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  1. xpenology on AM4 Bristol Ridge A8-9600

    I have a Gygabite intel based box and if one doesn't know what to choose I usually recommend intel for the reasons I gave above, but if you already have all the hardware, then there's nothing wrong in trying to install DSM on it. You'll see if it works or not. In the worst case scenario you can always virtualise DSM. The hardware in this case is mostly irrelevant. As for CPU features and all you can go to Synology's website and check their machines. You will see the specs of all machines there but the ones that you should care about are the DS3615xs, DS3617xs and DS916+. Why? Because those are the three machines that the loader is able to emulate. If you already have the hardware simply try installing DSM. There is a tutorial that I made. Follow it to the lettre.
  2. You don't actually need the customized ramdisk for the disk controller. The megaraid_sas.ko module is already present in the default ramdisk that comes with the loader. You can try using the vanilla loader but I don't think it will change anything because the custom ramdisk only adds additional modules and keeps the defaults ones so the megaraid_sas should also be present there. Try to boot with a live ubuntu usb key and report back what modules are really used by that controller.
  3. Since you said "Everything worked perfectly" I didn't look into details and didn't bother to check the specs of that machine. The problem seems to be coming from your disk controller not being recognised. You said that you have the PERC H330 Raid Controller which normally is supported by the loader since it contains the megaraid_sas module. Is there a way to change in the BIOS RAID to AHCI?
  4. xpenology on AM4 Bristol Ridge A8-9600

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I don't think other people have ever used that CPU to install DSM. You might be the first one. So try it out and let us know. This said, a lot of people use AMD platforms like the N36L or N54L so in principle it could work. A word of caution though those using those platforms need to disable the C1E function in the bios before being able to install DSM. Also note that natively Synology does not offer AMD based machines and although Jun (the loader developper) has made some efforts to make AMD compatible, he clearly mentioned that it needs some more work on that platform. Good luck and report once you have carried out some tests.
  5. So it was working fine for many months and now it's not? What exactly is DSM assistent page? Are you able to log in DSM or are you talking about the install wizard? Did you try reflashing the loader on the usb drive and adding the extra ramdisk (driver extention pack) again?
  6. New install DSM 6.1 on N54L? cannot find in LAN

    @webmagic Were you able to install DSM 6.1 on N54L finally? If yes please provide some feedback so others can benefit from your experience. Thanks.
  7. File Station connection to Cloud Service

    See logs under /var/log/messages
  8. [Tuto] Installer/Migrer DSM 5.2 à 6.1.x (Loader Jun)

    Intel I217 utilise le module e1000e.ko qui lui fait partie intégrante de DSM. Realtek 8111E utilise le module r8168.ko et fait parti du loader de Jun. La liste se trouve dans le tuto à la fin.
  9. Can I switch the PC and keep the Data?

    The question(s) in this topic have been answered and/or the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  10. Recovery mode in XPEnology?

    Enable the admin account then try sudo -i followed by the admin password. Considering the amount of files you changed permissions to I would highly recommend a fresh install. Troubleshooting the consequence of your action might be endless and counter productive. Specially when you don't seem very confortable with linux commands. Save yourself (and others) some time, reinstall.
  11. Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Closing yet another topic that has become a dump. Please search the forum for answers, create a new topic if necessary in the appropriate section. Thank you.
  12. Ryzen 1600 X370 i211 NIC -- Success!

    Please report working/non-working update in the intended forum, that is: https://xpenology.com/forum/forum/78-critical-updates/ It makes it easier for everyone to know what works and what doesn't in a single topic.
  13. installation problems (can't find server)

    The server get's stuck most certainly because those PATA/SATA controllers modules are not included in the loader. Since you do no provide any hardware information on those controllers then it's not possible for me (or anyone else) to troubleshoot your issue. Also, one thing is sure you need to disable the onboard NIC as that is the default NIC that will be used if left enabled and since it doesn't seem to be working then you won't see the server on the network. You can try loader v1.02a2 with the additional ramdisk (extra.lzma) provided in the tutorial. You could also try using the latest loader v1.02b. As for the MAC address, it doesn't have any real importance. I recommend using your NIC's real MAC address so to be consistent. There is no real need to spoof it.
  14. Phantom drive ports

    @IG-88 might be of help here.
  15. HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 - DSM 6.1 on Baremetal

    This is not really the place to report updates working or not. There is a specific forum just for that: https://xpenology.com/forum/forum/78-critical-updates/