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  1. ed_co

    8th gen i5 + Asrock H370M-ITX/ac works w/ DSM

    The difference, is that the 918+ CPU, is the first CPU in synology NAS that incorporate special support for hardware decoding in 4K, while the others doesn't. By the way, does it work both network connectors of your motherboard?
  2. ed_co

    8th gen i5 + Asrock H370M-ITX/ac works w/ DSM

    Hey Joe, Why not to use the 918+ version in order to get the hardware transconding with the 1.04b loader? The problem with 3617xs is not having that... Cheers
  3. ed_co

    Links to Loaders

    Are you planning to update with the 1.04b links? Cheers!
  4. @alirz1But, did you use any extra.lzma?? Or any special configuration in the conf file?? And one more question, have you tried 1.04b loader??
  5. @IG-88Any chance of doing for 6.2 and e1000e?? Cheers!!
  6. @alirz1OK, whatever you use. Can you explain how you make both nics work, please??? Step by step.
  7. ed_co

    Hardware für DS918+ und andere Fragen

    The wifi adapter in the motherboard is not mini pci-e, but vertical m.2 (e key), so the previous adapter, was the wrong adapter, with this one will work perfectly fine: https://es.aliexpress.com/store/product/M-2-NGFF-Key-A-E-A-E-to-Mini-PCI-E-Adapter-FPC-Cable-WiFi/4417068_32946029345.html And yes, as I said, don't worry about speed, these are 4 full speed SATA III ports.
  8. ed_co

    Hardware für DS918+ und andere Fragen

    It is the same speed...
  9. Loader version and type (918+): 1.04b DS918+ DSM version in use (including critical update): DSM 6.2.1-23824 Using custom modules/ramdisk? None Hardware details: Motherboard: Asrock H370M-ITX/ac, i3-8400 2nd NIC doesn't work... (pity, almost perfect)
  10. And how you made it work? I use macOS regularly, but I tried on Windows with bootcamp, but OSFMount doens't work correctly , at least with 1.04b because: 1) Trying to add extra.lzma -it says not enough space in the partition... 2) grub.cfg can be replaced but then it doesn't save the changes (even don't I uncheked read only). Just could made it work mounting from macos, easy for the efi partition where the grub.cfg is located (Following the polanksiman guide) , but causing problems in the OS to mount the second partition of the extra.lzma is located, as it doesn't look that it mounts, but when you unmount the efi one, it looks like instead the second partitions is mounted in the same location... it is really a MESS (need help on all that process, to be able to do it painless). So in brief, I couldn't to make it work the second ethernet in my board H370M-ITX/ac (same as yours). By the way, have you tried the new 6.2 loader 1.04b? (it worked and I could install DSM 6.2.1 with NO PROBLEMS even without configuring anything, vid, pid, serial, mac...). It seems to have full hardware video acceleration for 8th generation... the only problem seems to be the second ethernet doesn't work... it "looks" perfect for the rest...
  11. @Polanskiman Thanks for the amazing tutorial!! Just one thing, for macOS, you didn't say how to mount the partition to change the extra.lzma, just to change the grub.cfg. Could you please provide the info? Thank you very much!!
  12. @Polanskiman, really nice tutorial for macOS, thanks!! Just a question, how can I mount the 30Mb partition in order to change the extra.lzma for a new one?? This is not explained in macOS... Thanks!!
  13. ed_co

    Hardware für DS918+ und andere Fragen

    Excuse me the interference and if I talk in english (which is not even my mother tongue, sorry again). Just to let you know. You can use the mini pci-e port (removing the wifi card) to put another extra 4 ports (apart from the six that have the motherboard) with a xpenology compatible card like this: https://www.ebay.de/itm/IOCrest-4-Port-SATA-III-Mini-PCI-e-Controller-Card/362446320526?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 and using a extender if you want like this (because of the location of the wireless card in this particular board) : https://www.ebay.de/itm/Mini-PCI-E-to-Mini-PCI-E-Extender-Cord-Wireless-Network-Card-Extension-Cable-F7/223031480332 This card is used in the following xpenology configuration: https://de.pcpartpicker.com/b/MfkdnQ So, now having 10 sata ports, you don't have to sacrifice the 10gb NIC (no need another slot, you have already 2 removing the onboard wifi, which is useless). And you are right, the motherboard is awesome and future proof (as per today -not talking about older motherboards- is the best mini-itx motherboard out there of the current generation if you don't want to overclock, with amazing price/quality balance, as I compared all of them in the market -asrock, asus, gigabyte, msi- before buying it). I am also in the process of doing my own xpenology based this board (I have it but didn't start with it, just waiting for the next 6.2 final loader and drivers). I hope I could helped you in any way. Greetings, E. P.S.: By the way IG-88, you are doing an amazing job, thanks!
  14. ed_co

    Hardware Acceleration cpu

    The question is, it can be done independently of synology releases or do we have to wait them to support it, and then make a loader capable of it? P.S.: by the way, do you have any information about release date or something?
  15. ed_co

    Hardware Acceleration cpu

    And will it be possible to do it? I thought coffee lake was pretty much the same as kaby lake... has the same graphics card...