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  1. if you want to improve that patching you could check the driver source and check what gpu's are handled the same, that way you could patch more entry's and having just one or two patched drivers afair synology did not have the i915 driver in the normal 6.2.3 kernel source for 918+ but offers kernel source for dsm 6.2 24922 gemini lake, in there is synologys driver from end 2017 that was also used in 6.2.3 918+ and its still the same i915 driver in 7.0 918+ (you can search the i915.ko for "2017" and you will find the date code for the driver (20171222) https://sour
  2. we use UHD610 and UHD630 GPU, yours cpu seems to be having UHD620 for more precise info https://pci-ids.ucw.cz/read/PC/8086 3e92 CometLake-S GT2 [UHD Graphics 630] 3e93 CoffeeLake-S GT1 [UHD Graphics 610] yours is 9b41 CometLake-U GT2 [UHD Graphics] so we loog for a similar typ in the 3eXX area that is UHD820 GT2 the entry in the list that comes close (and is supported in the driver - we see that entry in the table we are patching in the binary driver) 3ea0 WhiskeyLake-U GT2 [UHD Graphics 620] d2724 h - A0 3E changed to 41 9B i patched o
  3. good that someone did it at last, might be useful to some if they look for a alternative to 918+ and intel qsv maybe write some small post in https://xpenology.com/forum/forum/91-additional-compiled-modules/ or https://xpenology.com/forum/forum/36-tutorials-and-guides/ it should be placed more prominent, especially the docker support might be a big thing, i guess there are some docker images supporting it like jellyfin (free) or plex (not free with transcoding support) btw, are we allowed to redistribute your files if they go offline and you are not around
  4. try with two vm's own nic's first before using the pass through nic also add 2nd nic with its mac into grub.cfg and check /var/log/messages if the nic's are found as eth0 and eth1
  5. drivers can be build as needed, the hard limit is the cpu cores the 3622xs still comes with a 6 year old 6 core cpu, its a broadwellnk unit (nk presumably stands für new kernel and was/is a branch for 4.4.x kernel) if anything then "hacking" into a new unit would be something with more cpu resources and maybe nvidia cuda buildin support and nvme support
  6. i documented thesteps here, for just adding a file and repacking you will not need chroot, just any (live-) linux will do that https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/7187-how-to-build-and-inject-missing-drivers-in-jun-loader-102a/
  7. there would be more the one way to solve this you could use the original and extract the rtl8125 driver from the new extra.lzma, copy it to your system, the load is manually with insmod to see if its working (there might be newer versions of that hardware not working with the driver), if that does it the you copy the *.ko file to /usr/lib/modules/update/ and add the name of the kernel module file to the /etc/rc.modules (you will see how its done when you look at the file, there are other kernel modules like vmxnet3 that are loaded there)
  8. habe ich noch nie gehört im handbuch habe ich auf sowas absonderliches auch nichts gefunden check mal diese einstellung wenn du mit csm aktiv gebootet hast IGPU Multi-Monitor Select disable to disable the integrated graphics when an external graphics card is installed. Select enable to keep the integrated graphics enabled at all times. außrdem kannst du noch mit den "option rom" einstellungen rumspielen (abschalten(einschalten)
  9. i'd suggest to throw it away, might be a faulty one or e specific problem with the board, in theory it should work (as its ahci) but it the bios or build quality is a issue you can't do much (maybe try some bios settings that are pcie or controller related) i use 88se92xx (and jmb585/582) in my systems and had 88se92xx cards in many boards and not seen a problem like that, try a cheap 9215 (pcie 1x) or a asm chip based pcie 1x card (asm is not that praised but i had one of these on a board for years and it never did anything wrong) (ASM1061 or the newer ASM1064 comes to mind as a
  10. dürften eigentlich noch die meisten boards dieser generation habe, im zweifelsfall ziehst du das pdf des handbuch's zu rate wenn du beispiele suchst dann blätter aml ein wenig hier https://xpenology.com/forum/forum/78-dsm-updates-reporting/ innerhalb von 20 sekunden gefunden https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/37652-dsm-623-25426-update-3/?do=findComment&comment=181518 (in der fußnote als 2nd system, 10400 mit 3617) ansonsten hängt es eher davon ab was du planst, muss es klein sein? dann gibts problemem mit slots und erweiterbarkeit
  11. just a reminder we are in the section "Developer Discussion Room" - any further questions? about >80% of the posts are offtopic and i'm not counting myself as "developer" because i'm not committing any code to the git in question so ....
  12. depends on esxi version https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2058287 with esxi 6.5 and above should be not problem (when not having any limiting factors like vmfs3 volume in storage and updating the host without reformatting the storage) that depends on the person, if you barely can handle linux and you are not familiar with using hypervisors i guess its not i dont think any recent version of a hypervisor will have problems with 4TB (even in a single disk), maybe you dont have enough storage for backup/offload the 4TB? lots of system at least have a o
  13. best option to see whats going on after the initial boot message is still the serial console, easy with esxi but when using baremetal it depends on the systems having a com port or using the right pcie card with a com port (CH382L working with 918+) https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/36505-serial-port-com1-stages-of-operation/?do=findComment&comment=177569
  14. when writing to the nas the ram will be used for caching so 1GB will fir into cache and deliver a higher write rate, you should see the dip when writing bigger files that exeed the ram of the nas, win10 hast a nice graphical view when extending the view so often you can see that if you know your hardware an look for it separate disk and network performance and keep in mind that even when using a ssd/nvme cache its no good when reading from nas as in a one user environment your read (ssd) cache will not contain the data in question and need to be read from disk and with just raid1 of two d
  15. darauf würde ich nicht zählen, der sichere weg ist ein anderes netzteil alternativ kann man auch einen anderen lüfter verwenden aber da man nicht weiß ob der auch die vorgesehene luftmenege schaufelt ist da auch eine gewisse unsicherheit ich habe bei meinem system auch ein wenig am gräuschpegel gearbeitet es gibt komplett passive netzteile aber die kann/will man eigentlich nicht denn für die disks und cpu braucht man meist einen aktiven luftstrom sollte dis disks dauerhalft mit >50°C laufen ist das nicht so gut (ssd's mögen das eher aber wer hat schon xxTB als SSD