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  1. Sorry i didn't notice his disk was on port 3, i suggested sataportmap = 1 as he only has one disk and that worked for me when testing. I'm still learning myself
  2. Try SataPortMap 1 and drop the sataremap
  3. I popped it in an earlier post but add a serial port and set the output to be a file and i found it best to place the file inside the vm dir. The second time you run it it'll ask if you wish to append or overwrite which is normal.
  4. you you looked at the console output for any errors by piping the a serial port out to a file? What version of workstation are you running?
  5. I posted my vmware machine config above and the boot drive is setup for me like. Not sure if your on windows or linux but i found it best to put the vmdk provided by pocopico into the same vmware folder as the other vm machine files, saves issues with write permissions. I also had some issues with certain programs when unpacking the archive so maybe try another program. On linux gunzip has worked reliably for me.
  6. The compiled image is here
  7. do you not need a second / after the : at the end of the ip?
  8. Sorry i missed you were initially trying with 6.2. It's all new to me as i'm usually an unraid user till i found this was possible recently. Thought i'd put the screen grabs up to help anyone who has the same.
  9. As mentioned go into the directory where you vm is located and find the file with the .vmx extension and edit the file like below, this worked on vmware workstation 16 for me.
  10. As mentioned an easy way is to have it redirected to a file and then when you start up it shall write the console output to that file. When you restart the VM it shall ask if you wish to append or overwrite the file which is normal
  11. I just did a fresh git clone and flashed a usb stick and UFI didn't work for me.
  12. I'm up and working now which is cool!!! Manually adding the extension failed as i get the screenshot. But i didn't need it in the end as you were correct i hadn't set the vid/pid, sorry been changing that many things and rebooting i missed it this time. I also get an error complaining at line 1061 when doing a ./ listmods now but i guess that is down to my custom config file so shall investigate. I have a nvme on a pcie adaptor so will see about getting that working next also, for now though i'm super happy. thanks for the help
  13. That got me further, if i set the SataPortMap= to the number of drives on that controller it seems happier. I can now get to the next screen and it fails at %55 after pointing it to the .pat file which was copied down after the build
  14. Should telnet be up automatically, i can't seem to telnet or ssh to the ip
  15. I got things working on a VM and super impressed to i'm trying things on a physical machine which is an older optiplex 790 I've done the satamap now and it shows 6 disks which does seem right but i'm getting the "Something went wrong" error. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?