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  1. 看下你的grub.cfg的参数set extra_args_3617='DiskIdxMap=180400 SataPortMap=144 SasIdxMap=0',修改为能匹配你机子上的参数
  2. Thanks a lot for your help, sorry I didn't notice the space in between. Now prompt: /dev/synoboot, this should mean that there is no problem. Thanks again for your help
  3. I am gen10 plus, I installed Synology Boot v1.03b+ DS3617xs-6.23_25426 on esxi, but when I run ls /dev/synoboot *, the result I get is completely different from /dev/synoboot /dev/synoboot1 /dev/synoboot2 Same thing, even if I ran FixSynoboot.sh following the tutorial, I didn't get results like /dev/synoboot. But everything works fine for now. I don't need to fix it, thanks