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  1. I am not a professional developer I am a bit embarrassed every time I release the source ,, Please see below.
  2. Thanks gericb like the story of "praise makes whales dance," and I am grateful for your praise and support and I feel rewarding for this work. I will make continue something that a lot of people can sympathize with. And.. Considering your feedback, let's express a more advanced way to core in the next version.
  3. OMG!!! I’m so sorry... I was completely forgetting the basic information of the DS3615xs. I also seem to have misunderstood the intent of the question. Please understand my mistakes and forgive me if the my reply is rude. The number of cores was determined only by the total number of processors on cpuinfo. I'll try to think more about the core. Thank you
  4. First, find by site. # i3-3220 -> of Core: 2 / of Threads: 4 / Frequency : 3.30Ghz # i3-4130 -> of Core: 2 / of Threads: 4 / Frequency : 3.40Ghz Compared to the results you showed, I do not mind the number of cores, but I think Frequency needs to be checked. Image #3 Bios Info Core Count = 2 / HT Capable = yes -> Total Logical Cores is 4. I do not know if your Xpenology environment is Native or VM, but generally the total number of cores is determined by the number of logical cores. Your i3-3220 looks normal. As with the /proc/cpuinfo output (processor 0 to 3, total count 4). However, i3-4130 is 2Core, HT is disabled or VM is likely to have allocated 2Core. In case of Frequency, I decided that my CPU is E3-1230 V2 and it is normal. It looks like your i3-4130 result shows a fixed value at the time of disconnection. Please check it again and show me the i3-4130's cpuinfo, dmidecode. Your information will be of great help. Thank you !!
  5. I uploaded a new version file that supports mobile. It's possible to use !!
  6. Thank you. I found out what the problem was because of the results you showed. I will upload and update soon. After that, your machine will be able to see cpu info.
  7. Please let me know the result of the commands below. dmidecode -t processor and cat /proc/cpuinfo
  8. Check your uploaded file permission If Permission is not"rwxr-xr-x" or "rwx--x--x", you can be change 755 or 777 by "chmod" command.
  9. thank you "Polanskiman" for the information !! Additional, Taking the DS3615xs's update as an example.. if the update package file "synology_bromolow_3615xs.pat" contains "dsm-AdminCenter-bromolow-bin_6.2-23739-s2_all.deb", "admin_center.js, admin_center.gz.js" files in the *.deb will overwrite the modified files as posted by "Polanskiman", and the contents of the CPU information will be replaced with the original contents. Easy!! You just have to do it again. Warnning!! If you run this tool and update it, and the CPU info has changed to the original info, 1st, delete location "/root/Xpenology" 2nd, please do not select 2) Redo and select 1) First Run. Because, If you choose 2) Redo, you will be restoring to the pre-patch version. I will reflect the contents when revising the next version.
  10. Thanks for the advice. First, This is the system bash shell script, not node.js or javascript. The reason I made this tool binary is that most DSM users do not understand the shell script, so to minimize the possibility of malfunction caused by mistake. Also, I am not a professional developer, so I was embarrassed to publish a script that was made inexact. For that reason, I uploaded it as an executable file, and I thought enough about what could be misunderstood as an executable. It is up you to decide whether to believe or not. If you like, publishing the source is not difficult. Please refer to the following. Instead, please do not blame me for not making it.
