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  1. i'm not a NOOB, but im a re-Noob, haven't been around in long time. i have two 918+ 1.04b with identical 1151 coffee lake parts I've been running for 3 years. Have real serial #'s btw. HW: Gigabyte B360 HD3 + i3-8100 DSM 6.2.3-25426 i needed to combine both of these 918+ nas's together for many reasons. i backed up the 4tb shr 3x 4tb to a single 8tb drive BASIC array. formatted the three 4tb drives and moved them all into one giant big case together with other 918. ALSO, i installed 2 pcie 3.0 x1 - 4 port sata III cards total 8 new sata ports for ssd arrays. Installed 2 of these cards..... Some ******* happened though. Bios got screwed up, had to reset it, forgot values, so i updated the bios anyways since it was 2 yrs old and put values i could remember in bios. WEIRD STUFF started happening. Everything seriously slowed down, from network to disk transfer speeds. The MAIN issue i am having is all of a sudden when i try to SSH into NAS with both admin credentials I get PERMISSION DENIED SEE IMAGE BELOW.. Now i am wanting to know if there is a SAFE PROCESS to reinstall DSM but keep all 20Terabytes of my best data. Is there? Things I've tried: I made sure and both logins are under admin. I rebooted a lot, tweaked bios, delete the registry entry in windows for saved Putty credentials.
  2. May i ask or expand upon this? i needed to add 8 ssds to my 918+, for all ssd array. i have 4 open pcie 3.0 x1 slots, and just purchased 2x pcie 3.0 x1 cards each card has 4 sata 6gbps. ive connected 8 ssds to the cards and all is working fine. My question is, does using for example, 4x sata 6gbps on 1 tiny pcie x1, doesnt that slow it down? Doesnt 4 sata ssds require more lanes or something? Is this bottleneck?
  3. Hello, ive been running (2) ds918+ 6.2.4 baremetal with juns loader 1.04b for a long time. Is this safe enough to replace that with dsm 7+ ? Are there any downsides to using this?
  4. Hello, I have 2x ds918+ on 6.2.4 and would like to test dsm 7+ Could someone point me to a guide on how to do this?
  5. Is this a DEV discussion? I've been gone a while. Does this allude to the fact that someone has a dsm 7+ bootloader/working for xpenology? Sorry, i havent been around. Thanks
  6. I read some time back that the DS918+ did NOT support the Disk Benchmark Feature in ANY DSM. When i go into disk management there is no benchmark feature. Recently, I read that DS918+ DOES support disk benchmark but only in DSM 7+ (btw has anyone fixed bootloader, so we can upgrade to dsm 7.0 ?) Is there some sort of package i could install to do internal disk benchmarking on disks in my Xpen DS918+'s running software BELOW 7.0?? I'd prefer to test using the Synology benchmark tool but any brand would work..
  7. MBD-X10SDV-TLN4F-O D-1541 I'm don't mean to be rude, in fact i may even sound "simple" saying this... But do you think Supermicro will ever stop adding #'s to their motherboard models? Like in 50 years how long will the model numbers be.... 1000 digits?
  8. 918+ (Ahern2-below in images) Coffee lake running perfect for like 2 years. Now i cannot access. Synology Helper confirms the software did not update. Have not updated, but took machine offline for 2 weeks due to remodeling. Gigabyte b360 hd3 i3-8100 tried multiple nics, X540 t2, a generic intel 8000 series and intel nic on board. The only thing i HAD TO do was reset bios to factory then change settings. That's the only change. The machine SHOWS UP AS READY IN SYNOLOGY HELPER BUT I ALWAYS GET ERROR ON WEBPAGE. EVEN TRIED EDGE AND CHROME What do i do now? What could be causing this? Could a bios setting be causing this? Disregard AHERNMAIN, that's my IDENTICAL setup, that IS working. Just another 918 with same hardware/software
  9. I keep asking myself-we make our own drivers here sometimes for Nick cards that aren't supported by Synology. Then I'm reminded that qnap has had Thunderbolt 3 for years, and now they sell a thunderbolt 3 add-in card. So I did a little digging and found a guy online who successfully installed a thunderbolt 3 card in his DIY Nas system and got it working he direct connect it from his Mac to the card in his nas.. Below https://chrisbergeron.com/2021/07/25/ultra-fast-thunderbolt-nas-with-apple-m1-and-linux/ FYI I'm taking this guy at his word that he has this actually working but it appears as such Yes of course I understand I can use 10gbe, I do use it but I want tb3/4 much more. BTW this would be using the TB3 in Networking mode. Are there any really smart people out there who think is a possibility that we could somehow implement this into Synology or at the very least unraid or freenas or OTHER free open NAS operating systems??
