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  1. nein, bei laufenden 6.2.2 den usb rauszeihen, extra/extra2 aufkopieren (alternativ geht das auch unter dsm, man sollte nachher aber die usb partitons wieder unmounten) danach update auf 6.2.3 über die webgui durchführen, bei dem update wirde der kernel von 6.2.3 auch auf den usb kopiert ja, afir ist das atlantic.ko, du kannst die mit 7zip öffnen und nachsehen
  2. du kannst ja mal als gegencheck ein live linux booten und schauen ob damit die karte gefunden wird
  3. IG-88


    der usb ist wenn dsm gestartet ist nicht gemounted und wird nur beim booten benutzt
  4. beside 4 disks sharing 500MB/s (pcie 2. 0, one lane, marvell 88se9215) doesn't esxi support ahci in general, the controllers i mentioned above are ahci
  5. 3615/17 use the default of 12 drives, as the 4 drives of 918+ where kind of useless jun extended that in his patch (part of the loader) to 16 (thats checked/corrected on every boot so if a update sats it back it will be 16 when the system is booted as part of the update, as 3615/17 loader dont check or touch the values around disks numbers its always 12 and if you manually mangle the files it will be reset to 12 on updates and you would need to take care of this by yourself after the update) its not the loader its a feature of that dsm version, the older units 3615/17 dont have
  6. atm the latest drivers from realte do not compile aginst 3.10.105 synology source (3615/17), they do against 4.4.59 of 918+
  7. only changes and you can will see versions/states for every backup and you can consolidate to have only one/last backup (depending on the changes the backup will be bigger as older backups contain already deleted data)
  8. solltest du auf 6.2.3 updaten brauchst du eine andere extra.lzma https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/28321-driver-extension-jun-103b104b-for-dsm623-for-918-3615xs-3617xs/
  9. i have a very similar device, from its id its this one (asm1153/asm1051e based) https://linux-hardware.org/index.php?id=usb:174c-55aa work ootb with 6.2.3 (3617) and shows both usb slots as external devices the default usb config in synoinfo.conf is "3" so its for just 2 devices but even when i plugin in two usb flash drives and add the 2 slot box it gets recognized with its two slots and i see 4 usb devices as external in theory the usb devices should start with sdu and not sdv, maybe look for a device that got sdu (in dmesg) what dsm ty
  10. with 6.x there is noting on the monitor then the grub selection and you only need the defaut (1st entry) there is no console output, that goes all to the serial port so even with keyboard and monitor, there is nothing you would need it for, only in rare case of the special reinstall option you would need to select something in grub (if you scroll through the grub.cfg you will see the menu options of grub in the lower area)
  11. also hier wurde sie mal mit dem treiber geladen [Mon Jan 18 11:38:51 2021] bnx2x: QLogic 5771x/578xx 10/20-Gigabit Ethernet Driver bnx2x 1.713.00 ($DateTime: 2015/07/28 00:13:30 $) [Mon Jan 18 11:38:51 2021] bnx2x 0000:03:00.0: msix capability found [Mon Jan 18 11:38:51 2021] bnx2x 0000:03:00.0: part number 0-0-0-0 [Mon Jan 18 11:38:51 2021] bnx2x 0000:03:00.0: irq 75 for MSI/MSI-X [Mon Jan 18 11:38:51 2021] bnx2x 0000:03:00.0: irq 76 for MSI/MSI-X [Mon Jan 18 11:38:51 2021] bnx2x 0000:03:00.0: irq 77 for MSI/MSI-X [Mon Jan 18 11:38:51 2021] bnx2x 0000:03:00.0: irq 78 for MSI/MSI-X [Mon Ja
  12. gibt einige die das ding mit 6.2.3 betreiben https://xpenology.com/forum/search/?&q=n54l&type=forums_topic&nodes=78&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy wichtigester punkt bei 6.x wäre das du im bios die "C1E" funktion abschaltest, ansonsten gibts mit 1.03b 3615 und dsm 6.2.3 nichts weiter spezielles für die hardware davon abgesehen wäre bei 5.0 wohl kein udpate sondern eher 6.2 frisch installieren zu empfehlen das tutorial geht da von 5.2 falls du einupdate machen willst wäre also vermutlich ein zwischenschritt nötig die 5.0 hat sicher noch ex
  13. Jun's loader v1.01 DS3615xs DS3615xs 6.0.2 Jun's Mod V1.01.zip | 24.0 MB | MD5 = cf9d920edef96d58ae709674dc71511b from here https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/7848-links-to-loaders/ transfer it to usb with the tool "Win32DiskImager 1.0" win10 has a access problem for some time but if you start your (unix aware) editor (notepad++) "as adminsttrator" you can access the grub.cfg with the file open dialog in the editor if its linux you mount the 1st partition and edit the grub.cfg as you would do with other stuff the usb vendor and device id can be accessed in win
  14. before relying on that it might be a good idea to check if the last 4 ports are really working in a raid set there seems to be a 24 drive border but i'm not sure where exactly this is coming from, it was assumed to be related to single digit sdX drive assignment but i have seen a sdXX working lately with a controller "blocking" 32 positions (the layout and max was 16 in 918+ config) the approved layout is within the first 24 in absolute positions in that bit layout of drive positions, anything beyond that is not really tested and from my point of view unsafe until its tested (like ad
