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  1. Surprised. Relaunch your download station as well as all your network connections then try again. It should work in principal. 😕
  2. Ok try this. re-enable the « use default gateway on remote network » on the VPN profile. Now within the General tab, click the advanced settings. Then enable as below: Source:
  3. Untick the « use default gateway on remote network » option. Now try again with Download station. Don’t forget to restart the vpn connection. Also if I may I would suggest using Openvpn or L2TP. PPTP is old and not safe anymore.
  4. That second screenshot you posted is not the vpn’s advanced settings screen. It’s DSM’s network configuration screen. Select your vpn and then click on the edit button.
  5. Could be that you have enabled on the vpn profile the use of the remote gateway. Can you be more specific?
  6. Sub folders created under a shared folder are automatically shared. Not sure what you want to achieve here.
  7. Hello, Have you gone through the FAQs, pinned tutorials and made a forum search? DS918+ platform is meant for Haswell CPUs and above. If I am not mistaken you have Sandy Bridge CPUs which are lower therefore you can't use loader 1.04b (DS918+). Try with loader 1.03b (DS3615xs or DS3617xs). I recommend using DS3615xs. Read here. None of the above is needed but wont do any harm. I think you need to flash that card to IT mode. You should read this thread if you want all 8 ports to be SATA. Note that these edits to the synoinfo.conf file do not survive a DSM update and need to be redone when you update DSM.
  8. @jsdoc Removed lengthly off-topic paragraph. Read the READ ME topic at the root of this section.
  9. Hello. Clearly you are new here. I strongly suggest you to read the FAQs first. This is explained. If you wish to see your actual CPU information you will need this tool: Note that this will not survive a DSM update so it will need to be re-applied.
  10. Indeed, I misread. Then the reason might be that DS3617xs is limited to 12 disks. Look at the synoinfo.conf file. If you want to add additional disks you need to edit the file. Several lines need to be edited: maxdisks= esataportcfg= usbportcfg=‬ internalportcfg=‭ Search the forum on how to change those. As a starting point you can read here: Please note that these settings will revert to default if you update DSM.
  11. What does is mean "by switching to the intel" ? You mean you changed motherboards?
  12. Short answer no. That machine is a Lenovo I believe. I didn't look into the specs but most certainly the NIC is not compatible therefore network will not work. You have 2 choices. Stay on DSM6.1 or upgrade the NIC to an intel NIC. Also no need to double post. You other post has been removed.
  13. Not sure. Try removing the RAM and see if it boots normally again. Could be that the ram is defective?