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  1. Hi this sounds for me that you have the same/double MAC adress in your Network. Set in the grub.cfg file the correct MAC adress from the the Networkadapater in the grub.cfg see below. set vid=0x058f set pid=0x6387 set sn=C7LWN09761 set mac1=0011322CA785 set rootdev=/dev/md0 set netif_num=1 you can also search your nas with the synology asisstent in your network. Your Mainboard has en Intel Ethernet Controller Intel I218V i dont know exactly if th
  2. Hi i have Asus 87iplus with 6 sata ports at the same controller when all hdd are connected i can install DSM 3615 redpill 7 but when not all HDD are connected i have the error message that 6 sata ports are disabled so i need the line in the grub.cfg sataports= 6 and i dont know exactly in which i have to write this line. could you help me ? menuentry 'RedPill DS3615xs v7.0.1-42214 RC (USB, Verbose)' { savedefault set root=(hd0,msdos1) echo Loading Linux... linux /zImage mac1=9C69Bxxxxxx netif_num=1 earlycon=uart8250,io,0x3f8,115200n8 syno_hdd_powerup_se
  3. I have Asus h87iplus with 6 sata ports and the hdd are on 1-5 5x6tb how i have to set the grub.cfg for sata? thank you
  4. Hi Samsung 840 Evo 1TB but check :
  5. i found here the driver for me in this thread but how can i addit now in the image or to the maschine ? thanks
  6. I have this Networkadapter Intel® Ethernet-Converged-Network-Adapter X520-DA2 please help me to add this driver to DSM 918+ Redpill Loader How can i add this driver to the image or to the maschine ? thank you ixgbe-5.12.5.tar.gz
  7. i have build 20.09.2021 the loader for 918 redpill-DS918+_7.0.1-42214_b1632160709.img and can confirm that uefi was not booting.
  8. hmm is a little bit strange ony my Asus h87iplus 1.04 loader it is working but redpill 918 not found in LAN. I have Intel X520 SFP+ networkadapter maybe this is the problem ?
  9. my config looks like this but { "extra_cmdline": { "pid": "0x0001", "vid": "0x46f4", "sn": "1330LWNXXXXXX", "mac1": "001132XXXXXX", "DiskIdxMap": "1000", "SataPortMap": "4", }, "synoinfo": { "supportsystemperature": "no", "supportsystempwarning": "no" }, "ramdisk_copy": {} } i need to add the second Networkdapater mac 2 and netif2 are there some other parameters as we have a list ? is this correct like this : { "extra_cmdline": { "pid": "0x0001", "vid": "0x46f4", "sn": "1330LWNXXXXXX", "mac1": "001132
  10. Hi with your System i would stay with 1.03b 3615xs and install these ssd as cache drive. let me know your experience. thanks
  11. i think all is loading faster and with 10Gbit i have nearly with old 4x 6TB wd red HDD in Raid 0 700MB read and write over SMB / Virtual Maschine are running smoother. BUT i think its better when you as example the SSD set as volume1 with btrfs and install all Apps / Dockers / Virtualmaschine etc to the SSD / and set your HDD for the volume2 as Datastore. for 1.03B with DSM 6.2 is my experience that 3617 is faster as 3615. BTW which CPU do you exactly have when this is haswell or newer i would go with the loader 1.04b and DS 918+
  12. Hallo stehe jetz vor dem gleichen Problem aber bei mir ist es umgekehrt sobald der monitor eingeschaltet ist booted der Server nicht mehr ? Specs Asus H87iplus Loader 1.04b 918 hatte vorher den 1.03b probiert aber bei dem lässt sich in legacy only den USB nicht setzen und muss bei jedem booten als Boot overwrite gewählt werden. Vielen Dank