  15. he might need to restore/rebuild his old loader and as dsm is not starting anymore, he would need to use a recovery linux, assemble the raid1 system partitions and change the version file and after that he ends up with a massively outdated 5.2 system and no knowledge about 6.x that will help him later seems better to invest the time in getting 6.0 up and deciding about to repeat the steps used for 6.0 to get 6.2 up and running (no difference in preparing jun#s loader for 6.0 or 6.2)
  16. dann noch diese extra/extra2 auf die 2. partition (die zwei files dort ersetzen) https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/28321-driver-extension-jun-103b104b-for-dsm623-for-918-3615xs-3617xs/ extra.lzma/extra2.lzma for loader 1.04b ds918+ DSM 6.2.3 v0.13.3 scsi/sas disks will have no s.m.a.r.t. infos with lsi sas controllers (see edit2 above), newer atlantic.ko driver 2.3.4, r8125 added to rc.modules, used latest source for realtek drivers r8101/r8125/r8152/r8168/r8169, bna.ko firmware corrected http://www.filedropper.com/extra918plusv0133 https://gofile.io/d/jy9Q99 SHA256: EF6F26999
  17. https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/7973-tutorial-installmigrate-dsm-52-to-61x-juns-loader/
  18. usb vid/pid angepasst? keine alten partitonen auf der platte? wenn man 918+ mit hardware transcoding nutzen will muss man aber die neue extra/extra2.lzma benutzen damit der treiber i915.ko richtig funktioniert (kann man aber auch später auf den loader kopieren, installieren sollte auch mit der original extra/extra2 gehen)
  19. das wäre nur bei großen updates wir 6.2.0 -> 6.2.1, erkennt man an der größe von 200-300MB beim *.pat file, da ist dann eine hga1.tgz drin die alles "alte" überschreibt und wenn man an files rumfummelt die nicht von synology dafür vorgesehen sind wirds halt haariger (bei einer appliance deutlich mehr als bei einem normalen linux - aber da gibt es das auch) hast du auch den set netif_num= entsprechend angepasst? habe auch schon gesehen das mit cut&paste gearbeitet wurde und set mac2= dann 2-3 mal da stand mit unterschiedlichen mac adressen 3615/17 kann ootb mit 8 nics
  20. you could try this, the usb position where the drives "start" is the same as in the original config maxdisks="20" internalportcfg="0xfffff" esataportcfg="0x0" usbportcfg="0xf00000"
  21. maybe you gave up on waiting to fast on some system like older hpe microserver its know that udpate/install can take longer then the 10 min synology has set as default to wait also when doing a fresh install with 6.2.3 the process will automatically download update3 (latest addition update to 6.2.3) and install that too, adding one more boot and some time so about 30min might be possible that way for dsm and update to install but when using serial console you should see some entries about the udpate and also the disk activity should be visible on the led's the o
  22. there is a older tutorial for it https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/5442-downgrade-from-dsm-60/ imho easyest way might be to use a loader for dsm 6.0 and use it the way it is now the hardware is capable of running even the latest 6.2.3 loaders are here https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/7848-links-to-loaders/ there is also a older tutorial for that https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/7507-tutorial-installmigrate-dsm-52-to-602-juns-loader/ if you feel confident you might delete a older directory from 5.x installtion https://xpenology
  23. MBR version of the loader? in general i'd say if it runs 1.02b /dsm 6.2 it will run 1.03b / dsm 6.2 too, only difference is that this loader only starts in legacy / cms mode if the pc has a uefi bios (and you need to boot from the non uefo usb boot device), as hp has custom bios gui's it hard to say how the options are named, usually its near to anything about secure boot
  24. marvell does not have a recent pcie 3.0 sata/ahci chip and with just 1 or two pcie lanes for 4 ports ... , the often seen 88se9215 only has one lane and that#s 500MB/s for 4 ports if any the 88se9230/35 (two lanes 4 ports) asm has the asm1166 (6 ports 2 lanes pcie 3.0) but the firmware behaves odd, dsm will find 32 sata ports, the 6 ports work as expected and all following ports for another controller will get two digit sdXX, it seemed to work even with a disk shown as number 40 in the gui but i did not do much testing, i might fail when rebuilding a raid or in other situation
  25. sowas hatte ich mir schon gedacht, 1.03b kann kein uefi, braucht csm mode und es muss von non uefi usb device gebootet werden (sieht man meist erst wenn man mit csm on gebootet hat) https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/13333-tutorialreference-6x-loaders-and-platforms/ aber mit der hardware geht auch 1.04b 918+, das kann bei de modi und hat den moderneren kernel (mit treiber für hadware transcoding - intel quick sync video) nein, das gist nur wenn man 6.2.1/6.2.2 instaliert und dann baucht es auch eine spezielle extra.lzma damit das zusammen funtkioniert 6.2(.0