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  1. Thank you for the kind explanation of @flyride. I think @flyride's answer is enough to answer the questions of @ed_co and @ssuper2k. ch_cpuinfo has no function other than simply outputting the contents recorded in the current hardware information. It would be good to know with common sense that only /proc/cpuinfo is output, and most models only use up to 8 cores.
  2. Thank you for showing your information. ch_cpuinfo no longer uses dmidecode. It is confirmed that there are 8 cores activated through your /proc/cpuinfo. The low value(Core Count: 8/Core Enabled: 8/Thread Count: 16) of dmidecode is not the active information, but the information of the CPU(i9-9900K) itself. if your system dedicated, check if the Hyper Threading (HT) value of CMOS is Enabled.
  3. ch_cpuinfo no longer uses dmidecode. Compare 'cat / proc / cpuinfo' and 'dmidecode -t processor' except grep.
  4. I am even more impressed that you have commented in Korean. Thank you.
  5. I'm so sorry.... I didn't know if the keyword to search for was changed in 6.2.3-25423, (Change ".model]);" to ".model])}") but it was checked and fixed while debugging through error reporting. Thanks!! Thanks @TRTL74, @Loweack, @smileyworld for 6.2.3-25423 user who want to refresh Overwrite the two unzipped files (admin_center.js / admin_center.js.gz) to DSM location /usr/syno/synoman/webman/module/AdminCenter/
  6. I'm so sorry. It seems that there was an error in modifying the source while changing the collection method. I am currently looking for the cause. I'll edit it and upload it again
  7. This is the file and folder for backup in the place where ch_cpuinfo was executed. ex) ch_cpuinfo, Xpenology_backup
  8. Perhaps the information entered through dmidecode is different from the collection method changed this time, so it seems that the reinstallation did not proceed normally. 1. go to synology download center 2. download .pat file 3. decompress .pat file 4. decompress hda.tgz file 5. decompress hda file 6. open folder "usr\syno\synoman\webman\modules\AdminCenter" 7. copy overwrite admin_center.js, admin_center.js.gz files to DSM's sam location. 8. Delete ch_cpuinfo and related files and fold
  9. Today update ^^ You can download the new ch cpuinfo with new DSM support.
  10. Thank you!! Your action was helpful in situations where I haven't DSM updated yet.
  11. do use 7zip 1. extract DSMxxx.pat check of hda1.tgz file 2. extract hda1.tgz check of hda1 follder 3. extract hda1 check of hda1~ folder eg.) c:\DSM_DS3615xs_24922\hda1\hda1~\usr\syno\synoman\webman\modules\AdminCenter 4. you can find original admin_center.js & admin_center.hs.gz 5 do use sftp, upload and overwite two files. After checking back your DSM information and then you do run again.
  12. when i made ch_cpuinfo, i think ed about only DSM version upgrade. but, may be don't thinked about hardware change. if you can find path file location "/usr/syno/synoman/webman/modules/AdminCenter/admin_center.js" ""/usr/syno/synoman/webman/modules/AdminCenter/admin_center.js.gz" after extract original file in DSMxxx.pat, copy to overwrite location. or edit by vi tool source. and then you do run again.
  13. two case is dmidecode is wrong. i make ch_cpuinfo refer to 1st dmidecode after 2nd /proc/cpuinfo. i'll modify source change to procedure ch_cpuinfo next version. Thank you!!
  14. Can you show me command result “dmidecode -t process”. I think... may be script running first “dmidecode” after refer “/proc/cpuinfo”.