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  1. Your nas is not faster with newer usb stick, so there is no reason at all for a change. The usb stick boots the loader. When you want to try other stick, check vid and pid of the stick an adjust the config. Then it should work. Reinstall is not necessary.
  2. You need a capable cpu for 916+ image. Core i v4 haswell at least or braswell or apollo lake
  3. DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 8

    I think i will leave out this update since my xpenology boxes are all on LAN not wireless. Does anyone use xpenology over wireless? BTW: synology is really fast deploying updates! the enterprise wireless in my company has not got the KRACK update yet^^
  4. Here you go!
  5. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    Check the pat file md5 hash Is vid & pid of the stick correct? Which loader and and hardware are you using?
  6. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    get a new usb stick, download loader for 916, put it on the stick, edit the cfg! boot with the stick an choose migrate when asked (or make a test install on another hard diks) you can test new loader with the new usb stick. in case its not working you can change back to old stick ONCE YOU HAVE MIGRATED the data on your productive disk a downgrade is not possible the same way!
  7. Modifying /etc/* configuration files

    yes of I course i know - a linux system without root is like a bike without wheel but you can't login as root per default since 6.x
  8. Modifying /etc/* configuration files

    Sry i dont know Maybe try install it from entware ng
  9. Modifying /etc/* configuration files

    Try with root permission sudo -i Then give your normal admin password Since 6.x there is no root account anymore
  10. What version for Intel I5??

    The cpu core count is hardcoded in the webinterface Also the cpu model With cat /proc/cpuinfo you can see all cores! 3617 uses broadwell cpu architecture But there are fewer commuity packages available 916 should be able of hardware transcode, But not in dsvideo In plex it should be possible but you need plex pass paid version Its up to you Check this thread
  11. add Certificate for secure connection

    You have to forward port 80 http and port 443 https to your nas on your router Web station needs to be installed Then it should work Is remote connection from internet possible? Test it, for example with your smartphone You will get the certificate error but thats ok After that try to get lets encrypt certificate
  12. DSM 6.2 Beta

    how have you installed it? on a REAL synology box or on an xpenology box using DOCKER or VirtualMachineManager? can't get it to work
  13. Apollo Lake J3455 need 918+ image

    sounds great! keep us informed
  14. Das würde heißen ein spindown ist gar nicht möglich? Kann man das raid1 der systempartition auflösen bzw Platten rausnehmen?
  15. Update von 5.0-4493 auf 6.1x

    Ich bekomme es auch nicht hin das meine platten in hibernation gehen Hat jemand tipps dazu? Hab eine basic hdd 4tb als system disk mit allen apps und 2 x 3tb im shr Diese hdds sollen schlafen Hat das schon jemand hinbekommen?