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  1. I should have asked this question a totally different way. I am going to Swap out the motherboard in my Xpen 918+ with new one. The new board is Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac seen Here My question is: Will I be able to use any of the features below that are included on the motherboard with baremetal 918+ Xpenology 1.04b? 1x Intel Thunderbolt™ 3 Type-C 2 Ultra M.2 (PCIe Gen3 x4) 4x USB 3.1 Gen2 10Gb/s Can Anyone help answer this? If this is a ridiculous question tell me so!
  2. I'm curious if a Z390 motherboard with onboard USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) or onboard Thunderbolt 3 (32Gbps) would work for full speed or faster than USB 3.0 with ,file transfers in Xpenology? Or possibly even an add on card would work? This hypothetical build would have all SSD's for an array Using baremetal or otherwise.
  3. had something to ask but figured it out!
  4. i don't know if it helps, but this junior member seems to have NVME cache working. Trying to get in touch with him. He didnt mention using ESXi. I'm sure its a driver thing. Similar to Jamzor, i too have limited knowledge of ESXI so i attempted hardware route. I installed drives and attempted to setup NVME cache on my system to see if i can get it to work but the drives arent recognized as of yet. The 918+ system has an Asrock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4 in which i inserted an SM961 256gb in m.2_1 and a 970Evo 250gb in m.2_2 I also tried putting one nvme ssd into a pcie adaptor which is full speed and installed to a pcie x16 full speed. Same as Jamzor, recognized in bios, nothing in DSM. It would be really awesome if it was though. Although regardless of how fast it made my system, i dont know if nvme cache is a long term solution for me simply because of the cost. Btw I'm on 918+ 1.04b dsm 6.2.2 24922 update 3 with a multitude of other hdd's
  5. I'm assuming you are using the 918+ image? And you have nvme cache working properly? Could you expand upon your nvme cache performance?
  6. Just want to say thanks to Olegin. My Real SN/MAC must have gotten blacklisted i don't know but my transcoding stopped working for like months. I got a new Real SN/MAC and instead of taking FOREVER to backup restore, his method for installing to new FRESH HDD Plus new FRESH USB, backing up .dss, and deleting rm -f /etc.defaults got my system back up, WITH transcoding, KEEPING all my data, its a thing of beauty! Once again Olegin is the MAN! Cheers! 🤗🤗😆😆 And thanks to Polanskiman as well
  7. @ Polanskiman, If possible try making a brand new install on a blank HDD to discard DSM's previous install as being the culprit. I did try your method here and i couldn't get it work on both my 2 ds918 setups with fresh HDD's, both with real sn/macs *Although now Synology Assistant is showing the correct MAC/SN i input into the grub config. Both of the real sn/macs used to work (transcoding) on both ds918's but now both do not work. Maybe because i changed hardware? Or could it be my nic cards? BOTH of the motherboards have Intel I219 but only one works, the broken one has Intel X540 t2 10gbe card. Lastly, do you know if there is an extra.lmzk driver for I219 yet? Why would 1 i219 work and the other doesnt? I am SO CLOSE to having my perfect setup. I simply want Photo Station to create thumbnails for my videos. I think i am going to try again tonight, because for one unit i still had an ip reservation and had never rebooted router.
  8. I'm trying to delete the /etc.defaults folder but my commands aren't working and my linux is rusty. I'm only able to delete files Inside /etc.defaults but not the folder itself. I'm on custom hardware, DS918+ 6.2 Assuming i am logged in SSH Putty as Admin, could someone tell me what the command is for deleting (/etc.defaults) or any folder on my system? Or how to go about deleting it?
  9. Thanks Olegin, i did everything here you said to do with 1 exception. I could not delete the /etc.default folder so i deleted the contents inside the folder. I then migrated back after fresh install on new hdd but i am still having problems. Do you think its because i did not delete the whole folder?
  10. Could someone suggest me the process on what to do if my system WAS hw transcoding with Real SN/MAC but after i changed hardware now its not showing hw transcoding? Photo Station is NOT making thumbnails for Videos anymore. 😓 Look at the attached images of my ssh. Does this mean i have hardware Transcoding Working but software Transcoding NOT Working?
  11. Thanks for this Polanskiman. This makes sense. So the only way to remedy here, from what i understand you are saying is i would need to do a reinstall using a fresh usb and put the real (legit) SN where its supposed to be in grub, as well as the real legit mac in grub and just reinstall. No need for NIC mac address, as it is irrelevant if using real mac/sn. Does this sound correct? Im on DSM 6.2.2-24922. So to reinstall with new fresh usb with correct sn/mac, i am curious which install i should do: The one where it keeps my system settings etc, or the other one that totally wipes all? So i tried new usb with real sn/mac but it still wont let me log in. I chose "Reinstall" option #2 at juns bootloader 1.04b for 918+ What is weird is that Synology assistant is not showing the mac address i put in grub cfg, it is showing another one ive never seen.. Not working.
  12. So i needed to swap hardware out to get qsv and transcoding working. Prior to changing hardware and making a new usb, I was using my real sn/mac from my synology and was able to reap the benefits of (though i didnt use them) having a fully functioning box. But since its been so long since ive made that usb, i forgot how to or where to input the real sn/mac or if i still need to input my mac address from my board/nic or not. I know this is borderline not cool because of terms of use etc. But could someone PM me with a link or a how to re-implement using my real sn/mac on my xpen machine?
  13. Thanks again. So i have new motherboard z390 and i5-8400. they have arrived. I'm using real sn/mac and i dont want anything to change so that i can still use QSV. I'd like to use same flash drive with xpen, same case and keep everything on hard disks, except change motherboard and cpu out. My motherboard is compatible i've already tested. I will put sata in correct ports. Can i simply remove old 1150 haswell motherboard and put in new 1151 coffee lake motherboard? And everything should work? or do i need a newly created flash drive?
  14. An update for you all. Thanks to olegin for the guide first off You got me setup with hardware transcode on my pentium g4560 b250m hardware. As for the xeon e3-1225v3 I gave up. Haswell is just to old for my needs plus the xeon igpu is lame. I'm waiting for an i5-8400 I got off ebay for $99 usd, but I'm worried that won't be enough for my needs. See My 918+ has serviio as well as backups going along with many other programs. Emby is my transcoding program, and also library of 5tb of movies and TV shows to scan. I Need this to Online transcode 1-2 streams of uhd Hevc to 1080p on top of all these other programs at the same time. With all that said, I got a z390 board cheap and this i5-8400 on the way. Does anyone have similar setup? Can anyone share if they think this will be enough? Should I just get a i7-8700 so I don't have to worry?