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  1. I was able to get 6.0 running in gen 1 hyper-v but it comes up as 100mbps and the image i use did not allow upgrade. What i am going to try is to do the nic SR-IOV and see if that works in gen 2 hyper-v; will net you now
  2. Did you try to convert the VMware image to Hyper-V and give it a try? I have had a ton of different VMware images ive converted and worked fine, always worth a shot in the name of SCIENCE! Not working. The loader needs the Hyper-V integration drivers. Mostly for the network part. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I did get it to work with generation 1 hyper-v and with a tool from [spoiler=](it seems the download link is gone but i have them if anyone needs them) DS3615xs_7393.iso i was able to install using the install option iso and then updating use the DS3615xs_7393.pat you have to use the install option for every boot and the nics only the show 100mbps
  3. It seems like they are working on a Hyper-v solution so i will put my money where my mouth is and send that money to the devs for there hard work. I appreciate good work we all do and we should not be afraid to pay it forward to keep good working on going.
  4. I am putting up a Bounty of $200.00 Paypal for a DSM 6.0 set up for Hyper-v with proper nic support I can get it to work but the nics are only 100mb and i cant update pat files it says the patch file is not compatible with my system and the run/install thing is not so good i used DSM_DS3615xs_7393 iso/pat to get it to load gen 1 vhd on 2012 R2 hyper-v. Any one that wants in on this bounty we can pool our money and get this bounty higher any devs who want to take up the challenge?
  5. Sorry to hear that Do you share the results of their work - maybe someone will continue to work ? any new informatin i would love to see this go forward would love to help let me know
  6. what is your firmware version on the brocade?
  7. can anyone help with this it seems that the driver is not pulling even though it is suppose to be there, so its either I am missing something or the firmware on the card needs to be a certain version please help
  8. I have done this and i am still getting error in dmesg and it does not load i have posted updates to the post but the brocade works in windows and is showing in bios do i have to have certain firmware on the brocade adapter? please let me know i need this to move my data over.
  9. rmmod bna insmod /lib/modules/bna.ko dmesg [ 402.232673] Brocade 10G Ethernet driver - version: [ 402.232687] bnad_pci_probe : (0xffff880807a9a000, 0xffffffffa0ee5c60) PCI Func : (2) [ 402.242749] bar0 mapped to ffffc90019a00000, len 262144 [ 402.242809] bna 0000:01:00.2: irq 47 for MSI/MSI-X [ 402.242813] bna 0000:01:00.2: irq 48 for MSI/MSI-X [ 402.242815] bna 0000:01:00.2: irq 49 for MSI/MSI-X [ 402.242820] bna 0000:01:00.2: irq 50 for MSI/MSI-X [ 402.242823] bna 0000:01:00.2: irq 51 for MSI/MSI-X [ 402.242825] bna 0000:01:00.2: irq 52 for MSI/MSI-X [ 402.697483] bnad_pci_probe : (0xffff880807abe800, 0xffffffffa0ee5c60) PCI Func : (3) [ 402.697543] bar0 mapped to ffffc90019a80000, len 262144 [ 402.697591] bna 0000:01:00.3: irq 53 for MSI/MSI-X [ 402.697594] bna 0000:01:00.3: irq 54 for MSI/MSI-X [ 402.697596] bna 0000:01:00.3: irq 55 for MSI/MSI-X [ 402.697599] bna 0000:01:00.3: irq 56 for MSI/MSI-X [ 402.697601] bna 0000:01:00.3: irq 57 for MSI/MSI-X [ 402.697603] bna 0000:01:00.3: irq 58 for MSI/MSI-X i tired to issues those comands and that is the output it seems to load but it does not show anything nor does it do anything after a reboot
  10. I did that but it still gives errors I created a folder for with the names and put the files in that but it still gives errors. [ 55.808142] Brocade 10G Ethernet driver - version: [ 55.808151] bnad_pci_probe : (0xffff880807572000, 0xffffffffa03ebc60) PCI Func : (2) [ 55.811000] Can't locate firmware ctfw- [ 55.811001] Failed to load Firmware Image! [ 55.811007] bnad_pci_probe : (0xffff880807562800, 0xffffffffa03ebc60) PCI Func : (3) [ 55.813711] Can't locate firmware ctfw- [ 55.813713] Failed to load Firmware Image!
  11. i have found two sites ... 955/page-4 which then points to this site ... .git/tree/ i am little out of my depth i am going to upgrade my card to the lates firmware and see if that helps. anythoughts
  12. i am trying to do this as well here is the message i am getting [ 55.794047] Brocade 10G Ethernet driver - version: [ 55.794054] bnad_pci_probe : (0xffff880807b9f800, 0xffffffffa03ebc60) PCI Func : (2) [ 55.796830] Can't locate firmware ctfw- [ 55.796832] Failed to load Firmware Image! [ 55.796837] bnad_pci_probe : (0xffff880807b9f000, 0xffffffffa03ebc60) PCI Func : (3) [ 55.799516] Can't locate firmware ctfw- [ 55.799518] Failed to load Firmware Image! [ 55.804864] bnx2x: QLogic 5771x/578xx 10/20-Gigabit Ethernet Driver bnx2x 1.713.02 ($DateTime: 2015/11/02 19:52:00 $) [ 55.810044] NET: Registered protocol family 10 [ 55.814793] cnic: QLogic cnic Driver v2.5.20i (June 16, 2015) [ 55.838900] QLogic/NetXen Network Driver v4.0.80 [ 55.847749] QLogic 1/10 GbE Converged/Intelligent Ethernet Driver v5.2.42 [ 55.856190] enic: Cisco VIC Ethernet NIC Driver, ver what should i do?
  13. So there are layers to the rabbit hole,, ah okay so should we put up a bounty to shed light on our projects i know there are enoguh of us to do that. me myslef would put 200$ towards a project like that
  14. if i wanted to build or if we could request a new build what are the requirements for the RS3614xs+ it supports quad core nativily which opens up options for xeons and i7, now i know you say why do you need, i need because i like having a one stop shop build once and forget. san/vm/media dlna/we and sql hosting all from a single box. So what do you think would be the requirements?