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  1. If this is a fresh install, format the drives and don't use the custom extra.lzma I posted. Install again. Let me know if that works. Use NIC1. Also search the thread/forum I think several people are using the same hardware and were successful in installing 6.0.2 with v1.01. Don't forget to report.
  2. Have you tried moving the LAN cable to another NIC and tried accessing the GUI?
  3. Just don't use v1.02a for DS3617xs and DS916+. That's why Jun released v1.02a2 to deal with that issue. It will manifest the most evidently by you not being able to access DSM's GUI after 12h/24h/48h following DSM's installation. See below for Jun's full description on the matter:
  4. Have you tried using WOL with other utilities such as from Synology Assistant for example?
  5. Actually it is but indirectly: I have updated the OP for more accuracy.
  6. People will not be able to help with so little information. Please provide information on your hardware, version of DSM, version of loader etc.
  7. You made sure the MAC address you are using in the grub file since DSM 6.1.2-15132 is the same than before? Try testing on a fresh install if you have a spare drive.
  8. Then stay on v1.01 with DSM 6.0.2 and do not upgrade to DSM 6.1.1 or DSM 6.1.2 All versions since v1.02a included (v1.02a, v1.02a2, v1.02b) are not compatible with AMD.
  9. This topic was setup by @Trantor at the time of DSM 5.x. That is long ago (~4 years) and we are now at DSM 6.x. Unfortunately Trantor has not maintained this thread for some time. I will keep it open as a reference for other developers who wish to see what drivers have been/are requested but I urge everyone posting here to post according to the guidelines that were provided in the OP, which I will recall here below for the sake of clarity. Please also add the DSM version you want the driver for. Note that there is absolutely no guarantee that any of these requests will be taken into consideration in view of what I said above. Be concise in your post and strictly stick to topic. Thank you.
  10. Try reseting the bios see if that helps.
  11. Tout est expliqué dans le tuto que j'ai fait et qui se trouve en sticky. Au lieu d'utiliser le loader v1.01 utilisez v1.02b. Il permettra la mise à jour à DSM 6.1.2. Personnellement je preconise ceci dit de rester à 6.0.2 pour l'instant en utilisant v1.01.
  12. If you use Synology's email notification services, from where do you think the push notifications emails are sent from?
  13. Edit time is set to 20 minutes. Following that, the post is locked.
  14. In principal yes. Be aware though that since the release of Jun's loader v1.0 (then v1.01, v1.02a, v1.02a2 and v1.02b) there is a significantly lower amount of modules included in the loader compared to the previous generation Xpenoboot loaders (under DSM 5.x). In principal most common hardware should be detected but if you have any specialty hardware in your HP Gen 8 it might not be recognized. I recommend doing an upgrade test on a spare drive first to make sure the upgrade process is successful. Also note that it's highly possible you will not be able to convert some video files since the advent of 6.1.1 as Synology is checking the pairing of Serial Number and MAC address.