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  1. Hi all Have anyone generated DSM with tinycore.vmdk in VMM ? I have tried many times add the e1000 addon but when i install the PAT file error maybe the PAT is damaged or corrupt and yes i boot with SATA. Thank you
  2. Please anyone i need step by step guide . thanks
  3. sorry dumb question but how can i test this build small tutorial for me thank you
  4. Hi On a Gen8 i saw this also bios reset after reboot i can select user default and the bios will reset to user defaults Maybe you have also this setting on the other hand i have also en asush87iplus MB and there was sometimes a Bios Reset with MBR Loader 1.03 but with Redpill or Tinycore all is working fine thank you again pocopico
  5. Maybe you check before do the installation starting there is a link Device Informations and there will be show for which dsm Version is this loader that is stored on your Flash and then Download the correct DSM version i think in this case DSM4..... and try with this Version or ask the guy who sales this device.
  6. i dont know if its possible for a higher version maybe here is en other user that have experience with this HW. Because you need to flash the Image to the RDM or maybe there is a bios a setting that you can boot from USB i have no knowledge to flash the bootloader directly to the Sata DOM or RDM
  7. then you have dsm 4 and as i can read the loader is stored in the flash there is no usb key and i think this old old XPE. 4.2 you have to read
  8. I dont think you have 3612 because for Xpenolgy we have 918+ /3615xs / 3617 xs for 1.02b and 1.03b and with Redpill we have 918+3615 3617 and 3622 but not 3612
  9. or you can directly upgrade to DSM 7 with the Redpill loader and during the building process he will generate the correct vid an pid for the usb drive.
  10. Every Brand USB Stick has unique VID and PID Number and you can checkit when you connect this usb stick that is on the server in your pc and check this vid and pid number with this tool that i have mentioned before. The Xpenology Bootloader is on the usb stick or in the server itself as SD Card i dont have this netgear HW. Check the usb port on your server and connect the usb stick to your PC. Check the Faq on this site Please note every Bootloader has his DSM Version you
  11. Hi It seems your VID and PID is not correct in the grub.cfg at the USB stick. You can check with this tool and correct the values on your USB in the grub.cfg For more help we need more Informations DSM Version Bootloader Version Where is the Bootloader storit etc BR
  12. i have the same experience with 7.1 but it is also not working in Virtual DSM 7.1. Only Advanced Media Extension is not working all other Apps are working with a real serial number from my Synology Nas.
  13. Hi create a new loader with this steps and let me know (Manual ) thanks - Command for 3622 XS - [DS3622xs+] ./ update now ./ fullupgrade now ./ serialgen DS3622xs+ ./ identifyusb now ./ satamap now ./ build broadwellnk-7.0.1-42218 manual ./ clean now ./ build broadwellnk-7.1.0-42661 manual
  14. Hi I have only Memory who fits the mainboard in my servers and XPE is working so in this case no you dont need memory Special for synology. 1x gen8 1x Asus H87iplus
  15. your date and time on the server is wrong please check