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  1. Hi, This video answers your question which I believe is linked to the Synology drive compatibility policy (which changed again as of DSM 7.1). the 918 will not be impacted but the DS3622 and RS4022 builds people use will be.
  2. I wanted to share this fairly straight forward discussion by SpaceRex on Youtube, that explains the changed position of Synology and HDD Compatibility restrictions with DSM 7.1. It also explains how to interpret the sometimes unclear wording on the Synology Spec pages. One of the popular Expenology builds is the DS3622xs+ which is impacted by this.
  3. We are talking about different topics. I'm speaking about potential for catastrophic data loss - which is present in all of the system types. I was remarking about this because not many individuals at home will have large arrays (thus the RS4021 build won't be in high demand), and often don't build arrays based on reliability data... just what they want to use. Today that often means a few very large disks instead of more small disks. The opportunity for failure on a per disk basis is non linear. Larger drives are more at risk of an issue during rebuild (the part of failure risk that most people seem to be uninformed about when talking RAID). You are clearly backing your data up in a fashion that covers the hardware and disk risks. Perhaps that seems common sense to you but amongst many people it's not.
  4. I have a long rambling thread where Peter Suh assisted me with great patience, however wanted to present a clean reply so others with my issue may find a solution rapidly and have successful install. The core problem I was having as it turns out - was improper loading of ext MPT3SAS which is for a number of LSI HBA's (eg 9211-8i), and potentially a conflict with automatic detection of ixgbe which is a 10GBe ext for intel 10GB adapters (x550 in my case). I am using the my.sh mapping/automated script designed by Peter Suh. The process will be Build TC disk image Boot to GUI and open console Download Peter's "My" tool and extract it from downloaded archive. Update the ./rploader to latest version run "Myv" tool to step through boot loader creation. NOTE: using "myv.sh" not "my.sh so you can manually select your driver from a list. Instructions: Loader: Create USB Tinycore boot disk as usual. Boot to the GUI. Customising your loader: wget https://github.com/PeterSuh-Q3/tinycore-redpill/raw/main/my.sh.gz tar -zxvf my.sh.gz ./rploader.sh update ./rploader.sh fullupgrade ./myv.sh DS3622xs+ realmac noclean manual ./exitcheck reboot When prompted to load a driver/extension enter "y", then select correct extension - 41 (mpt3Sas in my case) You will be prompted again after it has completed that driver. If no more specific drivers needed (most of us won't have any I think) - select "N" If you have active Sataports you will be asked to confirm satamap. Once complete you should have a working loader with no conflicting or duplicated extensions. Thank you again to Peter Suh, Flyride and others who have assisted me and offer this software :).
  5. yeah Im aware of that; also the flexibility of using the config settings to use what you want. I think phone guy missed the point I was making. Most people won't have to worry about the GUI not matching their physical disks. (Many people also consider a RAID array to be safe backup, or have no appreciation of the risks with rebuilds and disk failure... another point I was alluding to with the remarks about using only a few large disks).
  6. Synology have not been overly clear with people about their new policy on drive compatibility and what services will be restricted (eg SMART data). I can live with a PSU warning... but being locked out of necessary drive management tools is a deal breaker. I'll do some hunting around and try to find the current options necessary to work around it. It may be something worth building into the community offerings here. I guess most people will be fine with the retail versions - DS3622 being the largest. No compatibility restrictions and up to 12 disks. I think a lot of NAS owners go and buy a few of the biggest disks they can and think they are proof against loss .
  7. ok cool. For now I think I'll stick with DS3622 and have a break from messing around . I foresee going to the RS option though as a good choice. I noticed you have done it for your own build? Reference the update to -4 ... do you mean that I just do the DSM update and no change is required for my USB, or do I run a build command again on the USB? Is "postupdate" required still for any updates of the DSM version chain? I think you should have a pinned tutorial for your myv.sh tool. It is an excellent optioned piece of work - thank you for creating it :).
  8. alrighty... I'm now running with my migrated drives and settings. SATA ports are active and show up correctly. Syno backup for business is registered and operating again. My only issue to fix is the number of drives that show (12) on the storage GUI. It would be nice to see the full amount I can be using and current ones above "12". What does a person need to do to the builder when updating DSM? eg to go from 7.1.0-42661-1 to 7.1.0-42661-4 Thank you for your persistence Peter. Much appreciated
  9. I'd still like to follow up on this if it's possible to correct it. I did think of using the RSxxxx build option so I can have a lot more visible drives and easily manage them using the gui. I think that brings issues with the drive compatibility lockdown and smart data availability though doesn't it?
  10. I'm now up and running ... at least with a test disk. step 2 is to see if I can get this functioning with my sata ports active as I'll need them soon New TC image onto USB. SATA disabled on NAS HBA present with 1 disk attached only. ./rploader.sh update ./rploader.sh fullupgrade ./myv.sh DS3622xs+ realmac noclean manual select driver 41 NAS discoverable in Syno assistant. Lists itself as "migratable" which is a new change. Currently installing DSM 7.1.0-42661 I think we cracked it Peter! Looking at this now... if I get it working I need to determine how to do this with the SATA drives active too. Does this present a bug present in the ./rploader.sh that may need addressing (finding and loading of mpt3sas not working properly)?
  11. making progress. 1st time I've been able to get NAS to show in Syno assistant with DS3622xs+. I'm not convinced the mpt3sas extension has loaded even after adding it manually. Still shows no drives found. Telnet prompt indicates no dSM installed at all (expected).
  12. Info from build. With DS3622xs+ I do not even have a discoverable NAS in finder. As I mentioned to you previously DS3617xs is the only one that seems to work and give a discoverable NAS... even though it fails past that point. I cannot give you the build log because there is no way for me to copy and paste it from the terminal program in the TC gui.
  13. Ive been using DS3617xs not DS3622xs+ as the 3622 doesn't even get to a point where I can discover in finder. Which do you think I should use now? As an additional remark... If I am able to access the install screen then the Ethernet adapters are working. THe x550 is the only ethernet chip on the board (2 allocated MAC addresses). I'm unsure how the conflict of ixgbe.ko is impacting anything...
  14. Thank you. I note I'm getting a system time error during the listmods command and the loader is contacting ntp server for time... which is set incorrectly. Is this a problem? I ask as I've other software that has malfunctioned when time between server and program has been out (and not apparently been necessary to consider).
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