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  1. With the correct Pat file it is working on 1.03 b with 25426 on VMM
  2. i can pay for the os 100$ np but i dont want pay every month But anyway DSM is much better
  3. Hi Jensmander thank you for the information so in this case i can install on my own server esxi oder hyper v (hypervisor)etc and then i can install qts and i have to pay every month this 9$ only for using this image ??
  4. Thank you for the hint but i dont understand completly my question is i have to pay every month for this image or for what is the money ? I want running this image on my own hardware esxi hyper v or baremetall etc because i dont want my data in the cloud. thank you
  5. Hi Voila Intel X520-DA1 10 Gigabit 10Gbps PCI-E E10G42BTDA Server Network Adapter only working with 1.03b 3615 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This one Mellanox is only working with 3615 1.03b 25426 when the installtion is done with a intel nic and w
  6. Hi Katana FYI I have the same issue with 1.03b and 3617 no nic will work also not with the extra.lzma but with 3615 and 1.03b loader without special extra.lma ll is working fine I have tried with sfp+ intel 10gbit and mellanox sfp+ card on 3617 no nic is working. When i try with 3617 with xeon 1240 v2 processor is there en advantage instead of 3615? with the 1.03b loader and is there a 10gbit sfp+ card who will work with 1.03b 3617 dsm 25426? thank you Michael
  7. and i would also try 1.03b with 3615 for me its more stable and compatible
  8. maybe you can give a try i dont know if this working but its easy to test generate a new loader with his disable_mtrr
  9. I have tested this Image . Maybe a dumb question but whioch file i have to edit ? there is no disk with VirtualMaschine Manager with Sata or IDE when i open the Qnap Site to install the firmeware. thank you all
  10. Ok Haydibe i will give try thank you
  11. Please can you provide how can i run qnap boot in DSM Virtual Maschine Manager ?? thank you very much
  12. I have now overwrite the admin center both files but i have still the same message : There is a history of running the same version please select option 2 etc but when i select option 2 and after them option 1 still i have the same message. -->There is a history of running the same version please select option 2 Where i can delete the old script or the histroy of this file ?? thank you for your help Found the Solution and this is for the record Solution See Screnshot
  13. How i can overwrite the admin center.js etc there is the message access denied with WINSCP. thank you
  14. Hi all Thank you for script i have trouble do you use this script after chmod 777 i can run this script. But when i select option 1 there is a message : There is a history of running the same version please select option 2 i have done this many times. Every time i have the same message. Any tip Please help Thank you
  15. Hi all thank you for this Loader is this Loader based on 1.03B or 1.04B thank you very much Already found 1.03B