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  1. Hi all I need now 10gbit network card for my 2 Xpenology Server HP gen 8 Xeon and DYI Xeon Which 10 gbit cards are supported out of the box with loader 1.02b? thank you
  2. In short Install XPE DSM it will be installed on all HDD ! when the Install is done create the fist volume1 on the M2 SSD / install all Apps to volume1/ Create volume2 with your other HDD / create the shares on Volume2 Done you have now what you need describen in your first post. BR Michael
  3. Install Xpenology --> Guide ...and then create the volume1 on the M2 and for Data create the volume2 on your other HDD.
  4. HP Microserver N40L - DSM 6.1.5 - Hyper Backup

    Nimm Active Backup for Server --> Windows Backup viel besser als hyper Backup
  5. DSM 6.1 makes Router Crash (reset)

    Hi Andyn33 i had a similar problem with UPC always the modem was restartet Ubee and i was also intended this is the server restarts the Modem/router but this was not the case ! the Modem has Restart and the router was going down! since i have Asus Router Ac87 and as modem Connect Box 500mbit i have never such issue. you could also try change the internal IP range from the DHCP to en other range as example 192.168.0 and not 192.168.1 because the modem is running on
  6. Loader 3617 vs 3615

    this user's had the same problem with 3617
  7. Loader 3617 vs 3615

    what i have done before step by step is clone a virtualmaschine w7x64 --> install phoenix OS usb installer in this virtualmaschine it was not good -->delete the cloned virtualmaschine -->stoping my 3 dockers plexpy.Filezilla and JD2 in docker i had a error message operation failed and the the webinterface has stopped working.
  8. Loader 3617 vs 3615

    Hi sbv No i have not checked the other services but after some restart nothing was there no network folders/ DSM was not in synology assistant/not in the browser etc./not in the network. and it seems with this 3617 loader there is en issue i have not tried ssh.... Do you know if there is in special a problem with this 3617 loader timebomb..etc ..? because with 3615 i had never such issue im back now to 3615 and all is working fine Do you know with loader 3617 the serve has more performance or is the performance the same as 3615? thank you very much
  9. Loader 3617 vs 3615

    it seems that with this loader 3617 after some days the webinterface is not reachable mentioned also by en other user. is there a timebomb woith this 3617 loader? thank you
  10. Loader 3617 vs 3615

    Hi all I have installed 3617 on Dell 620 i5 Xpenology before this server was running 3615 without any problem after some days the webinterface has stopped working with the loader 3617 also with reboot there is no DSM is there a problem with this loader 3617 1.02b? both was with DSM Version 15254 config the same loader config the same eg. MAC VID and PID all was fine for one week and then booom webinterface is not reachable i was on docker stoping one docker file and i have the message operation fault and the webinterface has stopped working also after rebbot there is no DSM in the browser or synology asisstant. any hints ? thank youi
  11. HP MicroServer gen10

    thank you
  12. HP MicroServer gen10

    so baremetal with jun 102b it is working ? Please can you tell me how noise is this server ? do you have installed the virtual maschine manager ? thanks
  13. No dsm after fresh install on syno assistant

    Could you use en other NIC or USB to Lan Adapter for testing if it is working ? as example
  14. No dsm after fresh install on syno assistant

    How it looks the line in your bootloader for the MAC Adress?? Please post your config