Nvidia Runtime Library

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Does anyone have any info on it? Can I use it with a nvidia GPU to accelerate my Plex?

source: https://archive.synology.com/download/Package/spk/NVIDIARuntimeLibrary/1.0.0-0011/

Requires DSM6.2-24833 on a synology_denverton_dva3219. But maybe someone ported it to the ds3615xs or other versions?



I editted the INFO file in the package and it now will install on my DS3615xs @DSM 6.1 Will install a nvidia gpu to see what happens.

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there are no drivers in the package, its just x64 application code

denverton seems to use the same kernel as 918+ (4.4.59)

denvertons are:

1618+, 1819+, 2419+, dva3219, rs820+, rs820rp+, rs2418+, rs2418rp+, rs2818rp+

as it seems to be for dva3219 that one should at least contain the nvidia drivers (binary)  in the DSM_DVA3219_24922.pat

in /usr/lib/modules/




so as long as you dont have this files for 918+ the spk package will be of no use

edit: the nvidia files are also in the 1618+ so they might be in all denverton version

version numer in nvidia.ko is 381.22, its as old as the kernel synology used (~5/2017)

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