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  2. So with the whole brute force going on, suggesting to disable the admin account is causing issues with my download station RSS feeds. The tasks get added but stay stuck in waiting. As soon as I enable admin account they start downloading. I’ve created a new user with every privilege but clearly it’s not making a difference. Suggestions?
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  4. When referring to real SN/Mac, if you input a real syno mac, doesn’t that conflict with the MAC address of the actual nic?
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  6. thanks for the answers! i will look for some HBAs
  7. @ Polanskiman, If possible try making a brand new install on a blank HDD to discard DSM's previous install as being the culprit. I did try your method here and i couldn't get it work on both my 2 ds918 setups with fresh HDD's, both with real sn/macs *Although now Synology Assistant is showing the correct MAC/SN i input into the grub config. Both of the real sn/macs used to work (transcoding) on both ds918's but now both do not work. Maybe because i changed hardware? Or could it be my nic cards? BOTH of the motherboards have Intel I219 but only one works, the broken one has Intel X540 t2 10gbe card. Lastly, do you know if there is an extra.lmzk driver for I219 yet? Why would 1 i219 work and the other doesnt? I am SO CLOSE to having my perfect setup. I simply want Photo Station to create thumbnails for my videos. I think i am going to try again tonight, because for one unit i still had an ip reservation and had never rebooted router.
  8. I'm trying to delete the /etc.defaults folder but my commands aren't working and my linux is rusty. I'm only able to delete files Inside /etc.defaults but not the folder itself. I'm on custom hardware, DS918+ 6.2 Assuming i am logged in SSH Putty as Admin, could someone tell me what the command is for deleting (/etc.defaults) or any folder on my system? Or how to go about deleting it?
  9. wdawd It is possible, however you need to re-enable it in a config through terminal (SSH/telnet).
  10. Gibt es eine alte Version die ich testen kann um das evtl. auszuschließen ? ich werde wenn ich aus dem Urlaub wieder da bin mal einen anderen Switch testen (von dem ich mir 100%ih sicher bin das er funktioniert) und mal eine andere Festplatte suchen.
  11. Still not sure what's happening in my J-4105. I´ll try again playing with extra.lzma. As I said, hw transcoding doesn't work here with your clean extra.lzma on 6.2.2. No /dev/dri. But it was working with a custom extra.lzma on 6.2.1. Actually I´m not sure who posted this extra.lzma. Maybe you, TeleDimm or Olegin. Unfortunately, I got no net when updating to 6.2.2 with this extra.lzma.
  12. For me it's my admin created account. So bad to be stuck for a login First, its better to use the extra in my sign, it's a clean one. (i can't edit my old post with the old extra, it work the same but there were some osx garbage inside) Second, this extra basically just remove the Jun's i915 driver, this driver KP on some motherboard with integrated CPU. So wihtout the jun's driver DSM boot and after HW transcoding use the DSM driver and it work flawlessly for most of those motherboard, but maybe not yours, so you can try to boot with the Jun's driver and see if it boot with no KP and if the HW transcode work. And if you cant boot because the jun's driver KP, you'll have to use an extra without it .
  13. J4105B-ITX here. Hardware transcoding is working on 6.2.1 update 6 and custom extra.lzma. I tried and updated two times on a test disk 6.2.2 changing extra.lzma, deleting extra2.lzma on 1.04 loader and deleting /usr/lib/modules/update/* . It worked flawlessly but none of the two times I tried hardware transcoding was working.
  14. If i remember well, you have nothing to do, just plug the dongle and you'll get a new LAN ip. If it dont work you can try to disable the onboard NIC. You're on a J4105B-ITX ? it's a RTL8111H, and this NIC is reported to work with 6.2.2-24922 Update 2.
  15. What is my best to use this USB3 ethernet dongle? Should I disable MOBO NIC? Or should I left internal NIC enabled and add another NIC on grub.cfg?
  16. Hm. I Can't edit my last post anymore? I read on Synology that the default user is admin and password blank, on a Dutch forum I read that for jun's loaders the user is root and password blank. Can't seem to find anymore now. user admin, pass <blank> user root, pass <blank> user rowdy, pass <blank> user rowdy, pass <MYPASS> user admin, pass <MYPASS> user root, pass <MYPASS> user Demo, pass <blank> Strange thing is, sometimes it just randomly prints this. DiskStation login: Login timed o Wed Aug 21 17:40:36 2019 DiskStation login: Well, My Ubuntu image is almost downloaded, so I'll go try that way..
