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  1. It is not because you don't get an answer to your question that the forum is dead. The main person who creates the custom ramdisk is away for a while. See his other topic.
  2. Polanskiman

    SSH to 1.02b loader not DSM?

    No you can’t SSH to the loader. Have you tried login in with your admin credentials through SSH? I suspect the ssh deamon is still running. Try a reboot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. That's a question only IG-88 can answer but looking at this thread I can read the following:
  4. Polanskiman

    DSM 6.2-23739 Update 2

    Deleted a bunch of posts from people who don't know how to read the big fat red box at the top of the topic.
  5. Polanskiman

    Accidentally Deleted Binrary file synocheckshare

    Simply extract it from the 3617xs .PAT file.
  6. If what you want is modify the VERSION file then you only need to mount the system partition.
  7. Polanskiman

    DELL Optiplex 790, reboot loop after fresh install

    I can't help you with the BIOS because I don't know that machine but you might want to basically disable anything that is not essential. As for the boot logs, nope there is not other way around it unless you are running DSM on a VM which I don't think is the case for you.
  8. Polanskiman

    DS916 vs DS3615 vs DS3617

    The question(s) in this topic have been answered and/or the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  9. Polanskiman

    DS916 vs DS3615 vs DS3617

    You might not have searched much because the answer is in the FAQs of the forum:
  10. Polanskiman

    Links to DSM and Critical Updates

    It seems that the links are working again. Synology might have been doing some update/maintenance on the release directory. Glad it's all working.
  11. Synology locked all access to the directories where the release PAT files are hosted. Probably due to maintenance. This happened late last week. I have checked the link and it is now working again. I do not recommend you download the PAT files from anywhere else other than Synology's servers. You are exposing yourself to potentially hacked PAT files which could have undesirable consequences, to say the least.
  12. Polanskiman

    Links to DSM and Critical Updates

    I found a way to download the releases but it required that I edit all links and put direct links to each and every release for each model. It’s a tidious work. I will do it when I have some time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. In fact all is explained in the OP of this tutorial. The custom ramdisk is also linked there. It is always good to read at least the FAQs as they provide basically 99% of the answers to the questions that people have. Happy that you have your box up and running.
  14. It might not need explaining for you yet you tried something that could simply never have worked, so my comment might help others since this is a community not a private messaging system. Using the loader for 916+ requires very specific hardware and most precisely specific types of CPUs. I will not go into details here about it as this has been discussed in the forum. Your issue however seems to be that your NIC was not detected due to a module not being present in the loader's ramdisk to initialise it. I didn't check the specs of the TerraStation F4-220 but did you try the custom ramdisk that is available? Anyways since you are using DSM 6.2 not sure if there is any purpose of you going backwards.
  15. Polanskiman

    Links to DSM and Critical Updates

    Synology seems to have locked down all above download links for the releases. Critical updates seem are still working. Can anyone please confirm this?