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  1. It looks like the last time I contacted fhocorp + cpu_vendor=' Intel' + cpu_family=' Xeon' + cpu_series=' E5504' The variable contains a blank line. Last time was Nehalem CPU .. Can you show the result of "dmidecode -t processor"? It seems that certain CPUs may be blank when collecting information.
  2. My testing environment is all VM, and I see that phenomenon for the first time. Is it a phenomenon when it is Native? I can not say that I can do that
  3. Maybe you should comment on the result of `sh -x`
  4. Good job You did well. It is important to change the information and not worry about poor tools. You had a lot of efforts to try various things. Thank you.
  5. Thank you. Your "admin_center.js" file is not problem. I think that one thing that I mentioned before is the cause. It seems that line wrapping is still inserted in the process of collecting information and putting it into a variable. Your GATHER_FN function My GATHER_FN function Please compare. Collected CPU information is entered into the line without entering the variables thoroughly. + cpu_vendor=' Intel' + cpu_family=' Xeon' + cpu_series=' E5440' The variables of the collected information are continuously changed and displayed. + cpu_info='f.cpu_vendor=" Intel";f.cpu_family=" Xeon";f.cpu_series=" E5440";f.cpu_cores="4 Cores (1 CPU\/4 Cores | 4 Threads)";' + sed -i 's/f.model]);/f.model]);f.cpu_vendor=" Intel";f.cpu_family=" Xeon";f.cpu_series=" E5440";f.cpu_cores="4 Cores (1 CPU\/4 Cores | 4 Threads)";/g' /root/Xpenology_backup/admin_center.js sed: -e expression #1, char 37: unterminated `s' command This is correct. + cpu_info='f.cpu_vendor="Intel";f.cpu_family="Xeon";f.cpu_series="E3-1230 V2";f.cpu_cores="8 Cores (1 CPU\/8 Cores | 8 Threads)";' + sed -i 's/f.model]);/f.model]);f.cpu_vendor="Intel";f.cpu_family="Xeon";f.cpu_series="E3-1230 V2";f.cpu_cores="8 Cores (1 CPU\/8 Cores | 8 Threads)";/g' /root/Xpenology_backup/admin_center.js Why the space is in the GATHER_FN function should be checked one line at a time. To find out why. in the GATHER_FN function's should be checked one line, one command. I am sorry that I can not solve it right now.
  6. Thank you for your confirmation. There seems to be more problems than I thought. I think I should open the js file and check it myself. Could you attach a file? I'd like to show you both backed up and original files.
  7. If there was no error when executing a separate command, the code is correct. Does it work as a binary file and the result is the same? One more let me know.
  8. There is no abnormality in particular. But, Is there a way to change the line when pasting it like this? Or does it look like the terminal window has changed lines or lines? admin_center.js file copy to admin_center.js_bak Try typing in the terminal to see if there are any errors # sed -i 's/f.model]);/f.model]);f.cpu_vendor="Intel";f.cpu_family="Xeon";f.cpu_series="E5440";f.cpu_cores="4 Cores (1 CPU\/4 Cores | 4 Threads)";/g' /tmp/admin_center.js_bak If you do not get an error, may have been blanked or wrapped in the process of moving it to your DSM. Please run it and let me know the result.
  9. no, That does not mean that. While upgrading ch_cpuinfo from 1.0 to 5.0. Collection methods, results, etc. have been changed. That's why I've been struggling to minimize problems that could occur when using previous ch_cpuinfo users. The "RERUN_FN" function is the function that contains the process of modifying the modified file again. In this process, all users have the same DSM environment, so there is a possibility of errors. I hope I have answered your question correctly. English is too hard
  10. I have made some parts of the old version of ch_cpuinfo that allow me to cope with the problem and some problems may arise. It is also a good idea to proceed after restoring the original with No. 3 restores. If you want to know more exactly where the error is, go to sh -x and show me the error detected part. Thank you
  11. Sorry. As the number goes up, this situation occurs. DSM 6.x and ch_cpu info 5.2. I will correct it. Thank you!!
  12. Please run it as a new source file. I have solved the related problem.
  13. I have been busy a little while and the update is late. Sorry for not responding to your feedback right away. I uploaded a new version file that source after including the work so that it can run even in DSM 5.x version.. It's possible to use !! Publish the source is not only here, but also through github( For versions DSM 6.x and later, you can use the binary as before. If you use busybox in DSM 5.x, you can use it as a source file(
  14. In the 5.x version environment, I checked exactly what the problem was after testing. 5.x version is configured as busybox unlike jun's loader of 6.x. busybox does not have bash defined and should use sh or ash. ## DSM 5.x Syno52> ls -lrt /bin/*sh* lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 7 Nov 8 17:34 /bin/sh -> busybox lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 7 Nov 8 17:34 /bin/ash -> busybox ## DSM 6.x root@admin:~# ls -lrt /bin/*sh* | grep bash -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1024856 May 19 09:35 /bin/bash lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 Aug 15 18:45 /bin/sh -> bash lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 Aug 15 18:45 /bin/ash -> bash It is judged that it is necessary to modify with boths by "/bin/sh". But, binary execution will fail with an error message with "applet not found" (probably because busybox is lite linux base). So, I am worried. About How to distribute in binary format ... (Actually, when I run by shell script, 5.x version also works normally.) I will think more and make a decision. Thanks nvrsk for your information! I apologize for the inconvenience.