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  1. geht, habe selbst eine karte mit bcm57840 in meinem system der treiber (bnx2x.ko) ist aber nicht bei default set dabei, da braucht die eine erweiterte extra.lzma außerdem deran denken das 918+ auf 2 nic's beschränkt ist, man muss de synoinfo.conf anpassen um mehr zu nutzen "... !!! still network limit in 1.04b loader for 918+ !!! atm 918+ has a limit of 2 nic's (as the original hardware) If there are more than 2 nic's present and you can't find your system in network then you will have to try after boot witch nic is "active" (not necessarily the onboard) or re
  2. i'm not aware of a general problem with the ahci kernel driver (3.10.105 and 4.4.59), more likely something is wrong with your hardware i'd suggest checking the ram with a live linux and memtest (usually a boot option) you can search the forum for anything special about the chipset
  3. ja, hängt ein wenig von den karten ab, bei 1G fast alles, 10G recht viel, 2.5G intel geht garnicht und 2.5G realtek bei machen nur mit neuem treiber (den es nicht für 3615/17 gibt) sicherer du schreibst mal was für ein nic du planst bei DSM HA solltest du mal im forum suchen, da gab es zumindest leute mit problemen, ob das grundlegend ohne eine gültige SN läuft weiß ich nicht wenn du HA nachen willst dan würde ich eher 3617 empfehlen, keine ahnung ob das mit 918+ überhaupt geht nein, wenn die keinen lsi sas controller benutzt bist du nicht betroffen, so wie du das
  4. https://xpenology.com/forum/forum/91-additional-compiled-modules/ (loader 1.02b dsm 6.1 with that extra's version number)
  5. as its hard to see what hardware was used its easier that way then just trying in general the 1.03b loader needs legacy bios or csm mode if its a uefi bios i case of uncertainty's try loader 1.02b (dsm 6.1) that one work legacy and uefi and if that checks out with drivers you can use the gained knowledge how to set up the laoder to try 1.03b again and rule out other problems with preparing the loader or drivers
  6. what controller? the normal onboard sata can't be a problem, if its a lsi sas then 918+ can have issues when disk hibernation is active imho 3617 is a better choice as it has some newer drivers then 3615 and supports more cpu cores, just a better 3615 2-3 years ago there might have been some packages that where available for 3615 bot not showed for 3617, that should not be much of a thing now and if you have the spk file at hand you can change the INFO file make it work i'd say make sure the hardware is working by using 3615 or 3617, if you don't need hardware transc
  7. virtio_input is not used by synologys virtual dsm and i've not stumbled upon it yet (i never used kvm) integration virtio into the loader is on my list, i added virtio_input beside this i even don't know what the 9p modules are good for but i guess its enough to find out in what succession they are needed to load to make a test version afair there was some information missing for modprobe to work but maybe i'm wrong at all or that changed in the last 2 years i guess you wanted to mount the usb or the *.img file in windows to access the extra.lzma
  8. the new realtek drivers did not compile aginst old kernel 3.10.105 of 3615/17 the only new i could make would be for 918+ that would be the high end 10th gen, tested only once unsuccessful would you be willing to test a new patched driver to see if we can get the /dev/dri working (loader 1.04b 918+?) yours is 0x9BC5, UHD Graphics (Comet Lake 3x8 GT2) we only used one device for patching 0x3E92, UHD Graphics 630 (Coffeelake 3x8 GT2) we could try different one's as base that are present in the driver like 0x3EA5, HD Graphics (Coffeelake 3x8
  9. that say's ivy bridge and that would be one below 4th gen haswell (4th gen min. for 918+) https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/65735/intel-xeon-processor-e3-1220l-v2-3m-cache-2-30-ghz.html
  10. hatte er schon davon habe ich auch zwei und die laufen ohne probleme (weshalb ich da auf das board/netzteil schiele wenn schon der 2. versagt - neben anderen)
  11. i guess THATS the problem - 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 are incompatible to the drivers on the loader (6.2.0) the change was reverted in 6.2.3 use 6.2.(0) or 6.2.3 to install with the loaders default extra/extra2 (additional drivers are in these files)
  12. bei "Marvell 88SE9215+JMicron JMB5xx" ist jedem gleich klar auf was das hindeutet mit "PCE8SAT-M01" findet man auch sachen die genauer sind https://mattgadient.com/8-port-sata-on-a-pcie-1x-lane-looking-at-the-pce8sat-m01-expansion-card/ JMB575 https://www.jmicron.com/products/list/16 1 zu 5 Port multiplexer, mach aus einem der ports des marvell 5, also 3 + 5 = 8 für dsm ist das nur eine 4port karte (wenn du von den 5 multiplex ports den ersten rausfindest (einfach probieren) sieht ok aus, bei jmb585 ist es eindeutig, das ist eine chip pcie-&g
  13. and you need to reboot with that enabled to see the non uefi (legacy) usb boot device if csm is active and you choosed the uefi usb boot device then the csm will have no effect i think thats not important in our case