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  1. When you try it, we will know... The spreadsheet doesn't tell you whether particular hardware will work. For example, we have had some difficulties with booting network drivers in loaders after 1.02. So even if the NIC is supported (meaning, there is a driver installed that is compatible with the card), there have been kernel panics and other failures. I have not seen evidence of similarly supported (driver installed in image) disk drivers with problems, but there are no guarantees unless someone else has proven it out with the hardware you are considering. I will say that some implementations of embedded third-party controllers behave differently than the native PCI cards which can cause problems. The spreadsheet shows exactly which device drivers exist and the PCI device ID's supported by those specific drivers... nothing more or less. If I were in your shoes, I would be very certain that the PCI device ID of the LSI controller embedded on the SuperMicro board is represented in the image you want to use.
  2. Actually it's Intel that says the processor only supports 8GB but it actually works fine up to 32GB.
  3. That board is having problems with 6.2.2 and we haven't figured out why yet. It works with 6.2.1 okay.
  4. Yes that card works great with 1.02b and DS3615 on all DSM 6.1.x
  5. That is what I would attempt. Be prepared for suboptimal SATA controller mappings. Can you grab a few small drives and build up a parallel test environment to try it? In any case, don't try to repair anything that doesn't come up clean and you can always go back.
  6. I'm not sure why the i3-4150 would not have FMA3 like other Haswells, but if it is true the Linux kernel will stop the boot. So you will know immediately.
  7. Just curious, what is Portainer doing for you that the native Syno docker manager doesn't? I use Portainer on non-DSM Docker hosts, but never thought to load it up on DSM.
  8. 1.02b loader supports all 6.1.x builds released thus far. No package limitations, with the exception of those requiring a legitimate Synology serial number.
  9. Aside from courteous language, no. As of 12 Jan that appeared to be true. Everything you see in that post comes from community experience and reports. I'll remove that statement based on your note.
  10. What BIOS version and how much RAM do you have?
  11. This is what is happening to me as well. J4105-ITX. With or without a CT card, same results. Still investigating.
  12. Glad you got your stuff back. There isn't much information out there to support btrfs recovery, so this was a useful exercise.
  13. Use AHCI mode if you can. Discrete LSI controllers work with the 3615 image but I don't know if ESRT2 is supported differently.
  14. Try loader 1.02b, DSM 3615 6.1.7 update 3 (15284), no extra.lzma
  15. I get this too. Keep refreshing the page and it will eventually go through.