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  1. "SataPortMap": "68" maybe need to edit , "DiskIdxMap": "00060e" ?
  2. after remove 3 sata HDD and connect 3 USB looks like this connect more sata HDD is not seen, but new usb hdd connected as usb it seems as if usbportcfg="0xF000000" doesn't provide an offset for USB drives after 24, when the sata are not physically connected in all 24 positions.
  3. I physically connected 24 sata HDD and only after that the USB drives began to be connected as external USB, and not as internal
  4. /$ grep -i maxdisks /etc/synoinfo.conf maxdisks="24" /$ grep -i maxdisks /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf maxdisks="24"
  5. скорее всего вот табличка что на что ставиться
  6. another USB stick, usb with loader is not seen
  7. not work maxdisks="24" internalportcfg="0xFFFFFF" usbportcfg="0xF000000" esataportcfg="0x0000000000"
  8. build a new loader 3622xs+ "SataPortMap": "68", "DiskIdxMap": "00060e" }, "synoinfo": { "internalportcfg": "0x3ffffff", "esataportcfg": "0x0000000000", "usbportcfg": "0xfffc0000000", "maxdisks": "30", "support_bde_internal_10g": "no", "support_disk_compatibility": "no", "support_memory_compatibility": "no" }, "ramdisk_copy": {} } 1111 1111 1111 1100 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 ==> Usb ports (14 usb) FFFC0000000 0000 0000 0000 0011 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 ==> Sata ports (30 drives) 3FFFFFFF 0000 0000 0000 0000
  9. USB identify not work for z87x-d3h tc@box:~$ ./rploader.sh identifyusb now Found more than one USB disk devices, please select which one is your loader on 1) SanDisk 2) MXT #? 1 Selected Device : SanDisk , with VendorID: 0x0781 and ProductID: 0x5591 Sorry, no usb disk could be identified
  10. I'm change 9201 and 9240 pci splots ./rploader.sh satamap only offers 9 ports on a 16 port controller
  11. I blunted - I reset the bios and the time was reset to 2014 because of this and the certificates did not work.
  12. I'm sorry for being annoying, but it doesn't work for me ./rploader.sh update now ./rploader.sh fullupgrade now some problem with root certificates in tinycore redpill 0.46 image? wget and curl also get error openssl s_client -connect github.com:443
  13. this is not a problem, both cards are not built-in and I can change them. this computer for testing. I just want to test the possibility of using more disks than 16. I was able to connect 24 disks, but the problem was that after editing the internalsataport, external USB drives are now recognized as internal - is not good
  14. today i have problem with ./rploader.sh update now Checking Internet Access -> OK Checking if a newer version exists on the repo -> gzip: modules.alias.3.json.gz: No such file or directory gzip: modules.alias.4.json.gz: No such file or directory sha256sum: latestrploader.sh: No such file or directory There is a newer version of the script on the repo should we use that ? [yY/nN]y OK, updating, please re-run after updating cp: cannot stat '/home/tc/latestrploader.sh': No such file or directory Updating tinycore loader with latest updates Backing up files to /mnt/sdf