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  1. Because no one told about using ./ Just time "arpl-reboot.sh config" (as root)
  2. These screen look fine, without more logs w won't be able to help you. Is there a serial port on the computer? I suggest you wait 10 minutes at least to check if it is not a long boot issue. Edit : you may want to enable direct boot to true, just as a test
  3. For info you won't have anything else on the screen, you have to look from another computer on the IP written on this screen :
  4. While booted on DSM, probably 2 options : 1- lsmod 2- lspci -kkvq (every PCI device will show the current module name used)
  5. It seems there is no mac1 declared. Look the yellow message. You may need to check this value when you build ARPL I can't confirm what happen if you don't set a mac address manually, I always add it to be sure it is OK.
  6. Yep good idea, for the price, it would do the job : https://www.amazon.fr/EVanlak-Headless-Emulator-Aluminum-Headless-3840x2160/dp/B07YKGGQTJ
  7. I would look in the BIOS settings in your case, I don't think it is related to xpenology. You could begin with this too :
  8. Is your DSM up-to-date ? If so, don't mess with something that currently works, keep it like that until you need to update DSM.
  9. Or you could start with this : Then you will be able to really debug, and not throw a penny in the air
  10. Ok, but WOL can be done with Proxmox too. When Proxmox host start, it auto starts the DSM VM. And you can shutdown Proxmox host manually, or planned with some crontab. It will properly shutdown DSM VM guest, then shutdown. Even better with Proxmox, you can have a real Synology SN/MAC and still having WOL working on Proxmox host side. Correct me if i'm wrong, but you can't have WOL without setting the true hardware MAC address inside Synology on Baremetal. But if you do so, you can't have real SN/MAC address features.
  11. Your 10gbit NIC is probably not loaded once ARPL reboot to DSM... Under ARPL give us the result of this command : lspci -kkvq It will maybe help to catch the missing module... But the way, with this hardware, you'd better go for ProxmoxVE/ESXi ... your nvme won't be available with DS3622xs+, and AMD cpus are quite tricky with DSM...
  12. Please give us even less details on your configuration, it will of course help us to know nothing about your setup, loader, hardware...
  13. @phoenix73 il te faudra set disable_mtrr_trim dans le cmdline Mais tu devrais bien voir 8giga dans ton bios.
  14. Même opinion, à mon avis ça n'a pas d'impact, c'est juste le fichier ROM qui doit être différent... et dans la mesure où tu le remplace par le tiens MOD...
  15. Jamais utilisé Je vais regarder par curiosité du coup Edit : https://www.virtualizationhowto.com/2022/01/proxmox-iscsi-target-to-synology-nas/ ça fait un sacré paquet de manips... non ?
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