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  1. No it's not. It's a deep beta with a bunch of problems, kernel panics and so on. And DSM7 itself is a pile of horsedung, fellow admins reporting RAID crashes… Not gonna be a lab rat. Be patient and wait.
  2. I can't promise anything. Until DS918+ DSM7 loader release (and be able to install DSM7 on my hardware) I will not make attempt to investigate DSM7 NVME detection procedure and to make a new patch.
  3. It's not anymore. You've patched NEW type .so with an OLD .sh patch. Restore original .so (md1sum e67711740b869bbd27349f56183870c26b2b5a01) and patch it with updated patch.
  4. It seems to me a strange thing, mystifying… Try attached .so.
  5. Output of 'sha1sum -b /lib64/', if you please. Should be 00a912f7166f0e275dd0281724ca299eebd166ee.
  6. Try R/O mode first. I assume you used R/W cache before and it doesn't work anymore, right?
  7. after 6.2.3-25426-2 update is exactly the same as in 6.2.3-25426. R/O cache works as before in my case.
  8. It works on -25426 without any glitch. Feel free to update.
  9. Add "pcie_aspm=off" to common_args_XXXXX parameter (common_args_ds918 in ds918 loader and so on) in grub.cfg.
  10. Patched script with unbroken compatibility with older DSM versions. What's wrong with mobile view? For me it shows CPU correctly.
  11. Can confirm this, /dev/dri returns and H/W transcoding works well (G4620/Z170). Updated extra.lzma «in situ» (via temporary synoboot2 mount) after upgrading to 6.2.3.
  12. Patched .so.1 — try to directly replace it in /lib64.
  13. Minor changes. Dev Guys now do some more strict PHYSDEV parsing. Nothing special.
  14. «Is supported NVMe device» check logic is changed somewhat. I'm inspecting reversed code for details now…
  15. А нету результатов. Максимум, что я получил — 3 часа записи, потом остановка.