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  2. If that's the only solution to the known bug then I'll give it a go. I'll report back and close this thread once I've confirmed the fix works
  3. Нашел кабели. Не смог ничего вывести через них Ни на какой стадии. Еще раз аккутарно перепробовал все комбинации 3615 3617 6.2 6.2.3 - все одинаково. Так-же поробовал ставить другие MAC адреса и серийники. Пока безуспешно.
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  5. Yes, I have the same problem, it hangs at the grub bootloader installation, whichever Linux variant I install and I know it's a common issue on Xpenology systems (search the forum). What I do is install the desired Linux OS in VirtualBox on my computer with similar settings, then export it in OVA format, it works good like that even if it's a bit more complicated.
  6. anyone who is able to take snapshot with this install might share some system information. I created 3 xpes now with this settings but none of them let me take snaphots under esx (enterprise version) thanks and thanks for the tutorial
  7. Synology seems to launcha new AMD Ryzen DS:
  8. there is a version with jun's files for 6.2.3 so its possible to have smart and temp with 6.2.3 but risk of data loss the "normal" version contains newly compiled files from 6.2.2. kernel source, no data loss in tests but missing smart/temp, maybe it needs some special synology settings in the kernel config for sas, for 918+ i used the config synology used for its apollolake systems and added the normal sas/scsi and mpt drivers maybe there are some specific syno kernel extension that need to be activated too, that would need a detailed comparison of the apollolake and bromolow kernel config, and thats might be difficult as both are completely different kernels (3.10.105 vs 4.4.59) its native support from synology in the kernel and driver (3617 even uses a newer mpt3sas driver from external source), the scsi/sas support in 918+ is completely added and earlier versions (like 916+) did not came with that from jun if some one backports a recent i915 driver to kernel 3.10.105 you could have intel qsv support in 3615/17 its also possible to compile nvidia drivers for 3615/17 and use synologys NVIDIA Runtime Library package (made for DVA3219) to get transcoding support i could not test in that direction as i only had a newer nvidia card for a short time and all natively working packages need payment to work with transcoding and i'm not shelling out money for anything in will never use (the docker based free trancoding version does not work, needed even more work to get this into docker), even the (external) ffmpeg version as package does not contain nvidia support and i would even have to build that too by myself (still for something i dont need and dont have hardware for - guess what, i gave up on that, to much hassle and work for nothing, there is a thread about this buried deeper in the forum) there might be hope with 7.0, in that dsm version 3617 uses the same kernel as 918+ and that would at least make it possible to have the i915 driver from 918+ in 3617 (i could be compiled and added by extra.lzma)
  9. All went great .. the system is now a lot snappier only problem is noisier fans that will either work at about 225 rpm or 1550 rpm and nothing inbetween .. I'll look for a manual controller
  10. I am install on ds3617xs Nvidia and . But function AI not enabled((
  11. Not sure what to say, every single version of 6.2 up to 6.2.2, dsm has displayed all the info correctly on the hdd's via my lsi 9211. Fully aware your extra was to break that, its just the little things i guess Why is it not an issue on 3615\17? Different kernel? Its too bad a workaround for trans coding on those machines hasn't been figured out. If plex had hw support on 3615, id switch back it.
  12. Читал. Даже по принципу "нужно что-то делать" вытаскивал оттуда zImage и rd и заменял на флешке - безуспешно. Даже пробовал наоборот с флешки на в pat, но такой pat установщик не принял. Насколько я понимаю (судя по лампочкам на компе), система с диска грузится, и интерфейс поднимает, драйвера на мою сетевух в системе есть родные (это на загрузчике не на каждом). Но дальше к сети не подключается. Появилась мысль, что система нашла встроенный WiFi (впаяный, в БИОСе не отключается) или даже блютуз, и пытается на нем основную сеть поднять, а ethernet игнорирует. Хотя чего ему игнорировать, в 3615 ведь много сетевух по умолчанию... Пробовал в grub.cfg добавить еще несколько MAC и менять netif_num. Но ничего нового, загрузчик стартует отлично, система устанавливается, но не загружается... Или загружается но не подключается к сети. Пока ищу пару USB-COM и думаю дальше...
