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  1. i guess if you want it permanent you will have to do the chage in /etc.defaults/sysconfig/network-scripts
  2. if you want to know if a device (hardare is present) you can use sudo lspci -v it will list all devices and will show the driver that is used, that way you can see if there is a hardware/driver problem (device present not present, driver or not) or that there is a config problem with the network the network config will is stored in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts in files like this: ifcfg-eth0 and its default content would look like this DEVICE=eth0 BOOTPROTO=dhcp ONBOOT=yes i guess it might take to long when you have to ask every step (no linux experience) it will be faster to get rid of the old installation and start a new one (as the problem occurred with bonding and deleting bonding i'd expect it to be a configuration problem) depending if there are any data on your disk you can choose to delete everything on the 2 disks you used or if there is already a data raid configured and you want to keep it you can use svv3000's suggestion with a 3rd disk
  3. it documented that it does not work for 6.1 i think 6.0 does work so if you really have to, you can use dsm 6.0 (or omv) ... […] Either confirmed by users that it is not working OR not supported for DSM 6.1 (kernel 3.10.102) OR does not load at all. Driver was compiled/tested but removed - if someone finds a way to get it working in some way, tell us here and it will be added TORAGE DRIVERS LIST ... HP [hpsa: Smart Array P212 P410 P410i P411 P812 P712m P711m ; (Gen6/7 Controllers) Smart Array P222 P420 P420i P421 P822 P220i P721 ; (Gen8 Controllers) Smart Array P430 P430i P431 P830 P830i P831 P731m P230i P530 P531 ; (Gen8.5 Controllers) Smart Array P440 P441 P840 P440ar P244br H240 H241 H240ar H244br ; (Gen9 Controllers) HP StorageWorks 1210m P1224 P1228 P1228m P1224e P1228e P1228em [cciss: old Smart Array driver up to P420, Gen7]
  4. the ko file you attached seems to be for ubuntu, as already said it has to be compiled with the source of the system in use (dsm 6.1.x source from synology under gpl), supermicro or better marvel provided a driver but that was 2014, looks like any further development was put into the kernel driver as marvell does not support linux (driver /source), the kernel used in dsm 6.1 is from 2016 i might compile the driver (if it does compile) and build you a test version but as there are people using mvsas with 94xx and have no problems your problem seems to be special and might be related to controller bios (updated?) or systemboard/bios - so this special mv94xx driver will never make it to the normal extra.lzma i'd suggest trying a newer kernel like installing a recent freenas or open media vault and try it the controller works reliable there if so it might be a problem solved in later kernel version, not so likely that it that a backport patch is possible but cant be ruled out and if dsm 6.2 (newer kernel) comes out and gets usable for xpenology ...
  5. Dell Perc H310

    according to this https://tylermade.net/2017/06/27/how-to-crossflash-perc-h310-to-it-mode-lsi-9211-8i-firmware-hba-for-freenas-unraid/ it will be lsi 9211 hardware and thats sas2008 (chip an card) so the driver will be mpt2sas.ko and that is supported by jun's loader without any additionl driver
  6. for what reason, the marvel 88SE94XX is already supported by mvsas.ko where does the driver come from? its not like with windows drivers, for linux depend on the kernel version so usualy they have to be specifically compiled if you just want to test it you can copy the driver to your system and load it with insmod (if another driver is already loaded like mvsas.ko you can unload it with rmmod before loading the other driver if you want to build your own special extra.lzma you can use my howto below the part you need is just the "injection", that can be done on any linux as long as the packackes for compressing and uncompressing are installed you unpack the extra.lzma copy your driver into the extracted structure, modify the file that contains the names of the drivers to be loaded and repack it
  7. the short way is to delete the old installtion (remove all parttions from disks) and start from scratch, can be done by booting a live/rescue linux the other way would be to check the logs and edit config files in the linux (dsm) system first step would be to use ssh and putty, login as admin and see waht "sudo ifconfig" tells you about the network interfaces in the end its a debian linux with some extensions to get a nice and easy gui so you can learn (google) how to manually configure network in debian and fix it yourself (and learn something on the way)
  8. Disk expansion faillure + config files not written

    if you want to use the rocketraid 640L you can flash a non raid bios to it http://www.highpoint-tech.com/USA_new/series_rr600-download.htm ans as there is source availible it might be possible to build a driver and use it with dsm, that way the controller might work after all
  9. I think the Install did not go right.

    the dsm pat file can also be loaded from the internet in the process of installing if the installation is done you can open the webinterface of dsm with http://<ipadress>:5000 imho it's easier to use the assistent programm, it finds the booted up or runing system and shows the status
  10. it is there, can get a little confusing with "/" as separator for main type (i218 and 219) and sub type v and lm "e1000e: Intel PCIe PRO/1000 82563/82566/82567/82571/82572/82573/82574/82577/82578/82583/Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter/PRO/1000 PT/PF/I217-LM/V/I218-V/LM/I219 LM/V" so try it i'm pretty confident it will work
  11. woud'nt you just use the virtual dsm to run dsm in vmm`? https://usdl.synology.com/download/DSM/release/6.1.4/15217/DSM_VirtualDSM_15217.pat
  12. only if you test the driver and give me feedback (/var/log/dmesg) , if you are willing to test i will make a test version and send you the link for the extra.lzma with the driver
  13. no and thats one of the reasons i don't want to include wifi drivers in the extra.lzma, it seemed more then just load the driver like a normal nic or storage driver imho a extra howto with a extra driver package and a description how to make it work with all needed mod's would be the way to go but i doubt there will be that much need for this that someone will put that much time into this matter, its much easier to use a stick alredy supported or just use a router/ap (with a good antenna) for wifi
  14. you shoud try carefull if this works reliable, the mvsas driver seems to be used but thats for marvell chips, maybe there ist a marvell chip under the hood? edit: according to https://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/SCSI_MVSAS.html some of this rocket raid controllers use the same chip from marvell so i added HighPoint RocketRAID 2710/2720/2721/2722/2740/2744/2760 to the mvsas section under storage drivers thanks for reporting back
  15. try a lspci -k | grep 'Kernel driver' to see what drivers are used, maybe in non raid mode the ahci driver does the job?