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  1. What we don't know is the extent to which Synology are tolerant of our Community activity.
  2. Peter are you are running out of ideas for new features and now trying to make this tool as perfect in all ways as you can? Surely it is more important to work on my Sata ports overlapping or blocking my HBA ports? 😁😇😜 I think Pocopico makes a very important point that needs careful examination. I have an idea that may help with build time yet be legally the same as now. Make it so Pat file downloads and begins extraction at the start of the loader launch with a "begin process" button or something so it is in parallel with build decision making and by the time it's needed it is already in the temporary spot it needs to be. This would save some time potentially, and be a solution to use while examining whether there are restrictions in place as Pocopico states that could leave you vulnerable to legal attack Peter. In all instances I think: 1. Protect yourself, 2. Protect yourself Build time is not likely a problem for most of us. How many people are actually rebuilding so often it needs to be optimised to the absolute minimum time? The most optimised and best functioning result is what we want as users yes?
  3. Peter I kept trying to get the SATA disks to not overlap or prevent my HBA discs showing up properly and just could not resolve it. In the end I have had a bit of a sook and gone back to disabling the SATA ports. I can add one more disk for now, possibly 3-4 if I work out which HBA and sata ports are not playing well. I plan to buy my way out of the problem if I need to - a 16i replacement HBA or a port expander if I can find a small one that doesn't need PCIe placement and can take power from a molex or sata power plug.
  4. A nice summary :). I'm not having any issues with my machine - I had been attempting to offer some direction to the person posting up above with "No disks Found" :). My sole project for now is to try and get my SATA controller and LSI HBA to work together with no port conflicts.
  5. That makes sense. I was thinking back to my initial effort working with you on my.sh where my drives were not found and we were suspicious that the mpt3sas was not loading properly (which it wasn't) and coincidentally ixgbe was not working and blocking it. I wondered if the person in this thread "Ulsy" may have the same issue with his HBA not showing his disks.
  6. I am requesting assistance with a problem. How do I get all of my onboard SATA ports to not overlap/conflict with my HBA ports? Having all SATA drives connected to my HBA (LS9211-8i) when onboard SATA ports are enabled results in 2 drives not being visible in DSM. It seems some of the ports overlap or conflict. I have been doing a lot of fiddling with the settings in /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf (maxdisks, esata, internalportcfg and USBportcfg). I don't seem to see any real changes when I alter these variables. I ran DMESG earlier today to see what ports are being recognised and to attempt to resolve this. I *think* I need to correct user_config.json but I do not understand the Diskid, portmap and other variables that I have seen mentioned around this topic. I'd be delighted if someone can explain a solution or offer some tuition/ a link to a tutorial. I've never quite got my head around it in the past. dmesg.txt
  7. Peter my Supermicro board uses the x540-T2 and I have no problems with your loader. I'm curious - I wonder if the fellow I wrote to above this comment who has "No disks FOund" has the same problem I did where the incorrect ixgbe module was preventing the mpt3 module loading properly.
  8. When I was having this issue it was due to the incorrect driver for my SAS card being called. See the thread in my signature for what I did - it's a bit out of date now but perhaps the device drivers are the issue for yours in the same way.
  9. Also Peter.... you speak English very well. Maybe other languages or dialects too in addition to Korean? Please don't ever apologise for not being perfect translating all very technical discussion to English. You do a great job
  10. Congratulations on another milestone. I wrote the names incorrectly Peter - I meant to type " maxdisks / internalportcfg / esataportcfg / usbportcfg " I have done some more searching and discovered some people are having issues with the new DSM7 and alterations to these values in synoinfo.conf are not resulting in changes. The examples being quoted relate to the DS918+ and people using the esata port as a internal drive who used to set maxdisks to 5, esata to 0x00, and Internalportcfg to 0x0011 (5 up from 4). Apparently this is no longer working and the esata is always seen as external. On bootup I can hit "x" and enter the command line to alter my sata or USB settings - that's the opportunity to alter user_config.json, but I may try to recompile and use your menu to see if it fixes my issue as well. I think I will need to message wzj304 directly and see if he can talk me through some of it ... then I can come back here with a solution and share it with you to decide if anything worth building into your software is present. Honestly, the simple solution for me is to disable SATA and just use HBA as all my drives are seen. If I need to I buy expander card or a -16i SAS card to have more capacity. The problem solver in me doesn't want to quit though - and I'm positive this would be helpful for other users.
