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  1. Olegin

    SSL initialization failed

  2. Olegin

    How to réinstall xpenology dsl 6.2 n54L

    First do this in ssh: cd / sudo rm -r .xpenoboot and reboot.
  3. Olegin

    SSL initialization failed

    Try http://abc123.ddns.net:5000 for https you need another port - 5001 (in default).
  4. Фигня, @montagnic уже указал как устранить.
  5. Это без апдейтов. Паки тута -https://archive.synology.com/download/DSM/criticalupdate/update_pack/ Вы, видимо, ставите всегда 6.2.1 без обновлений, т.е. просто 6.2.1, а там были еще 4, кажется...
  6. @mithu To get hw transcoding, you need to have what about you ask in the last question.
  7. Processor is in the Asus support list for your mb. With the on-board NIC you can install 918 with 1.04b loader. How to do it read this.
  8. Если вы про свою плату, то кто ж его знает. Попробуйте, расскажите...
  9. Olegin

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    @Razor237 Yes it possible. Read here what to change in grub.cfg. P.S. For example (in grub.cfg): ... set mac1=001132123458 #mac of the first network card set mac2=001132123459 #mac of the second network card, the second and subsequent differ from the first by +1 in the last bit in the hex system set mac3=00113212346A #mac of the third network card set mac4=00113212346B #mac of the fourth network card ... set netif_num=4 #number of network cards
  10. @JMRR Try a clean install on another HDD, it seems to me that the problems with the shutdown & reboot is not in 5005, but in 1.04. On 4105 all works fine after clean install. I tried to switch the hdd and flash drive from a working system and also got the problem with shutting down.
  11. You can migrate to the latest DSM with 1.04b 918 loader. Read this, but only one 211 NIC will be work.
  12. Test stand: ASRock J4105-ITX, Crucial DDR4 so-DIMM RAM with 2400MHz CL17-CT4G4SFS824A 4GB, flash drive, 2.5 250GB hard drive. Prepared the flash drive as described here, installed the memory, connected the HDD and turned on the power. It worked without the BIOS reconfiguration. Power consumption 10 watts, the folder /dev/dri is in place, installed the Video station, the codecs was activated. With transcoding 4K here is what I got: On four streams of transcoding consumption increased to 30 watts, the CPU radiator is noticeably hot, so who plans to use xpen in this mode-think about a good blowing the radiator. Installed VMM, ubuntu and virtual DSM worked fine, but it is better to add up to 8 GB of memory.
  13. @kindzadza Очистите диск (удалите разделы) и перезапишите флешку, только потом по новой.