  17. Bonjour, quelle fichier Pat as tu utilisé ? La dernière version et limité côté carte réseau. Le plus compatible doit être le loader 1.02b avec le Pat dsm 6.1.7 de mémoire. Courage sa va le faire 😁
  18. Bonjour, Impossible faire faire fonctionner DS3617xs 1.03b avec mon NUC 5i5 la carte réseau na pas l’aire d’être pris en charge.... je ne sais plus vers quelle version me retourner pour que cela puisse marcher.... Merci de votre aide
  19. Salve a tutti, oggi mi è capitata una cosa incresciosa, e spero che qualcuno di voi riesca ad aiutarmi. Ho configurato la mia xpenology con un radi 5 e 5HDD, oggi ho sostituito uno dei 5 perché guasto, al termine della ricostruzione del raid il sistema segnalava "partizione di sistema no riuscita" indicandomi la procedura guidata per riparare l'errore, al termine di tale operazioni e a seguito di un sano riavvio, mi trovo con la NAS comunque funzionante e raggiungibile, ma con la pagine WEB del DSM offline, ovvero nel tentativo di accesso web "http://IP:5000" mi visualizza :"synology: La pagina richiesta non è stata trovata." (allego foto). Preciso che è attivo l'accesso root SSH, e che il synology assistant non segnala nulla di anomalo.
  20. That works, kind of. But it won't accept my credentials. (I tried typing my pass in the login so it shows and I can verify it's correct) My guess is; this is the default environment that is waiting to recover my system. So clean DiskStation. Any idea what the default login might be? That does not work :( (at least, admin and blank) :: Loading module syno_hddmon ... [FAILED] [ 31.879293] EXT4-fs (md0): barriers disabled [ 31.962650] EXT4-fs (md0): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: ============ Date ============ Wed Aug 21 15:29:22 2019 DiskStation login: rowdy Password: [ 41.547009] EXT4-fs (md0): barriers disabled [ 41.580100] EXT4-fs (md0): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: [ 41.929834] EXT4-fs (md0): barriers disabled [ 41.961033] EXT4-fs (md0): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: Login incorrect DiskStation login: rowdy Password: [ 61.793348] md: md0: resync done. [ 61.797831] md: md0: current auto_remap = 0 [ 61.840119] RAID1 conf printout: [ 61.843481] --- wd:4 rd:12 [ 61.846458] disk 0, wo:0, o:1, dev:sda1 [ 61.850564] disk 1, wo:0, o:1, dev:sdb1 [ 61.854703] disk 2, wo:0, o:1, dev:sdd1 [ 61.858850] disk 3, wo:0, o:1, dev:sdc1 Login incorrect DiskStation login: rowdy Password: process '/sbin/ Wed Aug 21 15:30:26 2019 DiskStation login: rowdy Password: Login incorrect DiskStation login: rowdy Password: Login incorrect DiskStation login: root Password: Login incorrect Wed Aug 21 15:31:07 2019 DiskStation login:
  21. Tiens nous au courant de l'avancer de tes tests.
  22. Ok Danke wird aber leider sowieso nichts da ich keine defekte DS3617xs finde
  23. Eine neue SSD und kaputt - nicht unmöglich, aber unwahrscheinlich. Das würde sich dann auch nicht in den Transferraten niederschlagen. Was noch bleibt: - Switch - Patchkabel - onboard NIC (die Realteks sind nunmal nix für die neueren Loader, insbesondere beim 1.04b)
  24. Die SN nebst MACs stehen immer hinten auf einem Aufkleber. Wenn der ab ist und die Kiste nicht mehr startet, wirds nix. Man sollte auch die Netzwerkkarte auf die passenden MACs flashen.
  25. Hey! Not sure if you will get to see this but I was wondering if you could lend a hand with my build. I have almost the same exact set up as you but I keep making it to the screen that asks you to find it on the network but I never do. I used to have quicknicks 3.0 booter with 6.1 but wanted to try and upgrade after I saw so many success stories with 6.2. lol I can see activity in my nic once the loader finished loading and even see my HDD activity lights, but it never gets an IP address on either nic and Synology assistant never finds it. Current hardware is: -Z68 ASRock extreme 4 - i7 3770 - tg3 Broadcom internal nic. - e1000e PCIe PRO/1000 NIC ( purchased to see if it was any different from the internal nic) - using internal sata headers besides the marvel ones in my motherboard. - using Jun's 1.03b with 4.8 extra.lza Thank you in advance and hope to hear from you!
  26. Alles klar vielen Dank für die Info Weißt du zufällig auch ob man eine SN auslesen kann wenn das Gerät nicht mehr startet?
  27. Du kannst nur eine DS3617xs SN für ein DS3617xs Image nutzen.
  28. Ok, keine Ahnung woran es liegen könnte. kann es auch an der SSD liegen? (Eine neue Crucial BX500 960gb) Werde die Tage mal OMV ausprobieren, will aber eigentlich unbedingt XPEnology nutzen.
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