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  1. In addition, I confirmed that the "DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 1" version is also normally applied.
  2. Thanks to you, it has been confirmed once again that the applied code works well as long as the major version of DSM does not change. Thank you for your confirmation.
  3. Maybe... 24 threads. Please refer to the link below.
  4. Are you sure you are running it as root? # id Or did you give the file execute permission? # chmod 755 ch_cpuinfo
  5. ch_cpuinfo does not get the value of the cpu frequency. In DMS for each model, it seems that the cpu name is expressed as a fixed value, but the rest of the values are called flexibly.
  6. It's been a long time, so I don't know if my old script still works, but it seems possible if you add Broadcom's driver (tg3). I also have microserver gen8, so this part has already been confirmed.
  7. Today, through your source analysis, I was able to see how you used to handle encrypted pats after version 42281 and how to import zImage, rd.gz , GRUB_VER, grub_cksum.syno through it. Also, I was able to check how to create custom.gz. I think your method and the ideas you have developed are amazing!! If you allow it, I would like to use that method and reflect it in the process of creating a multiloader. However, since rploader is in charge of the build process, I will try to apply only the part that proceeds after the build.
  8. I haven't tried everything, but custom.gz I just updated and confirmed that the driver was applied properly. I first thought about making a multi-loader base with images built by default in RedPill and building and importing only the necessary custom.gz in RedPill. If only custom.gz can be controlled separately, I also thought that it would be possible to skip the build. As with all my scripts, I don't want to touch the main features of RedPill. Currently, I think the best way is to use the auxiliary role in which RedPill runs or to utilize the results created through RedPill. It's a pleasure to see so many things I can create with your wonderful results.
  9. Added a video on how to add an extension driver to Topic. Please refer to it for use.
  10. I don't think you need to update rd.gz. Instead, if you import custom.gz from the build including the driver and overwrite it, you can boot with the driver applied loader. I succeeded in this test and I will post a related method soon.
  11. As mentioned in the topic, the default setting for the ESXi environment is SATA1 (1:0). Change #==================================================================================== ## SATA Boot Priority (default : loader (1:0), data (0:0) ) #==================================================================================== set shd=hd1 To #==================================================================================== ## SATA Boot Priority (default : loader (1:0), data (0:0) ) #==================================================================================== set shd=hd0 in grub.cfg
  12. A new version can be downloaded. Thank you to nemesis122 and RICARDO MELO for reporting the error. Thanks to you, I was able to add more features and see if it works.
  13. As mentioned in Topic, this material is made with ESXi basic base. Of course, no other drivers exist. I will guide you on how to add drivers in the next version. In addition, the use of the above mentioned Baremetal is not currently normal, so please use the next released version. Good news soon.
  14. I'm so sorry.. Since I mainly use ESXi and it works well on ESXi, I guess I didn't pay attention to USB booting. I have confirmed the phenomenon that does not work in baremetal, and I'll try to solve the problem. This is a temporary way to do it. rufus -> grub2.06 select -> USB adjust OSFmount -> img mount 1st partition -> copy all > USB open > paste I have confirmed that the grub menu appears. I will fix it so that baremetal can work well as soon as possible. thank you
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