  11. I don't read Korean but I think I worked it out Top line is each disk in my system from 1 to x (in my case I have 6 internal SATA ports and 16 internal HBA ports so should I use maxdisks 22?) I'm finding it quite confusing to understand what settings change what feature given the way different people are describing them in different posts. What settings (in what file) determine the number and addressing of: 1. HBA disks 2. onboard SATA disks What settings determine the layout of the UI disk map to ensure all disks are represented and seen?
  12. I discovered with 16 disks my esataportcfg and internalportcfg values were overlapping when converted to binary. I decided to edit the setup for 20 total drives with 20 internal ports in case I swap out my 9211-8i for a 9300-16i (would that just work by the way?) as I have assumed the esata ports mentioned here are in fact my onboard SATA controller ports? I'm not sure how to manage the SATA disk side of things though and forgotten where to do that sataportmap and diskid tinkering.
  13. Peter I am beginning to work on the SATA + HBA project now. To refresh my generally appalling memory (I take medication that has ruined my memory 😕 ) I'm using old threads. I found one with a bit of good info to start. https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/30898-dsm-623-ds3617xs-beyond-12-drive/ IG-88 offers some great help as always, and there is a video linked to show how the Hex calcs are being done. I need to work out where to go and do the editing again as I can't even remember that lol.
  14. I'd like to explore that. I changed bios to offer dual legacy/EFI boot with PCIE settings as legacy again for the HBA. I notice on boot, and when I was having it stall yesterday messages regarding UDEV. DDSML is associated with the HBA loading. I'm not seeing how the SATA controller is loading though. I'll have to go back to read up on the portmap theory again. It was annoying last time I tried because I have not used hexadecimal calculations in years and much of the discussion by people online is part answers or grossly incomplete - like a person answering to a person that already knows the answer :P.
  15. Hello Peter :). It's been a long time since I did any testing with you (back when you first were developing your my.sh automated install. I'm really impressed with the way the tool has developed into a fully fledged installer - congratulations on the great outcome for many hours of hard work. An achievement to be proud of as an enthusiast :). I had three issues using it, related to my own system but I'll mention them in case you have input or think they need attention. Two completely killed my capacity to use the installer and produced dead ends. I began by updating DSM on my old Loader and it messed up my system. It would not install and was just stuck. I decided I had to update the Boot Loader but had to relearn a lot after it being so long. I thought I was going to have to pull the drives, start fresh and then reinstall from my hyperlink backups... but I eventually got things going. 1. VGA is deprecated - a genuine issue for older server hardware using IPMI (console just shows blank screen after Linux loads). I had to press "e" at the first boot menu to enter the boot file, and before the Linux line, enter "Set gfxpayload 1024x768x16, 1024x768" This allowed me to launch the correct resolution. I'm wondering if VGA can be included while still allowing higher resolutions (because forcing people to 1024x768 is really awful to use given the screen window layout :P). Maybe I could use 1280x1024? I didn't test that after I managed to finally get the next parts working I was just too pleased to bother just then. Once this was fixed I was stuck for hours with point 2 because it was just not obvious from a troubleshooting perspective. 2. Installer requires UEFI bios mode. The previous bootloaders required me to use Legacy BIOS modes to successfully install. That was still the way I had BIOS configured. For hours I was trying to get your installer to get past the "Red Pill" logo on my console (after getting VGA to work) and it was just producing a long list of errors relating to system ID's. Changing my BIOS to EFI for boot immediately allowed bootloader to proceed and load without error. Changing LEGACY setting for devices - USB, LAN, LSI9211-8i and onboard SATA worked fine and loaded more quickly. 3. I CANNOT get all 8 of my HBA ports to recognise in DSM if I have onboard SATA enabled. This was a problem for me on the previous loaders too. I usually bypassed it by disabling onboard SATA but I am going to need those extra 6 ports soon. I do request your help with this part please Peter. Testing Done: A. I have 7 drives installed on the HBA across its 2 ports. On installing DSM 7.2 after Loader upgrade (with SATA enabled), only 5 are present in DSM - drives 1 and 2 are not registered. B. Disable SATA in bios and drives are visible again. C. Connect 1 drive to SATA and leave drve 2 on HBA = Drive 1 visible and drive 2 not visible D. Connect 1 and 2 to SATA = all drives visible in DSM. This means at the moment SATA appears to "block" 2 of my HBA drives. I have not confirmed if all 6 SATA drives will function just yet. I would like to investigate why this is happening and try to untangle the 2 drive controllers so I can use all drive ports.
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