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  1. hy i installed dsm 6.1.3 15152 update 4 in my virtual box vm for testing the upgrade succeded, update 4 is correctly shown i need to shutdown the vm and reboot because the system did not restart correctly. i am waiting for other messages about update before applying update to productive machines.
  2. hw transcoding in video station is not possible because synology does not use intel qsv you have to uncheck it so video station can use cpu for video transcoding maybe you can use plex or other sw for intel qsv hw video transcoding, but i don't know if its working btw - nice new system
  3. Hy Why don't you just disconnect the LEDs on the Mainboard? Would be the easiest way. Or take electrical tape and stick it over the LEDs
  4. sehr gut! hast du einen bond - also 2gbit? ich meinte du bekommst übers netzwerk nicht mehr als 110 MByte/s rüber lokal ist die ssd sicher schneller. nur was machst du wenn dir der platz ausgeht und du keinen sata anschluss mehr frei hast?
  5. Man verbaut sich halt einen platz für eine platte! Über gbit bekommt man auch nicht mehr rüber als 110mbyte/sek Das starten der apps bzw die reaktions Geschwindigkeit ist doch sehr subjektiv Mein volume 1 ist eine 4tb wd red mit btrfs Das ext4 schneller / besser ist als btrfs höre ich zum ersten mal. Hab gerade erst umgestellt!!!
  6. I got the same board asrock j3455-itx I have no issues with onboard nic The Performance is great! What are your issues gex?
  7. Have a look at /etc/samba/smbpasswd Are there only xxx? If yes go to control panel and set password for your user! You can also set same password
  8. My second adapter has no ip They enforce you to have one but i dont have a cluster, so no need for a second nic Maybe try to unplug the cable from second adapter and try again
  9. I am using Virtual Machine Manager on my system. I installed Windows 7 SP1 X86. Working fine so far, also noVNC is working, but i turned on RDP because it is more flexible in my opinion. But i don't think i can help you with your issue.
  10. The greater Business Devices ds3615xs and ds3617xs natively support all normal raid modes On ds916+ image you can use shr natively But you can change with obove config change
  11. There is a tutorial, read it! synoboot.vmdk - IDE Controller has to be used data discs are working over SCSI on boot up of loader select 3rd option VMWARE have fun!
  12. there is a thread about it: you can't use DS916+ image because your cpu is too old - xeon V4 needed or HASWELL desktop CPU its up to you to go for ds3615xs or ds3617xs
  13. if you set highter mtu it will only affects large file transfers a ping or ssh should always be possible, normally also http/https at the moment i also did not try higher mtus, because atm I am busy with btrfs migration
  14. update to dsm 6.1.3 15152 worked for me on jun loader 1.02b ds916+ image! updated from version 6.1.2 15132 u1 read and write speed is normal on my system - baremetal
  15. you can deactivate that setting in BIOS/UEFI search for "Restore on AC/Power Loss" Power OFF -> the system does not boot after power loss Power ON -> the system boots