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  1. I can confirm it, worked like Vanilla. Great!
  2. @Peter Suhupdate works without updating Loader?
  3. I think his VM Drive is SCSI, not SATA, that caused me the same issue. GUI wasn’t loaded properly.
  4. Thanks @pocopico !!! Did it! force_junior was the right thing to get the System installed again with keeping my Raid-Set alive. Great. Maybe my previous Installation was running, as I saw my PCIe Passthrough Devices weren't complete (X540-T2 was missing) so I powered off my ESXi VM while that. That caused system failure in the OS I think. Anyway, is running like Charm again. May somebody knows how I get my first Disk to my real first disk and not the VM Disk with the Bootloader on it??? Just cosmetic but may be easy?
  5. Oh cool option @pocopico I will see if I can find it… Is it like pressing Spacebar or so as Hackintosh Loader behave like or how do I get to these Boot-Args?
  6. 3622xs+ worked flawlessly wit RC 7.1 Now I can only access my Data, copying meanwhile. But the whole OS look borked. Basics missing and functions won’t activate. Reinstall possible?
  7. @pocopico maybe you can help me before I have to wipe my whole system. My Installation is very strange after updating to official 7.1 The Storage Manager is missing i can’t create users. System doesnt Show Serial Number…SSH is Not activateable… Maybe i have to reinstall because of corrupt Installation of the Update… maybe a known issue…?
  8. Hi all, after my successful Update to 7.1 42661 from RC now: the Storage Manager App is missing??? Can anybody help me please???
  9. 7.1 RC to Official Release doesn’t work with this method??
  10. @Peter Suh @pocopico So it seems there is no way to get from 7.1 RC to Final via TCRP and the above posted commands? Or is the procedure the same as 7.01->7.1 RC was? And the commands as well? @Peter Suh you told to share your workflow for an update. Would be interested in it. thanks in advance
  11. Too less time to read all 10 pages… Procedure like RC then… 4 terminal commands and ready to go then? or something important new?
  12. Awesome!!! Did the Update as @pocopico told to an it worked directly as charm!
  13. Can’t wait to get my Rig updated tomorrow! This is really cool! Will report shortly @pocopico if my ESXi Build was updatable. Installing 7.0.1 3622xs+ was a walk in the Park since I got the Portmaps an DiskIDMaps
  14. Thanks for Replying. Great to hear. Your work is really awesome.
  15. @pocopico is TinyCore supposed to get 7.1-42250 3622xs+ support as easy as it is by now on 7.0.1-42218 or are there difficulties to get this done?