  11. Hello! I am xpenology user. And I am an IT engineer who creates shell scripts as hobbies. Please understand that it is written by a google translate site. because i’m korean who is not fluent in English. I created a tool to change cpu information for Xpenology’s users. Modify the actual cpu name and cores of your pc or server. Howto Run ============================================================= 1. Download attached file on your PC (ch_cpuinfo_en.tar) / (ch_cpuinfo_kr.tar is file for korean) 2. Upload file to your DSM location (by filestation, sftp, webdav etc....) 3. Connect to ssh by admin account. (dsm > control panel > terminal & snmp > terminal > enable ssh check) 4. Switch user to root: sudo su - (input admin password) 5. Change directory to where ch_cpuinfo_en.tar file is located: cd /volume1/temp 6. Decompress file & check file: tar xvf ch_cpuinfo_en.tar ls -lrt (check root’s run auth) 7. Run to Binary file ./ch_cpuinfo 8. When you execute it, proceed according to the description that is output. 9. Check your DSM’s CPU name, CPU cores at “information center” ==================================================== Addtional, Adjust binary to excute file made by shc( The tool does not inclue worms, bad code. If you want to edit the CPU information yourself manually, please refer to the contents below. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Location : /usr/syno/synoman/webman/modules/AdminCenter Source : admin_center.js / admin_center.js.gz(above 6.2) Add Before -> if(Ext.isDefined(f.cpu_vendor)&&Ext.isDefined(f.cpu_family)&&Ext.isDefined(f.cpu_series)){ o.push([_T("status","cpu_model_name"),String.format("{0} {1} {2}",f.cpu_vendor,f.cpu_family,f.cpu_series)])} if(Ext.isDefined(f.cpu_cores)){o.push([_T("status","cpu_cores"),f.cpu_cores])} Add contents: f.cpu_vendor="Intel";f.cpu_family="Xeon";f.cpu_series="E3-1230 V2";f.cpu_cores="1"; ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Finally, All descriptions are based on version 6.2, and the actual executable file supports both 5.x and 6.x. Please contact me by comment or bug report, i’ll respond to you as much as possible within my ability. Test & Made Environment ———————————————————————————————————— Base Server : HP Microserver gen8 + VMware ESXi 6.0 + RDM DSM : 6.2-23739 Update 2 (DS3615xs/DS3617xs) 6.1-15284 Update 2 (DS3615xs) ———————————————————————————————————— Thank you!! Have a nice day!! ============================================= Update new version 2018.08.26 I made the tool by adding and improving the function. Please refer to above for how to use it. I delete the old version attached files, new version uploaded and attached. If you use last version tool, you can use without restore. Additional,  It does not yet apply to "mobile web" and "DS finders". it's working.... and... Polanskiman give editable permission to me. so, i can do first article.. thanks Polanskiman !!! ============================================================================ Update new version (ch_cpuinfo ver 4.0) 2018.09.13 1. Mobile support (just 6.x / not yet 5.x) You can see it when you go into mobile browser or "DS mobile" menu in "DS Finder" 2. Improved CPU information collection command Some dmidecode commands have been found to be missing information and have been improved.(Thanks stefauresi !!! ) 3. Edited some variable names I adjusted some inconsistently coded variables Addtional, Usage is the same as before. and Existing users can apply by "2) Rerun". Unfortunately, DS Finder's own app does not reflect system information. It seems to refer to other information and it seems to have to study more. I checked as much as I could ... There may be errors found. Let me know in that time and I will reflect it If you want to edit the CPU information yourself manually, please refer to the contents below. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Location : /usr/syno/synoman/mobile/ui (6.x), /usr/syno/synoman/webman/mapp(not yet 5.x) Source : mobile.js / mobile.js.gz(above 6.2) {name: "model",label: _T("common", "ds_model")}, -> Add Back Add Contents: {name: "cpu_series",renderer: function(value){var cpu_vendor="Intel";var cpu_family="Xeon";var cpu_series="E3-1230 V2";var cpu_cores="1"; return Ext.String.format('{0} {1} {2} ({3}Core)', cpu_vendor, cpu_family, cpu_series, cpu_cores);},label: _T("status", "cpu_model_name")}, ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Reference images 1) First run 2) Redi 3) Restore 4) Mobile View Download files ch_cpuinfo ver 1.0 - delete -> ch_cpuinfo_en.tar -> ch_cpuinfo_ko.tar ch_cpuinfo ver 3.0 - delete -> ch_cpuinfo_en.tar -> ch_cpuinfo_ko.tar ch_cpuinfo ver 4.0 - update new version -> ch_cpuinfo_en.tar -> ch_cpuinfo_ko.tar