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  1. We are all enthousiast about this amazing work, but endusers (like I am) should wait ThorGroup approval to consider it as stable and OK to run as daily... There is no need to rush in my opinion... By the way I'm running 6.2.3 on ESXi as DS3615xs on a HP Gen8... I guess someone, right in time will give a ready to use vmdk file to test. Thanks
  2. Check you are with USB2 and not USB3. I had this issue with 6.2.3 for installation on VM. Once installed you can switch back to USB3.
  3. My only concern would be the security fixes, for the rest I totally agree with @flyride. https://www.synology.com/fr-fr/security/advisory/Synology_SA_21_02 https://www.synology.com/fr-fr/security/advisory/Synology_SA_21_03
  4. I gave you the spk link (for DS3615xs) to be installed directly with DSM package center : manual installation... Can't be simpler... no ? Here fos DS3615xs : http://www.jadahl.com/drivers_6.2/packages/UsbSerialDrivers_bromolow-6.2_6-4.spk Here for DS3617xs : http://www.jadahl.com/drivers_6.2/packages/UsbSerialDrivers_broadwell-6.2_6-4.spk Here for DS918+ : http://www.jadahl.com/drivers_6.2/packages/UsbSerialDrivers_apollolake-6.2_6-7.spk
  5. Hi, In my case, UsbSerialDrivers DSM 6.2 package does the job for my Zwave and ZiGate sticks : Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 (ZW090) - UZB - Sigma Designs, Inc. ZiGate USB-TTL http://www.jadahl.com/drivers_6.2/packages/UsbSerialDrivers_bromolow-6.2_6-4.spk (3615xs) Jeedom works fine with it.
  6. Это сработало ! Отлично сработано Спасибо
  7. У меня есть : SurveillanceStation-x86_64-8.1.5-5513 (тест) .spk.tar с перезаписанными файлами из: Crack.SS.
  8. Вроде то же самое: Соединение потеряно :
  9. Здравствуйте, эта пропатченная версия у меня не работает. Тестовое изображение работает при добавлении камеры, но нет видео в реальном времени с камеры, и через 1 минуту камера отображается как отключенная / соединение потеряно Спасибо (Сообщение переведено с английского с помощью Google Translate)
  10. I had a similar issue, my RTC battery was dead. Check if your bios settings were not reset.
  11. Check this topic : The first hidden part is the BIOS settings
  12. I probably missread but with not use LSI 9211-8i IT SAS card ? With 1.03b ds3615xs loader it works plug & play in passthrough
  13. And for the first starts it can be usefull to see the screen and check it runs : But a serial port can do the job..