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  1. Please, is there someone able to adapt the package for DSM7?
  2. Altas, were you talking to me? What problem were you referring to?
  3. Why I see the fake Mac Address in the bios? mac on Bios and mac on DSM are the same! I expeted to have REAL mac on bios and fake mac on DSM...
  4. Hi! I finaly have my DS918+ working! There are many "problems" that I can't understand; sorry for this long pot, I hope you can help me. 1. My mainboard has 6 onboard sata ports; I tried to install Xpenology connecting only one HDD, but in this situation I was not able to install DSM. When I connected all 6 HDD, I was able to succesfully install DSM. Why? How can I solve this problem? I'm asking this because if I will need to run the system without a (broken) HDD, I'm afraid I will could not.
  5. Please, is there a guide for this? I can't understand the logic behind SataPortMap and DiskIdxMap values
  6. This is a command, not a setting. This command is already been used.
  7. We would like to know which is the right setting...
  8. Please, can you tell me if is there a guide for using redpill extensions? I see the pocopico made a very interest repo, but I don't understand how to use the extensions
  9. Thanks for the info. In case the migration process went wrong, do you think that putting the usb pendrive (with the bootloader of the DS3617xs) back, would be working again? Or could the data have been compromised?
  10. I can't find a solution... I can't understand the logic behind SataPortMap and DiskIdxMap values If anyone of you could give me an help, I would really appreciate it.
  11. I know it. SD Card reader is USB and perfectly works on Jun bootloader. I would like use it on redpill loader
  12. Can the bootloader run from a SD card? When I run ./ identifyusb now, system can't find vid and pid of the SD I'm booting from
  13. I'm having this problem: I tried many version (DS3615xs, DS918+, DS3622xs+) but the problem is always the same! Mainboard is a Gigabyte H97M-D3H. Any suggestion, please?
  14. How many drives can use by default XPEnology on DS918+? I mean I know that Synology DS918+ has 4 bays, but can XPEnology use more than 4 HDDs?
  15. Hi Kami! Could you please explain me how to add Realtek extension? Thank you very much!