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  1. Hello~! I am xpenology user. And I am an IT engineer who creates shell scripts as hobbies. Please understand that it is written by a google translate site. because i’m korean who is not fluent in English. I created built Redpill Multi boot loader. Multiple DSMs can be used as one loader Requirement ============================================================= 1, Redpill-Multiloader_7.1-42661.img file Download Please understand that Google Drive is used because of its large capacity. There is a link below. 2. It is the same as using the existing Redpill Tinycore or a separately made loader. 3. ESXi Enviroment (Bootloader SATA1 (1:0), DataDisk SATA0 (0:0)) or Baremetal Enviroment (It can be used by making a USB with rufus or dd, etc.) How to RUN Redpill Multiloader ============================================================= 1. Redpill-Multiloader_7.1-42661.zip decompression 2. Modify /boot/grub/grub.cfg by mounting the first partition on OSFmount or TC #==================================================================================== ## User config - Your values Change #==================================================================================== set sn=1234SQRDD5678 set netif_num=1 set mac1=001122334455 set SataPortMap=9 set DiskIdxMap=0 set SasIdxMap=0 The USB or Boot oder part is an additional setting and does not necessarily need to be modified. 3. Convert Redpill-Multiloader_7.1-42661.img to Redpill-Multiloader_7.1-42661.vmdk, Redpill-Multiloader_7.1-42661-flat.vmdk 4. Register as boot disk in ESXi VM (default SATA1 (1:0)) 5. Enter GRUB and use the desired DSM version How to ADD Ext Driver (for Baremetal & ESXi, How to make USB Stick include) ============================================================= Additional notes ============================================================= 1. It is built by default for EXSi and can be modified after additional builds if necessary. (I'll update the method further.) 2. Due to variable processing for sn, mac, etc., it is temporarily modified in GRUB state and cannot be used. 3. The video has been processed only with the popular DS918+, DS920+, DS1621+, DS3622xs+, and DVA3221, and DS3615xs and DS3617xs are also available. 4. USB is handled as a submenu, and pressing ESC will return to the upper menu. 5. In the future, we plan to make Multiloader production possible directly on TC through tr_cb.sh. https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/60469-tinycore-redpill-create-boot-image-usb-tr_cb-v099-r01/ ## Update v2.0.0-r02- 2022.04.29 - Modification of efi classification conditional statement and redistribution of images - How to add Ext Driver Video production Attachement ============================================================= Download : (Google drive link - 400MB) - Please understand that Google Drive is used because of its large capacity https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t1cOPMmlSg3c65mXJBeI_44yor_sp9Xl/view?usp=sharing Finally comment ============================================================= I'm an ESXi user, so the Native test is lacking.(Check only basic bootability) Please note that there may be errors. If you tell me the test results and points for improvement, I'll reflect them. Have Nice Day!! Thank you~!!!
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