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  1. Ciao a tutti, ho gia fatto un paio di post sull'argomento nel sito principale internazionale ma non ho ottenuto nessuna risposta, provo anche qua perche ne ho molto bisogno. Allora, ho bisogno di poter condividere alcune cartelle e/o file con gente esterna; con le macchine Synology lo si puo fare da file station o synology drive, si va in condivisione e lui ti crea un link che poi tu spedisci via mail o altro al destinatario, lo fa via un sito "" che pero è associato a quick connect, ovviamente con expenology non si puo fare e file station o synology drive mi fa un link usabile solo a
  2. Ciao, ti posso dire la mia esperienza. Quando succedono queste cose, credo, che generalmente ci sia un errore nell'impostazione del loader e piu precisamente nella modifica del mac adress. Non hai scritto che tipo di installazione fai ma parlando di chiavetta deduco sia in bare metal, quando lo avvii ti arriva alla schermata classica??? se si con tutta probabilita è la mia ipotesi, prova ad entrare nel router e vedi se c'e un i.p. bloccato dal firewall (che spero hai sul router) o un i.p. di una macchina che non hai impostato (nella mia rete uso tutti i.p. fissi), dovrebbe essere quell'i.p., s
  3. PincoPalla

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hi IG-88 I wanted to insert 2 NVMe for cache on DSM6.2.3 with loader 104b for 918 from USB stick and Supermicro X11SCH-LN4F motherboard (I don't know if this is important), when I installed the DSM I changed the loader only partition 0 (15Mb) for the VID and PID codes the serial number and the MacAdress, I have not touched partition 1 (30Mb), do I have to change it ?? can you possibly indicate the posts where it is described how to do it ??? there are thousands here and I never know which one to follow. Thank you
  4. Hello everyone, I have already made a post on this topic but I have not received answers, I try again because I need it enough; I need to be able to share files and / or folders through sharing links. With Synology you do it from File Station, you create a link that you then send via email or other to whoever needs to use it. However, the thing is linked to the quick connect account which obviously cannot be used so for now I find myself triangulating it through a google drive account that I synchronize through Cloud sync (the sharing link is always the same but the files change at inside of t
  5. Done, I tried the manual installation from the package center (before I ran it via docker and I had probably misconfigured the installation, but on the other hand if I don't know and don't know how Plex works I couldn't know), now I see the folders and they are updating.Thank you
  6. Hello yes in fact I downloaded it from Plex (the special version for synology) and installed it manually, but then I opted to install via Docker). Except that I have problems finding the folders where I have the movies, music, photos (there are 3 folders called Video, music and Photo on a single volume). I have to see why in the information found on the net (a Plex pdf manual cannot be found ... !!!!) it seems easy but it doesn't seem to me !!!! I don't know where I'm wrong
  7. Ok thanks Flyride I will follow your advice
  8. Yes thanks. I finally managed to install Plex on Docker and everything seems to work correctly I just have to finish configuring it well because it doesn't "see" all the movies and music that are on the server. I also understood why the application install in the package center would not let me in; I typed in my domain and its port (32400) as I do for all the other applications I use, and it did not let me access, if I type the server ip the lan I enter as the version on docker. now since both work the question becomes, better (it consumes less resources) to run in docker or from normal instal
  9. Hello thanks, I expressed myself a little hastily. So I installed Plex web from the package center, that works but I'm interested in the Plex media server so I downloaded the executable from the site to which the program refers you and installed it manually (always from the package center) but it doesn't work . I noticed that it creates a folder (Plex) I went to enable my account with logins but nothing
  10. Hi everyone, I'm running DSM 6.2.3 on loader 104b (918+) in bare metal, I wanted to ask if anyone has installed Plex, I can't and I'm stuck by I don't know what. Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, does anyone know if it is possible to create a link for a file share ??? I usually went from File station to tools, shared link management and he created a link for you ( to be sent by mail or other, but it seems that with loader 104b and DSM 6.2.3 is not possible. some idea??? because I would make extensive use of it thanks
  12. Thanks IG-88 I solved it by installing a version of the DSM from the virtualization program of the DSM itself of the main server, thanks anyway I will try for scruple and to see if it works. Thank you
  13. Hello everyone, for some time I have installed the 104b loader in bare metal mode on a general server that I built and dedicated on purpose, everything works correctly, today I needed to do some tests with the backup programs that are on the package center and I told myself that instead of doing it from the server to install a DSM in virtualization mode from a pc, then I did everything (before making the server I had tried the virtualized installation several times) and started the virtualized program but it messes with the 'other server (the general one), I think it is for the mac address.Obv
  14. Hi everyone, finally after testing and retrying with virtual versions last week I assembled a new server and last night I installed loader 104 for a 918+ with DSM 6.2.3 in bare metal and everything worked perfectly the first time . Now I'm copying the whole archive of the old synology (it's about 5Tb, it will take about a couple of days) and everything seems to work correctly. but there are some things I wanted to ask: I put a Supermicro mobo, and an Intel Xeon E 2176 processor (6 cores 12 threads) and 2x16 Gb of RAM (on the RAM it is possible that I was wrong to put it in the wrong sl
  15. Hi FlyRide I tried to format it first 3/4 times, I changed 3 keys but nothing !!!! p.s. I just tried again by changing the Rufus program (I downloaded it directly from the site) and I was able to load the loader, before I did it with the Rufus of the V142 tool. Thank you