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  1. Ok Flyride, thanks you are great
  2. Thanks Flyride, I think I understand, I was looking for a post to which you answered on the functionality of expenology compared to the DSM but as usual I can't find it .... !!! I ask you the question here, the DSM expenology can run even with memory NOT ECC ??? furthermore, if a UPS is connected via USB, it is possible to configure the automatic shutdown in case of prolonged power failure ??? Thanks
  3. PincoPalla


    Hello everyone, I have a particular question to ask, to always keep in mind that I am not a super expert in the IT world so I would never ask questions that seem stupid to the most experienced but that for a person who does not know many things are normal; this is the question, what RAID does, I try to explain myself better, RAID does the s.o. (DSM) or the s.o. relies on a hardware component which in turn does it ??? I ask because I see that many motherboards do this, now almost all of them (probably their firmware provides for it), and since I am about to build one, I wanted to know if the ch
  4. Hi Able, thanks for the answer, just last night after days of attempts they managed to work the DDNS through the docker 80x86 container (as indicated by flyride) and its registration with cloudflare, I had already tried with the indications from Polanskiman, at first sight not it doesn't seem very difficult the description is simple but it doesn't work for me; I just tried with the variations that you indicated to me but nothing, there is probably a small detail that escapes me (it also happened with 80x86 that I had to work on it for a week just because I didn't know cloudflare and I didn't k
  5. Hi Flyride yes I tried and tried again last night but nothing, I also tried with the docker program that you indicated to me but I can't configure it, this morning I tried to create a virtual machine by also changing the serial number provided by the application tool 142 in the grub file (I didn't do this before and thought it might be that the default serial number was blocked) but it doesn't work that way either. I have to work on it but if you assure me that it should work I'll have to find where the error is. Thanks in the meantim
  6. Hi Flyride, we have already heard on other occasions, thanks for the reply, however I tried various providers that I am already registered with,, freedns,, and then I also wanted to register in dnsexit , duckdns, they all give me the same (generic) error I tried to follow Polanskiman's directions but nothing; I read that you use a little docker program, I also tried with those, many do not install one but I could not get it to work and view it on the browser. I am testing the various DSMs (the one I am talking about is a 5.2 baremetal, but the same problems I have also fou
  7. Hi everyone, I just can't connect DDNS to DSM; I followed all the procedure indicated by Polanskiman which then seems to me to be the normal procedure for connecting to a DDNS service, especially if you have accounts with service providers already in the list, I've already done it several times with other synlogy 1813 and 1010 and the thing went well without many problems. I don't understand where the problem could be, I thought it was precisely because there are other synologies that run within the same LAN but from what I read it shouldn't be for this, so I don't know how to do it, can someo
  8. Yes, the motherboard should be an Intel Frostburg DG33FBC (4Gb RAM) DSM 5.2 runs correctly, on the other hand it also runs in my Synology DS1010 + (the features should be more or less the same), however I noticed just now that there is a problem that I had already found in the DSM 6.02 and 6.2.3 versions that I installed for test in virtual machine but I thought it was precisely because I am in virtual mode instead I find it even now that I have installed it from an empty, clean PC, and that is I can not register DDNS, gives me unknown error, what can it be ??? I hope it is because in the LAN
  9. Hello everyone, I wanted to know if it is possible to install version 6.2 on a pc with x86 processor, I have already installed version 5.2 in baremetal mode and it works correctly, I wanted to see if it is possible to switch to the most recent versions. Thanks
  10. Hello everyone, installation update, I managed to install version 6.2 and then immediately automatically updated to version 6.2.3 of the DSM with DS3617xs and everything works correctly, even the disks see them and configure them correctly as a volume (in an equal installation of the DSM with 3615xs did not give me the possibility to make the volume, bohhhh) for it does not install the updates 1,2,3 either automatically or manually by downloading them, it gives me a disk corruption error
  11. Hello everyone, after days of testing and trying again today I managed to install (with Luchuma instructions) version 6.2 (on virtualbox) of the DSM, I then updated the DSM to version 6.2.3 and everything went correctly, the only thing I've seen for now is that it doesn't make me create a disk volume, the storage pool does but not the volume; I put 3 discs in raid 5 (for testing), what problem can there be ???? thanks
  12. Hi FlyRide, thanks for the information, yes well the update to DSM 7 I don't see it as very important for now, from what I've seen it doesn't seem like there are any revolutionary changes, so I have to decide if it's worth doing the whole procedure update with new loader (so far I have only managed to install a virtual version with the help of a vmdk file in the next few days I will try to install a version with the "normal" procedure then I see, it is a bit laborious but by the way. Thanks in the meantime
  13. Hi everyone, I'm looking to upgrade my old Synology DS1813 + with an 1821+, I need to do virtualization for the installation of x84 (32bit) operating systems because I have programs that only run on those s.o. but I have seen that with the same money you can assemble a much superior machine (or make yourself a machine equal to DS1821 + by spending 30-35% less) and then run the DSM on it, the problem with a self-produced machine lies in the DSM operating system , I installed the expenology version 6.0.2 for virtualization test on pc (the updates have not yet succeeded) the question would theref
  14. Ciao a tutti, ho provato ad installare il sistema su virtualbox seguendo quel paio di tutorial e video che si trovano in rete, ma non riesco a farlo funzionare, si blocca alla schermata dos dopo aver scelto l'opzione da caricare. bohhhhh ho provato allora ad installarlo su un pc vecchiotto che avevo in soffitta a x32 ma, se non ho capito male, tutti gli eseguibili che si trovano di expenology sono solo per pc a x64, per caso ne esistono x32???? lo so che dalla versione 6 il DSM dovrebbe girare nei sistemi x64 ma puo darsi che qualcuno con qualche artificio sia riuscito ad installarlo anche