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  1. Doesn't it do that when there is an update available?
  2. @valix Mega link is working fine. The problem is on your side. Try another browser or check your internet connectivity.
  3. A ne pas faire. Le loader v1.02b ne supporte pas AMD. Restez sous DSM 6.0.2. Vous pouvez mettre à jour jusqu'à DSM 6.0.2 Update 11.
  4. Menu entry needs to be fixed. Probably the script too. Indeed, forgot about the checksum. Yes checksum need to be correct.
  5. Can't you just use Jun's boot image and replace the necessary files?
  6. Tutorial link has been fixed. Loader link is working fine. Mirror not. nothing I can do about this.
  7. Les logs ne montreront pas de coupure si il n'y a pas eu de coupure seche suivi d'un démarrage, mais si vous êtes curieux tous les logs se trouvent dans le répertoire /var/log Vous pouvez essayer ceci sous ssh: dmesg | grep error Cela cherchera dans le log dmesg pour des erreures materielles. Il n'est pas anodin d'en trouver et généralement cela n'as pas beaucoup d'importance donc il faut débrouisaller.
  8. Vous avez résolu votre problème?
  9. Where you able to finally install it?
  10. 0x2008 0x2018 Is the correct way of putting it. AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200 2.20GHz Gigabyte GA-M61SME-S2L NIC NVIDIA nForce In view of your hardware you need the forcedeth.ko module. The custom ramdisk that I provided contains it but it seem the custom ramdisk is posing some problems to some people. Try this one instead which contains only the forcedeth module in addition to the modules provided by Jun: https://mega.nz/#!KcxTxQhJ!FYOSzesxdUjPlynO4YDvSu4LKfFkFk9eBvkUD9AGS04 Please report back.
  11. The error message is misleading. This is due to a renaming of the thread. I corrected the problem and updated the post in question with the updated link.
  12. It all boils to the same matter. A valid pair SN/MAC.
  13. I don't see anything being locked. For Quickconnect: use a custom DDNS. Surveillance Station. There are other alternatives. Even on a real Synology you need to buy licenses over 2 cams. Push services. Along with Quickconnect those two have always required a valid pair of SN/MAC. Nothing new I would say. There is so many other things that one can do with an XPEnology box. If the above is what you need the most then maybe using a real Syno would be the way to go or maybe digging a bit more on google might yield some goodies...
  14. I am not very aware of ESXI unfortunately so I'll leave that to someone with the appropriate expertise.
  15. If there isn't that much data, SMB folders copying data from one NAS to the other? Else one of those Backup utilities in the Package Centre?