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    DSM 6.2 Loader

    The tg3 driver indicates the active NICs are Broadcom, which I think is the native network adapter in your motherboard. So you will need an Intel ethernet card before going to 6.2.1. When you install it, configure it with your IP's and eventually disable your motherboard NICs, you should see the "e1000e" driver servicing the 0200 class.
  2. flyride

    Upgrading to DSM 6.2 with ESXi 6.5

    I've never done it, but a quick Google search shows that Edit VM, VM Options, General Options, Guest OS Version might be what you are looking for.
  3. flyride

    Upgrading to DSM 6.2 with ESXi 6.5

    e1000e support is present in all versions of 6.2 AFAIK. I think the issue may be the original VM type which should be "Other 3.x or later Linux (64-bit)" as this selection has a bearing on what virtualized hardware is available to be added to the VM.
  4. This is just one person's opinion and I do not speak for anyone else: I'm not an admin here, I did not write the loaders. I'm just a tech-savvy user, that likes DSM and how it performs on my own hardware - far better than on Synology hardware. Over time, I have figured out a lot of things about XPEnology, and am willing to spend some personal time to help others, just like countless other contributors here. You are on a forum where the stated purpose is to enable people to use a hack. It's not a product support page. This collective effort has spanned 10 years of DSM releases, and people are still using some of the old software versions. So ALL the information here is still relevant to someone, and nobody's being paid to curate the part you think you need, just for you. If you want to use XPEnology, you need to put in the time (and have the tech skills) to understand the ecosystem and the tools involved. Many people, myself included, have done research and written up documentation or coded tools to try and help with this. But it won't be delivered on a platter like FreeNAS, which is bankrolled by the commercial side of the product. As you perceive a need for things to be organized differently, may I suggest that you become an expert here and start contributing instead of lecturing to people you don't know, and who don't owe you anything on how a loosely structured forum and its content should be presented. Again, I personally am happy to help when I have something useful to contribute, but I'm having a hard time getting over the attitude and general lack of patience that I perceive from you. This has caused me to delete several draft posts (intended to be of assistance to you) out of exasperation. In a prior post, I suggested that "maybe XPEnology wasn't for you" and while it's not for me to defend that, I do believe that your approach may prove to be very frustrating, should you persist.
  5. Your CPU does not support the instructions that are compiled into the DS918 kernel, so if you change to 1.04b/DS918 it will crash.
  6. In addition to bricked boxes due to inattentive upgrades, there seems to be a surge of questions regarding how to select a DSM platform, version and loader. This table should help navigate the options and current state of the loaders. While situations rapidly change, it should be correct as of the listed date. 6.x Loaders and Platforms as of 12/Jan/2019 Loader DSM Platform DSM Version Kernel DSM /dev/dri DSM NVMe cache Boot method CPU Needed Notes 1.04b DS918 6.2 to 6.2.1 4.4.x Supported Supported EFI or Legacy BIOS Haswell or later recommended 1.03b DS3615 6.2 to 6.2.1 3.10.x Not Supported Not Supported Legacy BIOS only Nehalem or later recommended, 6.2.1 requires Intel NIC 1.03b DS3617 6.2 only 3.10.x Not Supported Not Supported Legacy BIOS only Nehalem or later 6.2.1 crashes on USB kernel drivers 1.02b DS916 6.0.3 to 6.1.7 3.10.x Supported Not Supported EFI or Legacy BIOS (Jun) MBR (Genesys) Nehalem or later 1.02b DS3615 6.0.3 to 6.1.7 3.10.x Not Supported Not Supported EFI or Legacy BIOS (Jun) MBR (Genesys) Nehalem or later recommended 1.02b DS3617 6.0.3 to 6.1.6 3.10.x Not Supported Not Supported EFI or Legacy BIOS (Jun) MBR (Genesys) Nehalem or later 6.1.7 crashes under ESXi for unknown reason 1.01 DS916 or DS3615 or DS3617 6.0 to 6.0.2 3.10.x Not Supported Not Supported EFI or Legacy BIOS (Jun) MBR (Genesys) Nehalem or later obsolete
  7. flyride

    TerraMaster F2-220

    That system uses a J1800 which is an Ivy Bridge processor. The 1.04b loader/DS918 image combination requires Haswell or later, so your CPU is not supported. On 1.03b/DS3615, you may be able to install DSM 6.2 but as soon as you get to 6.2.1 via initial install or upgrade, an Intel NIC is required as the kernel panics on non-e1000e devices. So you may be out of luck with that hardware, given the current state of things. 1.02b/DS3615/DSM 6.1.7 may stand a better chance to work and it's still extremely supportable. FMI:
  8. flyride

