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  1. It works but emulating is super slow in my experience.
  2. You're both totally right, I know, but it's a bit hard to test as I don't have the machine at home and limited equipment at this place. In ESXi it stopped at the very same point. When I emulated a newer CPU in Proxmox it did boot much further, but performance is total crap. When I get access again I will go the virtual route again because of the easier debugging.
  3. Thank you, I know that chart. Also it reads So FX 8300 should be supported, but it actually doesn't work.
  4. In my tests, 7.0.1 worked fine. But you can't always stick to that version. Just a temporary workaround.
  5. I wasn't able to get serial out. But looking at the USB activity (bare metal install), it must be VERY early at boot. 3221 just stops after the line "Starting kernel with SATA boot". I highly assume it's the same here, as it's Denverton too.
  6. Here's the information about my P2000. It does get recognized correctly, but does not work in SS at all. At the moment I gave up on building a NAS. The info is for a better understanding of those cards.
  7. Try and tell us. Tried DVA3219 on i7 3770. It didn't boot. So I guess on an FX 8300 it will not work too, due to its age.
  8. Thank you. I will have a closer look at the card soon.
  9. I'm afraid I got the card only (used) and there's no hint about the revision or anything else.
  10. Not yet, wasn't sure if this could help. Thanks, will try when I can.
  11. Doesn't even work with all P2000 cards. Mine is being detected, but doesn't work in SS.
  12. Sure it doesn't work on older CPUs? Would be very helpful.
  13. Might be too old (Sandy Bridge?). 3221 needs Haswell+
  14. I'm not very familiar with Hyper-V, but usually the first step is to add a serial device to the VM and have a look at the output. You then can see at which stage the boot stops. Maybe also a simple NIC problem.
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