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  1. show me your cpuinfo cat /proc/cpuinfo
  2. check your ch_cpuinfo.tar attribute. It's like the message I get when I try to decompress a binary file.
  3. After executing ch_cpuinfo, add the current CPU information output before applying
  4. Support DSM 7.x . Available now !!
  5. I know that 3617 is recognized up to 16Threads. reference link The information in the image in the screenshot looks a bit odd, but if you show me the full contents of "cat /proc/cpuinfo", I'll take a look.
  6. Please understand that I am not good at English, so I used Google Translate. A request to AMD CPU users. Hello, I am the creator of ch_cpuinfo. Recently, it has been confirmed that the number of cores and threads counts of AMD CPUs are different from those of Intel, and I am not using AMD, so I need information about that. So, we need help from AMD users. Access Xpenology with ssh and type "cat /proc/cpuinfo". I would appreciate it if you could provide a full log. From older models such as Athlon to recent time
  7. Tanks Arithon, The information you showed made me understand what the status was. In the case of Intel, the value of 'siblings' is used to determine the physical core and HT, and it is induced to show the threads value, but in the case of AMD, it is confirmed that this value does not exist. It's like Intel's HT, it's 6 core, but it's supposed to use 12 threads, but it seems to have to be modified so that it can be organized with information from cpuinfo. Thanks for the information. I'll update it soon when it's done.
  8. thank you for feedback!! If you look at your cpuinfo shown last time, you can see that the total number of processors is 12 Of course, it was made based on Intel's standards, but I think 12 is correct because it is based on the number of processors in your cpuinfo. If you give information on the BIOS or OS about 6core, I will study the AMD counting method again. Below is your cpuinfo file. cat-proc-cpuinfo output.txt *p.s : Oh, and if the serial in the screenshot is genuine, it would be better t
  9. I updated new version ch_cpuinfo !!! I hope this version goes well
  10. good job!! I will update right away
  11. At first I thought it was happening when using AMD. I found the cause by looking at the execution log you gave me. In a variable called cpu_familry It is designed to contain only one line of CPU name. I don't know why, but the result is entered as two lines. In the past, some people did this manually for this reason. "sort -u" may not be working properly. As-Is + cpu_family='Ryzen 5 2600X Six-Core Ryzen 5 2600X Six-Core ' To-Be + cpu_family
  12. OMG!!! It seems to be solved by looking at the status when an error occurs. Would you show me again run to sourcefile "sh -x" full logging.
  13. I updated new version ch_cpuinfo !!! Unlike Intel, AMD reconfirmed and corrected errors in the process of gathering and sorting information. I don't know the exact result because I don't use AMD, so I think the error was caused by making the source. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience caused to AMD users. I hope this version goes well
  14. Thanks for the your dsm information. Unlike Intel, AMD reconfirmed and corrected errors in the process of gathering and sorting information. Please re-check the new version v2.4.1-r01.
  15. Would you show me resualt "sh -x" And, show me "cat /proc/cpuinfo" too.