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  1. Looks very nice. When are you putting this project in the loader section? It looks like the first page is not edited since a long time. If there are new changes/features/updates/faqs/links to builds, should be great to have it edited in the first page (like version history/time-lined...). Is very hard to follow through that huge unorganized thread right now. Just my opinion. Such a great job! Thanks
  2. DMS 7.0 final is out. I am able to update mine through the updates in the DSM Control Panel. Obviously not having a loader that works, I will not do it.
  3. Was anyone even able to contact or have any contact with Jun at all? He is not replying since 2018... And last connection on March. Hopefully I am wrong, but it doesn't look good.
  4. Sure, 100% agree about fancy features. But IMHO, I don't think make a dark theme, just creates any kind of problem... It should be as complicated as create a css for them as at the end of the day is just a web. I think I am not talking about any fancy feature, which is included even in the new BIOS (EFI) today... I mean, is pretty basic stuff.
  5. I know, I am talking about, what I was expecting on DSM 7.0 natively
  6. I was expecting this: https://mariushosting.com/synology-dsm-dark-mode/ Which by the way, I could kill for a dark theme for this forum . In the night it just kill my eyes...
  7. So you were able to get installed with the current loaders? I have seen is virtual machined... Is still not fully dark themed? I thought it was... light themes just hurt my eyes, LOL
  8. Hello I am not sure if I am able to put this here. Feel free to move/delete it if so. I had found in reddit a pastebin with the source of DSM 7.0 alpha (or beta). https://pastebin.com/grhU8ShD I think that having access to it in the community is beneficial. Thanks, E.
  9. I know. I just couldn't find the process (with ps). Don't know why... And maybe as it was done with the schedule, someone could know a way to stop it in the UI/manager in DSM, as is in the boot up event.
  10. Does it work in any xpenology or is locked to their hardware? Thanks for the info
  11. I wouldn't mind to pay for it either, the proposed solution here, doesn't work well. Did someone circumvent the problem? I repeat that I don't mind to pay the 4 dollars.
  12. Could you please be more precise. Can you let us know your thoughts in detail? I will like to take advantage of the script, but at the same time I want my computer snappy. And I notice a little slow lately. Thanks By the way, I use the scaler with the following command line in the task scheduler (at boot-up event): lowload=025 midload=065 /volume1/Filer/Configuration\ DSM/cpu\ frequency\ scaling/scaler.sh & How can I change the values and update the running task with the new values safely. I guess if I change the values and save it, it will not change the current process
  13. Yep, I think that no hardware transcoding is a no go... Even though thank you very much for all the valuable explanations as I think I have now a better understanding of it. Xpenology is great, I am using it for more than a year now, and being a previous original synology owner (DS1512+), I think that xpenology totally worth it as it is completely stable and works amazingly well being MUCH more powerful than the original machines and a fraction of the cost and totally functional. What you said about compiling a new kernel should be great!! Is it that hard to do it? Did someone a
  14. Gotcha. Just one question. Let's say that I have configured my NAS with my 5x8Tb HDs with the DS918+ (not knowing that limitation). How can I use now the DS3617xs without starting from scratch... as I don't think if a change my USB boot from 1.04b to 1.03b will do the magic... right?
  15. I know that was purely aesthetic and not enabling anything, but as I suspected, there is really a limitation of the hardware itself. Thanks for the details, didn't know about them. Is there any way to break the limitation to get the full use of the cores here? The improvement for some people could be huge...