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  1. !!!all sata_* and pata_* drivers are still not working because of the kernel source changes Synology did (same as in kernel 3.10.102 used and modded by Synology), as long as no one writes a patch for this I can use to fix this, it will stay this way !!! storage device list ... Silicon Image [pata_sil680: CMD/Silicon Image SiI680 PCI PATA controller] -> does not load: Unknown symbol syno_libata_index_get (err 0) [sata_sil:SiI311x, SiI3512 / SB300, SB300C, SB4x0] -> does not load: Unknown symbol syno_libata_index_get (err 0) ... so no way with 6.1 or 6.2 i'd suggest to get a ahci compatible controller instead Marvell 88SE9215 bases are used often and are not expansive important is to buy nothing with port multiplier, thats not working in xpenology there are also two "real" 8 port ahci controllers i know about both use a 4x pcie card with a pcie bridge to host 2x4port (88SE9215) or 4x2port ahci chips (i wrote in a thread about it lately, should be found using the search) https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/9508-driver-extension-jun-102bdsm61x-for-3615xs-3617xs-916/
  2. IG-88

    N54L NIC Mac Adress

    ein linux von usb booten? (live linux oder ein recovery linux) ansonsten schreiben manche treiber auch die echte mac ins log wenn sie geladen werden schau mal mit dmesg nach
  3. one of the differences when using the 6.2.2 is that in the current state of the loader the tg3 driver will not be loaded after the update i already have a new extra.lzma for 3615 that contains drivers working with 6.2.2, its not much tested yet and will need a 1.03b loader that was renewed/overwriten with the 6.2.2 kernel next weekend i plan to document the steps needed to get a working loader to use the new extra.lzma (like when doing a new install) and also want to test and document how to deal with already installed systems so maybe when using a driver you system will be back to normal (i assume it was working with 6.2.(0))
  4. i could not test this driver but there themes something odd/wrong in some drivers in the 1st test version for 918+ (the words experimental and test where chosen for a reason) in the meantime I've finished the extra.lzma for the 3615 image and had no such odd problems, the mptsas (for 1068E) in that comes from the kernel and as the mpt2sas from kernel did work i'd expect the mptsas to work too i have not made it available yet as it needs a 1.03b loader that on top has the new kernel from 6.2.2 on it (jun's version come with 6.2.0 kernel and dsm installs a newer on usb when you update to 6.2.2), synology kept the kernel version but changed kernel settings in a way that drivers from 6.2.0 and 6.2.2 are not compatible i will look the next days if i can find out why some 918+ drivers i compiled have problems and crash (the log does not help me, can't debug) so you will need to stay on 6.1.x or 6.2.0 when using 918+ or if you don't need transcoding you can try 3615 with the new extra.lzma (i think i will make the 3615 extra.lzma available even if people need to do extra steps for a 1.03b with new kernel (witch needs to be tested and for various reasons i don't want to publish a complete loader)
  5. linux can also be used, as long as it can mount the partiton
  6. it mentioned in the install tutorial juns loder (img) has 3 partitions, 1st has the grub.cfg you need to edit for vid/pid of your usb device 2nd contains the extra.lzma, also the 2nd partition can be accessed by windows, so its using osfmount like with the 1st or replacing the extra.lzma later by just connecting it to a windows computer, kind special about the 1.04b 918+ is that it has two extra.lzma's, you need to replace both
  7. IG-88

    Fragen eines Anfängers

    wie man shr aktiviert steht in der faq https://xpenology.com/forum/forum/83-faq-start-here/ ja im wesentlichen bis zu 8 cpu cores ist bei der hardware egal, für die 3615 gabs mal mehr plugins (3rd party) aber ob ds mittlerweile noch eine rolle spielt bezweifle ich mal
  8. strange, if it comes up in network even once then its not the nic - or i did something wrong with the two extra.lzma's (you did use both?) both extra and extra2 (should) contain the same drivers so there should be no differences between "first" boot and boot with installed dsm can you use a serial (null modem) cable to see whats on the console cant be the network driver your integrated Intel i217LM uses the e1000e driver and i had a card using this driver in my test system and the driver is the latest 3.6.0
  9. if you google for "quicknick loader 3.0" you get results like this https://xpenology.club/download/xpenology_dsm_6-1-x-quicknick-3-0-zip-2/ and you can still download it, so if want to take a look ...
  10. good, install 6.2.2 again over
  11. if its not found in network (and the cpu is at least 4th gen intel) then its most likely a "to new" nic beside trying a older intel nic or a realtek 8168/8111 based nic you can also try my new extra.lzma, it contains the latest e1000e driver witch should support you newer onboard intel nic (i will have a better version in a view days but if you try with a empty disk and a separate usb drive there should be no issues with your current installation)
  12. windows10 (later version) can only access the 2nd partition but thats the one with the extra.lzma so you can replace it afterward the process is also in the 5.x-6.1 install tutorial here but uses osfmount (as for edition the grub.cfg on the 1st partition) so you can use the one you have but beware, the install process of 6.2.2 also installs the new 6..2.2 kernel on the usb, so afterward you can only reinstall 6.2.2 with it
  13. https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-G41MT-S2PT-rev-10/sp#sp North Bridge: Intel® G41 Express Chipset South Bridge: Intel® ICH7 Realtek RTL8111E https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/G41M-GS3/ Northbridge: Intel® G41 Southbridge: Intel® ICH7 Realtek RTL8111DL also beide weitgehend identisch AHCI? https://ata.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/SATA_hardware_features https://ata.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Hardware,_driver_status#AHCI_.28newer_Intel_ICH.2C_ULi.2C_others.29 -> AHCI ok, wenn man im bios auf "Intel ICH IDE mode" stellt braucht man aber den "ata_piix" treiber im Handbuch vom Asrock gibts in der BIOS Beschreibung was passendes, 3.4.4 Storage Configuration ATA/IDE Configuration Please select [Compatible] when you install legacy OS (Windows ® NT). If native OS (Windows ® 7 / Vista TM / XP) is installed, please select [Enhanced]. When [Compatible] is selected Combined Option It allows you to select between [SATA 1, SATA 2, SATA 3, SATA 4], [SATA 1, SATA 3, IDE 1], [IDE 1, SATA 2, SATA 4] and [PATA Only]. If it is set to [SATA 1, SATA 3, IDE 1], then SATAII_2, SATAII_4 will not work. Likewise, if it is set to [IDE 1, SATA 2, SATA 4], then SATAII_1, SATAII_3 will not work. If you select [PATA Only], then all SATAII will not work, only IDE will work. wenn man Enhanced auswählt sollte das imho in AHCI enden also nimm lieber das asrock würde ich sagen
  14. you can try a fresh install 6.2.2 with my new extra.lzma (i will have the next version in a few days, that one had some "shortcuts" i'll avoid on the next one and that will not be called test version if it goes as planed) https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/21663-driver-extension-jun-103b104b-for-dsm622-for-3615xs-3617xs-918/