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  1. Also meine Handynummer musste ich nicht angeben, aber ich hab meinen VMWare Account schon ewig, vl. war das damals nicht notwendig. Installierst du auf virtuelle Platten? Die dürfen nicht zu klein sein. Kannst auch mal den 1.03b für 3617xs statt 3615xs versuchen (und umgekehrt).
  2. Ja tun sie, und deswegen verwende ich auch den alten Bootloader und nicht den neuen. Der 1.04b geht bei mir auch nicht. Netzwerkkarte ist reichlich egal, die wird emuliert (E1000e). ESXi ist für daheim in einer reduzierten, aber ausreichenden Version gratis. Man muss sich nur registrieren.
  3. Hi, mit deinem FX4300 wirst du mit dem aktuellen Bootloader nicht weiterkommen. Auf meinem FX 8300 rennt ESXi, die VM mit dem aktuellen DSM bootet mit 1.03b erfolgreich. Das liegt an dem Prozessor, egal ob Bare Metal oder VM. In einer VM wird der Prozessor ja nicht emuliert, und den FXen fehlt es schlicht an Befehlssätzen. Der 1.03b bootet einen anderen Kernel afaik der mit dem Prozessor klarkommt. Ich verwende übrigens den Loader, der die DS3615xs emuliert.
  4. error403

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Setup another DSM instance with 6.2. If it runs just fine, you should be good to go and be able to migrate. Worked for me. Obviously it's always a good thing to have a backup
  5. Still not working on AMD FX system (3615/1.03b/ESXi). Edit: Sorry, configuration was messed up. It actually DOES work on FX 8300 platform now..!!! (ESXi latest, 3617, 1.03b). Thanks Jun!!
  6. Any changelog for the new loader?
  7. FX-8300/Gigabyte 970A-UD3P ESXi 6.7 not working (freeze after GRUB), nothing unexpected though.
  8. Btw: shouldn't Synology release the source code of the kernel? Shouldn't this make things a lot easier?
  9. Could it probably work with AMD FX-8300 CPU?
  10. a2 means alpha for a reason I guess. What's wrong with staying on 6.1 atm?
  11. Thank you, you saved me the trouble of fiddling around with that old stuff.
  12. Does anybody know if a Q9500 Core2Quad would work with 6.2?
  13. Asus E2KM1I-Deluxe, stops after "screen will stop updating shortly" with a blinking cursor, will not boot OS. Tried PCIe card (Marvell 9215), will not boot either. Both working in 6.1, just tested.
  14. EP45-DS3L user here. NIC broken with latest FW and DS3617xs indeed, works with DS3615xs though. JFYI.
  15. I was on latest previous version before. Got it up and running again!! What I did: -flashed bootloader for 3615XS to USB, was on 3617XS but I was under the impression that people here prefer 3615XS -entered MAC address and USB IDs into grub.cfg (previously I forgot about MAC, only entered USB, harmful?) -booted, DSM said I could migrate -did migrate, worked flawlessly Thank you anyway, also I didn't know kernel modules could be compiled by users for this kernel.
  16. Thank you. Yes, hard reset, no success. No, I don't even know what extra.lzma does... Edit: The lights on my NIC stay dark now when booting into DSM. Maybe Synology removed the driver for my NIC..????
  17. Hi, after installing DSM 6.1.6-15266 (which should be safe) my server does start up, but doesn't show up on the network. My HDDs are actively doing something.. Baremetal, EP45-DS3L, 8GB RAM. wouldn't find it. Can't ping. Can't ssh. IP static, so no new IP. What can I do?
  18. error403

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    thank you!
  19. error403

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Jun 1.02b seems to work fine on my old ASUS e2km1l-deluxe AMD-based machine. Are there problems to expect from running on AMD platform, or would I've hit those problem already during install if existent?
  20. error403

    IP 169

    Definitely true, but I encountered a strange behavior lately where I set my machine to correct parameters on ESXi 6.5 recently, and it wouldn't save my changes (it defaulted to SATA instead of SCSI for the virtual HDDs). Once I deleted the machine and started from scratch it worked, but this is something you wouldn't think of. Since I set the correct parameters and clicked "save" I assumed it would do so..
  21. error403

    IP problem

    Thank you, but it did quite nothing, especially the arp command. I am however able to right-click on the DSM in Assistant and actually access it, but several other errors happen then and I'm again not able to get my existing installation to work (DSM 6.1). In the long run, I ended up ordering a 916+. XPEnology is nice but it's always a bit risky and often takes a lot of time.. Edit: Anyway, now when booting in ESXi DSM does show up on my network, but goes to recovery as my drives are from an older installation. Recovery seems to go well, but after a very short recovery the NAS reboots and again shows the recovery dialog. Loader image is set to persistent. DSM 6.1 +Jun 1.02 alpha Ideas? So I can run the server until my NAS arrives? Edit2: Works now, see viewtopic.php?f=2&t=30270
  22. error403

    IP problem

    I'm having a major IP problem. Because of other problems with 6.1 I tried to do a clean install of 6.0.2. However, in VMWare DSM seems to drop the IP address as Syno Assistant at first shows a valid one followed by a 169. I didn't change anything on my network. It happens on my ESXi host, my Mac (VMWare Fusion) and PC (VMWare Workstation). It also happens on all Jun loaders (all versions). Once I boot into Baremetal modes it magically works. But that messes with my SATA PCIe card, so this is a no-go.. Any ideas?
  23. error403

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Similar here: Fresh install- weird IP address/shows "not installed" in Syno Assistant Migration from 6.0- whole system disappears after reboot Both work with baremetal option in grub, but it messes with my SATA card and volumes.