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Yes, 6.2.1 is a Synology recommended update from 6.2. If you do NOT have an Intel NIC serviced by the e1000e driver, installing that update will brick your installation, otherwise it should be okay. You can confirm you have such a NIC by SSH to your box and type "lspci -k" and you should receive something similar to the following in your output: # lspci -k 0000:13:00.0 Class 0200: Device 8086:10d3 Subsystem: Device 15ad:07d0 Kernel driver in use: e1000e #
  9. Maybe some baseline perspective would be helpful. Synology sells hardware that runs open-source software on it which they brand as DSM. They would prefer that nobody uses this software outside of their paid hardware platform, so they put in failsafe checks to disable the software when their hardware is not detected. XPEnology intends to defeat those failsafe checks and allow DSM to run on other hardware. But the capabilities of DSM are defined by Synology (NVMe support, for example), and we can extend some of those capabilities by leveraging the hardware options available to us (using ESXi to map NVMe drives into DSM, for example). Most who want to DSM using XPEnology have a base understanding of what DSM is and does, and may understand its limitations, having used it on actual Synology hardware before, so the above statements are neither controversial or offensive. Many who deploy DSM using XPEnology for the first time do so on baremetal (without virtualization) because the behavior of the system and how it relates to the hardware is closest to the experience they have had with actual Synology hardware. ESXi adds more complexity to the installation but increases hardware options and capabilities. It's a bit easier to make functional if already familiar with a baremetal install of DSM under XPEnology, and practical knowledge of ESXi is also very helpful.
  10. XPEnology is not an operating system. DSM is the operating system. The SATA configuration option you are referring to is ESXi, not XPEnology, and not DSM. Regardless of how we define things, perhaps when created your VM, you selected something other than the recommended "Other 3.x or later Linux (x64)" as the tutorial instructs. In any case, it does take some time to navigate the versions and information out there, since nobody is getting paid for it.
  11. DSM 6.2 on DS918 as compiled by Synology supports NVMe drives for cache only. Not for installation/boot/data, which must be SATA. But I don't think that's the issue here, it seems that maybe you don't fully understand how devices are represented in ESXi. Your NVMe drive seems to be attached to ESXi as a datastore (which is fine). Then you are trying to configure a virtual SCSI controller (which won't work with DSM 6.2). I'm not sure if you created a virtual data disk or not but you need something to attach to the controller. You can definitely create a virtual disk on your NVMe datastore and present it to your VM as a SATA-connected drive. You can also create a physical RDM pointer to your NVMe drive and present it to the VM as a SATA-connected drive. But you can't use it as an ESXi datastore at the same time (you will need something else for your datastore). In each of the above cases, you will have NVMe performance but DSM will think it's a SATA drive.
  12. Patchlevel? Unsure about why you don't have it. But it is required for 6.2.x so you will need to solve it.
  13. This is an ESXi error, nothing to do with XPEnology. You need to use a virtual SATA controller for 1.04b bootloader not SCSI. Set up SATA Controller 0 with the bootloader as disk 0. Set up a second SATA Controller 1 with your data drive(s)
  14. flyride

    Set static IP address on Bootloader

    You will initially need a DHCP server for installation. Once installed you can change to static with no problem.
  15. flyride

    Upgrading to DSM 6.2 with ESXi 6.5

    This part is true This part is not true. 1.03b/DS3615 works fine on 6.2.1 as long as you have the e1000e NIC set.
  16. flyride

    Problem ASrock J4205

    Thanks for posting. This is probably applicable to any of the Apollo Lake/Gemini Lake-based products.
  17. flyride

    HELP - HP Gen8 DSM6.2 Stopped Services

    Duplicate post:
  18. flyride

    Upgrading to DSM 6.2 with ESXi 6.5

    You can definitely upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2.x without building a new VM, but you will need to replace your boot loader with 1.03b or 1.04b. As soon as you do that it will prompt to install DSM 6.2.x and then upgrade with your existing VM information and drives. Your risk is that your NIC or controllers aren't supported. If you don't passthrough anything that shouldn't be a problem. But you have a virtualized environment already. Build up a test system exactly like your current system, write down your upgrade procedure, and test it so you know your procedure will work. And even if something goes wrong, your data isn't automatically at risk, you just can't get to it until you resolve the problem. But you are correct in that you should have a backup somewhere else so you don't have to worry about that. Personally, I have two XPEnology servers and I use BTRFS snapshot replication to create exact copies from one to the other. Much, much better than any traditional backup application.
  19. I can see that by reading the posts in this thread. The answer to your problem is also in the posts in this thread, if you will kindly do the same.
  20. I think most HP Microserver users are staying with 1.03b and DS3615xs DSM along with a PCIe Intel NIC and disabling on-board NIC. 1.04b is only for DS918 which requires Haswell CPU. FMI:
  21. flyride

    migrate from 6.1.7-15284 to 6.2.1

    I believe that motherboard uses Realtek NICs. So you will need to go buy an Intel PCIe NIC and disable RealTek in the BIOS before updating to 6.2.1. FMI:
  22. Download the loader again and write a fresh copy to your USB.
  23. This suggests you are trying to reuse a USB loader that was used (or was attempted to be used) for another XPEnology installation of 6.2.1. For example, you accidentally clicked on the "install the latest DSM" option and it installed and then of course hung since that loader doesn't support 6.2.x Download the loader again and write a fresh copy to your USB.
  24. Try the DS3615xs version. You may need to regen your boot loader USB too.