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  1. Thanks for the answer, so when I rebuild the loader it will ask me for the pat file of the model I switched to and will not format the disks?
  2. Hi, so after I successfully installed DSM 7.1 with help from here, I have some questions. 1. If I want to change the model from 1918 to 3622 is this possible to do that without installing DSM from scratch? Can I just re-build the loader and change the serial number and Mac address? Or do I have to format and install everything and set everything up from scratch? 2. Is it possible to disconnect the disk-on-key after the DSM is booted? 3. Is it reliable? - Yes I know no one here can guarantee me that it will work 100 % and I will not lose data. But I'm sure there are
  3. Thank you!! I succeeded! Everything works, all disks are recognized. I need to set sataportmap to 6 because this motherboard defines disks 0,1,4,5 so in DSM it shows me Disk 1, DIsk 2, Disk 5, Disk 6 But it doesn't matter to me because I still know who is what.
  4. Ok, I'll try but just to be sure what to do: I do the build loader with SataPortMap 1 if it works then continue installing DSM with only one drive then after installation and everything works with one drive then to try to build again with SataPortMap 4? And if I build again then it will not ask me to install DSM again?
  5. Hi, everyone. I am trying to install DSM 7.1 on bare metal with the help of this guide: But I seem to be stuck on this screen: Don't really know what to do... I tried to figure out how to maybe fix it through the previous pages here, but without success Motherboard model: asrock h91m-plus The SATA controller supports up to 6 ports but the board has 4 ports and all ports are connected with HDDs What to do? And another question when I make a change in user_config.json I need to do build again to save it?
  6. Hey, I'm new here until a day ago I didn't know there was such a thing. I'm trying to install on Proxmox 6.1-8 DS3615sx Loader v1.03b I was finally able to move on to something only when converting the synoboot.img into qcow2. otherwise it didn't work But now that I'm trying to install the pat file it says "Failed to format the disk (53)" The VM config bios: seabios cores: 2 cpu: kvm64 machine: q35 memory: 2048 name: synologytest net0: e1000e=9E:55:42:1F:CB:60,bridge=vmbr0,firewall=1 numa: 0 ostype: l26 sata0: NFS1:201/synoboot.qcow2,size=50M smbios1: uuid=9d6a9bd1-5af2-