  13. Sent dmesg via a private message. Some details I missed earlier: - for all these testing I have one UV500 attached to mobo, 2 Barracudas attached to the controller (one not initialized in DSM), 2 external HDDs attached to USB3 ports (one with USB2, one with USB3 interface) - loader 1.04b DS918+, DSM 6.2.3-25426 What I tried more: - run Debian 9 live from USB stick - no speed issues - tried 1.03b for DS3617xs, but apparently my NIC is not supported (machine started, just no network connectivity to it), so got back to 1.04b (1.03b actually did something, I needed to "migrate" disks to DS918+ after changing loader back). - tried playing around with BIOS settings (enable/disable legacy boot support and likes) - no change I didn't test network directly, so I think network issues just reflect poor disk performance.
  14. hello! Send please file for ds3616xs
  15. Hi all, - DSM version - DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.04b - DS918+ - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - msi b85I gaming, intel i5-4570t, 8gb ram I am trying to use synology's vmm software to learn and play around with linux. However I am unable to install any linux distro. For example using the 64 bit version of Manjaro-kde, the installation process stops at 90% where the bootloader is meant to install as shown below. Also shown below is where the installation for linu mint hangs I have tried several permutations of the vmm settings. What i have settled on so far is as follow. Note that the outcome doesn't change when I've allocated 2gb or 4gb of ram. Setting the video card to vga worked best in even getting the iso to boot. Below I've alternated between SAT and SCSI and the outcome is the same, the installation hangs. Lastly I've alternated between Legacy and UEFI and no change in the installation outcome. Any advice on what I can do?
  16. Надо подключаться к компорту и смотреть что идет в логе загрузки - 2 компа соединить по Com и через putty подключиться и смотреть У меня были проблемы и с x79 чипсетом и с z87 - в UEFI не появлялся в сети. Но при выборе Legacy загрузки все работает отлично. Еще надо проверить чтобы всякие fastboot были отключены. Скорее всего в UEFI для хренологии не проходит инициализацию сетевые устройства и из за этого не грузиться система.
  17. This is now a bit off topic but when I had my moment with this, I looked in the log afterwards and there were a number of entries along the lines of "xxx has been successfully terminated" as if it wasn't actually a crash but something had sent a signal to terminate the tasks. Also my shares were still up on the network.
  18. please, read the forum! you cannot access directly with root, you must to connect with you admin user and later you should execute something like sudo su -
  19. if you feel uneasy then you try to rename it to "test" i've not seen anything about why this happens, my guess would be that dsm looks for hidden directorys starting with "." and try's to parse files in it (meant to be .syno but ends in wrong directory that should not be there on a original system)
  20. "... not just with 6.2.2/6.2.3 it also happens with jun's original loader 1.04b and dsm 6.2.0 (23824), ...! i was able to reproduce it with my new hardware and jun's original setup, this problem is about to stay with you when using 918+ and lsi sas controller even with 6.2.2 i dont know why its not seen that much in the wild, 918+ is used for two years, i guess most systems are apollolake based and ahci but even if its only 100 people using lsi ... the only argument for 6.2.2 might be that we have the original source and kernel config for this version synology did not release anything from 6.2.3, we got 6.2.3 working because some one found out it was working again with jun's driver so the change in 6.2.2 for pcie power management was changed back to its old state as in pre 6.2.2 and it works, we dont know why they didi it in the 1st place and also don't know in what way they compensated in the drivers or kernel source in 6.2.3 but when it comes to security updates it needs to be 6.2.3, 6.2.2 did not get any update since 6.2.3 was released
  21. Yes. You just delete the directory. You need sudo prior to the command. (Make sure that you don't mistype the command). Nothing magical will happen. Just ls -la again to make sure it has gone. Why the fuss? It's a left over from 5.2 and not needed in 6.1.7. However, if it is there in 6.2.3 it will cause all the services to crash after boot. You then get about 5 seconds after boot to ssh in and delete the directory before ssh itself crashes and locks you out. Been there (only ran ls -l). Done that. Recovered that. Same feeling as you had when you first attempted upgrade and it all went horribly wrong.
  22. hokaido

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Ok, thanks. No Raid here. 3 individual drives. Only for backup
  23. I think I found it ok. Last entry here. So before I delete it ( assume this is the cmd; rm -r /.xpenoboot) What else happens or what else do I need to do after this?
  24. So I got this. Where is the offending folder? How do I delete it? What else happens or what else do I need to do after this?
  25. OK, figured out i need to enable SSH at server, so now i am logged in.
  26. I tried to use puTTY to see if I could delete the folder but got "connection refused". Do I need to use a specific port?
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