  10. As i am not a developer, i will not be posting here. Is there a Non-Dev discussion group that is elsewhere for this topic does anyone know of? Thanks
  11. How do i do this? Just by not allowing external access to the box? Should i be blocking any of Synology's IP addresses? I thought i read somewhere of someone blocking their IP address.
  12. Apologies as i started this thread while apparently under the influence and forgot i created it. Been dealing with some personal stuff lately. Thank you for your contributions. Will name best answer too. The only thing i don't see a blot of is FOMO posts about this. Are there a lot of them? Where are they, on Reddit or something? Or are we speaking in historical terms, as in people getting FOMO about updates in years past, or regarding just this one or what? FOMO may be true, but i dont feel as if any of the questions were unreasonable. DOUBLE POSTING would be unreasonable
  13. Oh shite. I honestly don't remember posting that. I better take it easy on the Xannys and Vodka. Geesh i'm embarrassed. I'm sorry folks.
  14. Thanks all and IG88 So i think i made my post so it was not understood properly. What i was getting at is: There must have been instances in the past, where because of whatever reason, people could not update Xpenology to latest DSM because when they do it bricks their system or whatever. Like right now, if i were to try to update to 6.2.4, from the Updates posts, all i see is UNSUCCESSFUL, so i cannot update. It seems to have been like this for some time. After reading below thread i understand a little bit more about why 6.2.4 doesn't work. And having people Speculate on why or if Synology is blocking Xpenology users is pointless. My questions are less about security and more about the chances of ever being able to update Xpenology again. More concerned about functionality. And eventually updating to VER 7.0. So: Based on history, and OG Xpenology users, have there been points in the past where we went without being able to update DSM for long periods? How long did it take for a fix? This may be a moot point now, but was my true question. What ARE the chances that someone will fix something so that we can update Xpenology DSM again? Good? Bad? Maybe another moot point but.... @IG-88 Your multiple references to Security have now peaked my curiosity. Is there some other reason we should be concerned about security other then not being able to update DSM? Are you @IG-88 moving your personal NAS away from Xpenology? if so why? @IG-88 when you say: are you saying like go into router and prevent Xpen box from internet somehow? How would one do this? In DSM or router? Sorry for NOOB question
  15. At least on Baremetal, i don't see any option to safely update to 6.2.4 unless i am missing something I haven't been on Xpen long enough (still sort of newbie) to have been around for the history of Xpen and instances where we couldn't update successfully. At least for this long, seems like its been months since we could update. What do we do? Just patiently wait? Which is fine... See if someone can fix/patch? Go to another platform? Did Synology possibly do this to kill the Xpenology project? (maybe a silly question) What are the chances I wake up one morning and get an automatic update and be bricked? How can I prevent auto/background updates besides simply update settings in DSM? In the past, in instances where Synology updated software that Xpen did not like, and people couldn't successfully update, how long did people wait to update (until someone fixed loader i assume) their Xpen builds, years? How many years, or how long did it take to fix? What are the chances that we'll be able to update past 6.2.3? What are the potential problems with staying on 6.2.3 besides not being able to get latest package updates? Is it completely fine to stay on 6.2.3 for a long long time, should i not worry about it?
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