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  1. https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/61634-dsm-7x-loaders-and-platforms/ Your CPU has 56 threads. The max supported on the mainstream platforms is 24 (see the link above). You will need to virtualize and run other workloads to maximize the CPU. If you want to run baremetal, change to one of the platforms that supports 24 threads, turn off Hyperthreading and then you can use 24 cores out of 28.
  2. The goal is to keep this thread fully "mainstream" and not necessarily aligned with all the dev work that is constantly happening around RedPill. As things move from development into mainstream I intend to update, and have updated the core post. If you want to be aligned with the very latest work, you are a dev tester and should understand the enhancements associated with development.
  3. The vmdk doesn't know if it is a SCSI or SATA device, it's the virtual controller that does this. I cannot imagine there is anything in the TCRP loader that has any bearing on it. There must be something with the install that differs from the tutorial recommendation. Post a new thread request for help (as opposed to spamming out this tutorial thread) and include screenshots of what you are doing.
  4. Is it possible you still are attached to the old vmdk instead of using the new version?
  5. My understanding is that the Redpill stack internally blocks some of the Synology IP's and services involved in telemetry (thus automatic updates): https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/45795-redpill-the-new-loader-for-624-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=210309 Those have nothing to do with third party SMTP services. As @Polanskiman I have no issue with email delivery from Synology, so I would point to firewall, regional filtering, or other external influence as the cause to the problem. It might be worth Wiresharking the box and filtering for SMTP to see what is going in and out.
  6. Right in the link description it says this "✔ Supports FIS switches based on port multiplier switches or commands." So yes, your card uses a port multiplier. Generally if there is a SATA device driver required for Windows, it is a port multiplier card.
  7. Not a good idea for production, but you should be able to umount a shared folder and then mount something else in its place? VEEAM >> Hyper Backup. Not sure why everyone is in love with Hyper Backup; there are much better solutions out there.
  8. Here's the method for deleting your matched serial numbers from the DSM 7 databases: https://community.synology.com/enu/forum/2/post/151784
  9. Try copying these files out of /var/log (in case restore is needed), then delete them, and reboot smart_quick_log smart_extend_log disk_overview.xml This would solve it for sure in DSM 6, but it may be that some of this data is now database-embedded in DSM 7. Post results and I'll dig some more if necessary.
  10. What DSM version is running? Is this the forum or your personal system?
  11. The experimental platforms are not in the Loaders and Platforms matrix. But I would think it would be equivalent to the 1621+ which is Ryzen 4-core/8-threads, and 16 threads in the kernel. So it's probably that they are trying to do too much on the limited 2-core CPU.
  12. This is not correct. There is a finite number of threads configured by kernel parameter for each platform. These are specifically highlighted in the table. The kernel thread limit is almost always larger than the number of physical threads on the DSM platform. In the case of the DS3622xs+ we can use 24 threads, even though the actual hardware only offers 12 threads. Any additional threads available with your hardware (beyond 24) will be ignored.
  13. This tutorial is not the place to ask for or receive handholding advice on basic installs. Please post in the DSM Installation forum. (topic that was spiraling out of control was moved) https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/65137-all-manner-of-problems-installing-tcrp-need-help/#comment-349000
  14. In DSM 6, the slot positions were generically depicted to the limit of MaxDisks, regardless of how many slots were physically in the donor platform. In DSM 7, there is a graphical representation of the platform and any additional slot positions are not shown. Again, in the detail list of drives, all active devices are visible, present and fully operational.
  15. The Synology expansion units have a completely different device connectivity structure that would be very difficult to emulate, while we generally are just adding SATA ports on top of those that are natively embedded in the platform. Bluntly, our way is simpler. If you really wanted to make the graphic, somehow grafting the images and logic in from one of the other units would probably be the easiest way. But it would get overwritten on each upgrade, and it is, again, purely cosmetic. For most of us, not really worth the cycles.
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