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  1. Problem with ASROCK J3455B-ITX

    sorry, i don't have the same board mine is ASROCK J3455-ITX without B
  2. Problem with ASROCK J3455B-ITX

    maybe check bios/uefi settings i got the exact same board. it works with xpenology-916+ image
  3. @djwayne1985 when you don't have an ethernet cable you can buy a wifi router and make it a wlan client and connect cable to your nas. or you can buy ethernet over power line adapter.
  4. i cannot answer your main question, but i have some workarounds for you: you can also use synology assistent program or you can go to your router webinterface and have a look at the dhcp leases there.
  5. coffee lake i3

    it runs on almost every cpu, intel cpus worked most of the time. try it out, or try to search if anyone testet already.
  6. Synology Drive

    The drive app on Android complains about the letsencrypt certificate on my Android phone. Someone with a real box may open a ticket...
  7. Your nas is not faster with newer usb stick, so there is no reason at all for a change. The usb stick boots the loader. When you want to try other stick, check vid and pid of the stick an adjust the config. Then it should work. Reinstall is not necessary.
  8. You need a capable cpu for 916+ image. Core i v4 haswell at least or braswell or apollo lake
  9. DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 8

    I think i will leave out this update since my xpenology boxes are all on LAN not wireless. Does anyone use xpenology over wireless? BTW: synology is really fast deploying updates! the enterprise wireless in my company has not got the KRACK update yet^^
  10. Here you go!
  11. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    Check the pat file md5 hash Is vid & pid of the stick correct? Which loader and and hardware are you using?
  12. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    get a new usb stick, download loader for 916, put it on the stick, edit the cfg! boot with the stick an choose migrate when asked (or make a test install on another hard diks) you can test new loader with the new usb stick. in case its not working you can change back to old stick ONCE YOU HAVE MIGRATED the data on your productive disk a downgrade is not possible the same way!
  13. Modifying /etc/* configuration files

    yes of I course i know - a linux system without root is like a bike without wheel but you can't login as root per default since 6.x
  14. Modifying /etc/* configuration files

    Sry i dont know Maybe try install it from entware ng
  15. Modifying /etc/* configuration files

    Try with root permission sudo -i Then give your normal admin password Since 6.x there is no root account anymore