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  1. Hi, I have a supermicro mb with xeon-D SOC and LSI 9211-8i HBA (IT mode). All of my disks are 4TB SATA 3.5" disks. I currently have 6 disks on the mb SATA ports and 1 on the HBA. Volume is arranged into one RAID6 Vol on BTRFS. Jun's loader and DSM 6.2.x Adding more disks I am considering moving all to the HBA (total of 7 or 8 currently) I have read a fair amount of conflicting data about performance/reliability use/don't use write cache etc. I'd appreciate some consolidated feedback regarding: 1. will re-ordering or s
  2. Hi, I notice that Bitdefender will not scan this Xpenology Tool.exe due to it being "password protected" yet no password is required to run it. Can the Author please provide the password or advise why it has been designed to block AV screening?
  3. I had issues with DSM not recognising my x550 NICs onboard my Supermicro MB. If I'm not wrong the module of that NIC is basee on igb drivers. this change worked for me: Try modifying the grub file as following if it doesn't work: In the gub file change the following line: Code: Select all initrd $img/ramdisk.lzma $img/$extra_initrd to: Code: Select all initrd $img/$extra_initrd $img/ramdisk.lzma
  4. mgrobins

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hello :). Im using 1.03b with 3617xs DSM 6.2, bare metal. I have seen a couple of successful reports in the DSM 6.2 update reports... but not many for the DS3617xs update to 6.2.2.x (latest update). My hardware is Xeon based with intel X550 NICS and a generic SATA card (see sig for gear). Can anyone provide a definitive response on the current status? I ask as the 3617xs loader had some issues with the intermediate updates.... so it working now is great (if correct!). I could migrate to 3615XS which has had no issues patching
  5. mgrobins

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hi, am after confirmation that will work on DS3617xs with 1.03b Baremetal install ; I'm too much of a noob to work with a VM even though it sounds more useful Current DSM: 6.2-23739 ;avoided recent changes due to 3617xs not working. Hardware in sig - Xeon on SM mainboard - Intel x550 10GBe NICs which I saw earlier are working on this patch. If I migrate to 3615XS - is there a way to do that without losing current settings (backup strategies etc)?
  6. mgrobins

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hi, I became a little lost sifting the thread. I have 1.03b D3617xs baremetal on DSM 6.2. Are updates to 6.2 still bricking that setup? Is there an anticipated upgrade for the 3617xs? Lastly, not much difference I can tell between 3615xs and 3617xs …. is a sideways move to 3615xs loader going to allow more up to date DSM to run? THank you
  7. mgrobins

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hmmm..... I'm sensing from replies or lack of replies that for Bare metal with a Xeon based board I need to stay on 6.1 for now if I am using the DS3617xs DSM setup. I don't do transcoding but outside of that am uncertain if anything else is lacking on the DS3615xs file and if that works with all current updates for 6.2.x?
  8. mgrobins

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    That's interesting feedback. I read the FAQ which suggests the 3615 is the 'optimal" choice due to no real difference with the 3617. The core difference in them as Synology units is that the 3615 was an i3 unit and 3617 was a xeon. The rest was ram speed/quantity. Could the transcoding be the i3 does not manage some instructions the Xeon can? I don't do transcoding so am not sure. I think you are also implying that the loader may be impacting the performance of your CPU? Am I correct in that? I wonder if there is something in the Grub file that needs altering to
  9. mgrobins

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Good day. I note the update of 1.04b on post 1 by Jun. 3615xs seems to work with the latest 6.2 update for people on bare metal - some on 1.03b and some on 1.04b (which I thought was only for the DS918 NAS?) I use 3617xs (same hardware) and am stuck at the 6.2 first major update as the later ones brick the system. 2 questions 1. Has there been any movement or progress with the loader to enable 3617xs to work with the latest DSM (update 6?)? 2. What is the difference between 3615 and 3617? I've never found a satisfactory answer a
  10. mgrobins

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hi, just after clarification. Im on BM install with hardware listed in my sig. Loader 1.03b 3617xs and DSM 6.2-23739 6.2-23824 is the next offered update but this will NOT run on the 3617xs with 1.03b. Some are commenting that minor updates to 2379 are operable on the 3615xs. Is this the case? I don't think there are any landmark changes between 23739 and 23824 for a general home NAS (any disagreement?) so will just sit on my current version for now.
  11. mgrobins

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Sounds like you need to downgrade to a compatible version of DSM yes? Barnie, when I had an issue with an update not suitable for my system I followed the advice of a fellow member here to allow me to downgrade my DSM version. 1. I made a USB for an alternate model and did a migration keeping data (I have DS3617xs hardware so made a DS3615xs USB), that forced some of the core files changed in the unsuccessful upgrade to be rewritten and allow me to do a proper downgrade of the DSM OS. Manually select DSM (not online) and use the version that is correct for t
  12. Thanks. It's 1.03b for me then and the DS3617xs setup :). Tried replying to your other post on Root access but sometimes the web page is not allowing me to reply to topics.... I'll work it out :P.
  13. Hi, just as preparation for my upgrade from DSM 6.1.x bare metal to DSM 6.2.x using Jun 1.03b I have some queries. 1. I'm going to build a new USB from scratch for 1.03b and keep my DSM 6.1 USB. If my upgrade goes pear shaped can I just reinsert my 6.1 USB and use that to get running again? 2. The loader is just to fool DSM into thinking it's a legit Synology NAS.... so placing the new USB with 1.03b on it should the system just boot and be ready to update DSM from 6.1 to 6.2 online (or using the downloaded .pat file)?
  14. Hi, I have a xeon build similar to the DS3617 in all respects (hardware in sig). Looking at the table I am uncertain what "DSM /dev/dri support" means. I currently run Jun's loader 1.02b with the last version of DS 6.1. I do have it backed up but am hoping to build a new USB with the best loader to run the latest DSM6.2 that is compatible. I'd be grateful for assistance or clarification :).
  15. This is how I enabled it but I'm not on the latest firmware. Mod DSM to enable Root access: From 1) SSH as admin sudo -i to go to root. 2) synouser --setpw root [CURRENT – ADMIN – PASSWORD] 3) and then log out, 4) SSH as root ..