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  1. you can start reading here: https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/8057-physical-drive-limits-of-an-emulated-synology-machine/?do=findComment&comment=122819 quicknick's loader might be able to do it, its not that difficult to try that if you already have a hardware with 24+ disks you will only be able to use dsm 6.1 that way
  2. according to the pci.update file in the driver source thats just one of the main id's of i350, there should be sub id's like the one's from above the sub id's might be there because of different phy chips (i guess), the 00a3 sub id not persent in the ootb driver is the only one (important) missing but present in the driver from my extra.lzma, if the card does not work ootb then try the extra.lzma with the newer driver
  3. to be sure you would need to know pci vendor an product id these are supported by the igb.ko driver ( in the last published extra.lzma 17aa 1074 ThinkServer I350-T4 AnyFabric 8086 0001 Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T4 8086 0003 Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T4 8086 00a1 Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T4 8086 00a3 Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T4 8086 5001 Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T4 a more recent 2021 5.5.2 igb driver has one i350-T4 entry more 8086 00aa Ethernet Network Adapter I350-T4 for OCP NIC 3.0 but thats a special version for .op
  4. nimm eine leere hdd und einen neuen usb stick und versuch dich an 6.2.3, hat definitiv mehr sicherheitslücken behoben als eine 6.1.7 u3 immer wenn du etwas zeit hast fährst du 6.1.7 runter, ziehst den usb ab, klemmst die (6.1.7) platten ab und testest 6.2.3 wenn alles geht kannst du den 6.2.3 usb benutzen um deine 6.1.7 installtion auf 6.2.3 zu bringen (getesteten 6.2.3 stick booten, synolohy assistant starten und ein update durchführen lassen) in sachen installtion ist alles fast wie bei 6.1 nimm 3615 oder 3617, loader 1.03b als mbr version des loaders (wegen
  5. usually not in case of storage units, beside psu and cpu you need cooling for hdd's having temp. controlled psu fan and case fan (later one controlled from bios) is preferable over a passive psu the cpu fan might be optional but it does not hurt that much to have a temp. controlled fan with decent (heat pipe?) heat sink and low noise fan (>80mm) (example might be https://noctua.at/en/nh-l9x65/) the case fan should be mounted opposite (to the psu) back end of the housing so you get it venting left an right back and air "in" needs to come from the area where the disks are,
  6. interessant das dies hilft, zu dem kernel parameter findet man als doku "Disable most log messages", hätte ich bei der beschreibung nicht erwartet würde evtl. auch bei anderen außer acer helfen aber ist zum glück kein so häufiges problem und war eher bei sehr alter hardware zu beobachten hatte das mal vor längerem auf einem Core2Duo E6600 system aber testen kann ich das nicht mehr
  7. ich wüßte jetzt kein generellen gründe das es an sich geht kann man hier sehen https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/13862-dsm-617-15284-update-3/ falls du mal die checksumme deines files prüfen willst, das wäre die date die bei mir rumlag und der akruelle download von synology war identisch synology_bromolow_3615xs.pat MD5 Checksum: C99933BDF259DA532BF7C2AF741CF2F1 SHA-1 Checksum: 338332BBEEE33C6A9E07884BDEF2FAA9C20C7F59 SHA-256 Checksum: 6BE34E34949DD52E58D1C1C30F19D693407B1A41BC206D057F1F7D8A7E9136AB SHA-512 Checksum: 91E2D2C61714644EED2DB9223333018586FE
  8. there are xpenology users not having updated for years ... most of the stuff you are worried about should have been answered by yourself before installing xpenology for more then testing "bricking" (its not like that because its still possible to downgrade or do other things) can be prevented by disabling internet access to the ip address of you xpenology box and only installing proven updates manually (or disable access to all domains involved in updating) if security is most important don't use xpenology, you rely on a lot of code from the loader and drivers (or 3rd par
  9. the message is generated because the loader you use is already "upgraded" to 6.2.3 (zImage and rd.gz on 2nd partition - can manually replaced with older files like from the original loader or from inside the *.pat file you want to install - *.pat can be opened like a zip file) 6.2.2 is not recomanded as it has incomaptible drivers to 6.2.0 and 6.2.3, start with a loader based on 6.2.0 in its original state), install 6.2.0 and then update to 6.2.3 by the gui (manually feed the 6.2.3 pat file), might be the safest way hpe microserver usually use older broadcom nic's, that one is alread
  10. depends on your setup or how you want to use it there was and is the option to install 7.0 in dsm's VMM (kvm based) that is running on a xpenology dsm 6.2.3 https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/44390-dsm-70-release-candidate-is-out/?do=findComment&comment=206987 if you insist on esxi or real kvm you need to wait for a new loader that might be seen here https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/44311-dsm-624-7-loader-major-kernel-changes/
  11. 4 cores without HT vs 6 with HT HT will add the eqivalent of ~0.25 cores per real core so its 4 vs ~7-7.5 but the gen10 + is nit that good for transcoding because of the disabled gpu support, even a cheap apollo lake system can handle transcoding with the gpu and intel qsv gen10+ looks nice but it has its weakness (even also iLO is not included)
  12. 918+ has a 2 nic limit that can be tweaked after installing the main problem is that hpe disabled the gpu and any load is going though the cpu, so having two or four cores more will make a huge difference (200-400 MHz more in the upper clock area with just 4 cores will not make much difference, so any 4 core cpu would be a waste of money when it comes to transcoding, E-2278G and E-2278GE would have the same TDP as E-2246G and would still be usable on 3617 as it has a max. of 16 cpu, in this case 8 core + 8 HT)
  13. in dont think so, synology had 7.0 preview/beta for DS3615xs and DS3617xs so people having installed that would not be able to downgrade back to 6.2.4 and should not be able to get 7.0 release? seems unlikely, maybe they will just wait a little longer for some units to release 7.0 [a litltle search on the internet and a few minutes later] "... DSM 7.0 final release for FS, SA, XS/XS+ and DVA series models is currently under development and will be available in Q4 (October – November – December) of 2021. ..." so there is no cpu problem as they will
  14. just in case you wonder why no one answers, what you are doing here is called thread hijacking and you are stuffing any random/unrelated problem you have too
  15. ahh right its possible to have more then one initiator in sas, so it would be possible to connect more then one server to the enclosure (and if the enclosure is split into 15 drive rows with separate sas connection each its even easier)