer dans l'installation d'un Nas en pensant que se serait simple....... En fait dans l'ensemble il fonctionne sauf : Que je comprends pas les bases de son fonctionnement. A savoir y accéder depuis l’extérieur et envoyer des fichiers à des amis depuis un lien de partage..... En fouillant je comprends qu'il faut activer le Quickconnect mais voilà dès que je vais dans le panneau de configuration pour l'activer et que je choisi d'enregistrer un nouveau Compte Synology, j'obtiens la réponse suivante "Le système n'as pu réaliser l'opération requise en raison d'une erreur inconnue"!!!!! En essayant EZ- Internet pareil..... Ai-je un système incompatible ? Ai-je fait une erreur d'installation ? Merci de votre aide De ce que je connais de mon systeme : -DS3615xs -DSM 6.0.2-8451
  13. Qnap TS-451+ with DS916+ loader

    me too i tried to install ds3615 to TS-470-PRO (I3-3220, 8 Gb ram, 1 Hdd 350 Gb) with DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b.img from usb disk - i change boot order on TS to boot from stick - after TS-470-Pro boot jun loader, - start synology assistant and after find'it on search i choose to install DSM_DS3615xs_15217.pat - the problem arises after reboot ... assistant not continue installation (not find TS) ... stay on system is rebooting (even if machine respond to ping) - if i force reboot assistant find machine but say to recover system .... but after reboot again .. not find'it Please help me if i made something wrong thanks
  14. phpVirtualbox на XPEnology

    Вот тута, что у вас?
  15. CPU Upgraded

    The question(s) in this topic have been answered and/or the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  16. DSM 6.1.6-15266 Update 1

    - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1.6-15266 - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.02b - DS916+ - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: ASRock J3455-ITX - Additional comments: NO REBOOT REQUIRED
  17. phpVirtualbox на XPEnology

    Совершенно с Вами согласен. Вот это??? Показать содержимое Hide В сам файл config.php лазили? Нет еще не смотрел. Попросту говоря я не знаю какой он должен быть. У меня он такой: config.php
  18. Increasing the disk volume

    Update on my issue. Actually, DSM storage manager see the new disk size ( created in ESXI). But I dont find the way to increase then the volume size. In the meantime I recreate a DSM VM from scratch and give it the largest disk size available.
  19. CPU Upgraded

    Thanks... Confirmed running on all 4(8) cores
  20. XPEnology on Acer AC100

    usb= 'Removable Device' perhaps? try that as first boot device and disable all other devices
  21. Помощь с установкой

    Привет от Дурова и роскомнадзора... такая же фигня, ждем когда разблокируют, то что заблокировали.
  22. I did this work for my system (atom230). atom230 supported mbr only, and I can't change my bios setting (there was no method)to support for (U)EFI/GPT. manually I did partitons (2 partitons) and cp files from gpt image. anyway I think this work is great.
  23. я уже через прокси сделал,всё равно не хочет.хотя телеграмм упорно работает
  24. 2 Allex76: Вы из России? Если да, то это роскомнадзор с телеграммом борется , у меня на разных провайдерах тоже часть ресурсов не доступна.
  25. CPU Upgraded

    You should be using all cores of the new CPU, the CPU info you see in control panel is hard coded & reflects what is in a genuine synology. You can check by running the following command cat /proc/cpuinfo
  26. CPU Upgraded

    What you see in the GUI is simply the cpu that Synology uses in their hardware. It's hardcoded, but DSM is actually using all cores. SSH in your box then run: top then pressing 1. OR running: htop You should see all cores running.
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