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  1. For 6.2.x use all SATA. Usually I use SATA 0:0 for synoboot and other virtual drives as SATA 1:x This is in the Tutorial...
  2. You might try looking at the updates threads, part of the reporting that happens there is a description of the hardware and how it is deployed.
  3. Many folks don't know that you can get DACs which are copper cables with embedded SFP's at each end. That gets rid of a lot of power and heat too. I would much rather have an SFP port than a 10Gbe port just for reduction of heat in the switch and/or NIC.
  4. As a strong advocate of 10Gbe networking on XPenology, I am happy to finally see an affordable, passively-cooled switch on the market (even though many folks don't even need a switch - a direct-connected multi-port NIC will often suffice). To use it, you'll have to familiarize yourself with DACs and/or optical SFP's but this is a major step forward for the price.
  5. I've had good results with Mellanox Connect-X 3 single and dual port
  6. There is a loader for 6.1.x (1.02b) and 6.2.x (1.03b and 1.04b, depending upon your hardware needs). So that will govern the major versions. Beyond that there are some compatibility factors on 6.2.x that you need to be aware of that affect your ability to upgrade, which you may discern from the links in the post above.
  7. You were so close, that knowledge arrives on the 16th minute of looking.
  8. Look up the real3x mod to disable the faulty i915 video driver, the combination you are proposing works fine.
  9. DSM installs on all drives, unless you perform some unorthodox heroics. When a disk shows "Initialized" it means that the DSM partition structure has been built on it.
  10. flyride

    NVMe cache support

    Thanks! This is helpful, but not conclusive yet. If you don't mind iterating with me a little bit, please post the output of: synonvme --m2-card-model-get /dev/nvme0 synodiskport -cache fdisk -l /dev/nvme0n1 udevadm info /dev/nvme0n1
  11. If the low-power CPU appeals to you, provided you can cost-effectively source a "T" CPU they can make sense, but it may be cheaper to just buy the lowest-performance "K" CPU available instead and underclock/undervolt it using a Z370/Z390 board. The result will be essentially the same.
  12. It depends on which DSM hardware platform you are using. 1.02b/1.03b loaders and DS3615 works well with Mellanox (I'm using that myself). With 1.03b you will need to keep an Intel Gbe card in the system. There is less empirical information available about 1.04b and 10Gbe (the DS918 hardware does not have any provision for add-on cards) but there are some drivers in the release. See these links:
  13. flyride

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Yes, that's clear. However, your sample set of one does not make your assertion (that an iGPU is required) in fact true.
  14. flyride

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    There are many examples of non-iGPU equipped CPU's in the DSM updates reporting threads. My own 1.04b test environment is ESXi with no iGPU.