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  1. No, the issue does occur if you have the app package installed that allows you to manage your ESXi server using http/https. This is standard with ESXi 7.0 but was optional in earlier versions. So it is very unlikely that you do NOT have it installed. But if you didn't install it and were in fact using vCenter, the problem might not be manifested.
  2. The tools I'm speaking of refer to the web services add-on for VMware in lieu of vCenter -- not the VMware tools you install on a client in order to communicate OS-based VM status back to VMware. That toolset apparently writes to its install location on a regular basis, which in 7.0U2 is the boot media unless changed.
  3. DSM is archived on website. Maybe you know this already. Is there a reason you want 25423 and not the latest supported 6.2.3-25426?
  4. NVMe is not supported on DS3617xs or DS3615xs, only DS918+ with a patch. With DSM platforms there are functionality tradeoffs. You must choose:
  5. The latest supportable version with Jun's loader is 6.2.3-25426. The version you are trying to use is quite old.
  6. PCI id for this card is 1d6a:d107 This is an Aquantia card and is supported by native/Jun drivers on DS3615xs and DS3617xs. This driver is NOT in DS918+ unless you were able to add it via extra.lzma
  7. nVidia drivers are not included in any currently supported platforms. However, I believe there has been some progress to compile nVidia support and added it to DS918+. You'll have to search for that in the forums. Once it is working (nVidia device appears as /dev/dri) then it should be trivial to set up a Docker mining app.
  8. Based on this you would need to install DS3615xs or DS3617xs with loader 1.03b if you want the latest functioning version 6.2.3. Note you must download the exact 6.2.3-25426 version as the latest 6.2.4 and 7.0.1 builds do not work with the released loader. It's not difficult to install if you follow the FAQ and tutorials closely. But it can be a bit finicky as it is, at its core, a hack of a purpose-built software/hardware system.
  9. Just deleting the partition structures on the disks is adequate. No need for a full format.
  10. Moving shared folders from the control panel is a write operation. So that cannot be done on a read-only filesystem. btrfs attempts to fix itself in real-time. If it cannot due to corruption, it will mount read-only or fail to mount at all without external input. There is a filesystem check tool but it really isn't intended to return a filesystem to service if it has suffered unfixable corruption. The correct course of action is to COPY the files from the read-only filesystem, which you are supposedly doing. If Synology's implementation of docker is install
  11. You can convert a Basic Storage Pool to a RAID1 at any time by adding an appropriate disk. Understand the difference between the Storage Pool (where the array redundancy is) and the Volume (the filesystem, which has some corruption which is resulting in a read-only state). You are proposing to sacrifice your healthy array redundancy and create another Storage Pool and Volume. This will work logically, but this may be an inappropriate risk depending upon the value of the data and whether you have another copy somewhere else. As always, redundancy in the RAID array is n
  12. While e1000e does work (and was required with 6.2.2 when PCIe devices were borked by Synology) it is limited to 1Gbps. With 6.2.3 and VMXNET3, you can take advantage of >1Gbps adapter throughput.
  13. Xeon or Ryzen but on AMD it is supported by only a few motherboards. Personally I went the Xeon/SuperMicro route.
  14. Please note this: But if you were going to do it (for testing purposes of course), you would need to get ahold of a genuine failed DS3615xs, DS3617xs or DS918+ (depending on which platform you wanted to use) and copy the MAC and serial from that physical box.
  15. Using Jun's loaders and DSM 6.2.3: You can search through the extra.lzma thread to see if any additional drivers have been compiled for your NIC: And you can review whether folks have used the NIC before here: