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  1. For vDSM 7 need to have DSM 7 and install VMM latest version. When you have installed vDSM 7 can restore your NAS to DSM 6.2.3. https://www.wundertech.net/install-synologys-dsm-7-0-beta-as-a-virtual-machine/
  2. Is it possible to development some tool to test like Proxmox with Serial Port what is the problem with any pc? Or something easier for all people?
  3. For DSM 7.1.1-42962 need arpl v0.4-alpha5 or later. You need to update, is very easy, follow my instructions: - Reboot and choose the option Configure Loader . - Wait to get ip and type menu.sh or use ip:7681 via web. - Choose p option to update arpl, addons, kernel,.... - Reboot and boot DSM, now you can update from gui to new DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 1.
  4. Only download from here new update for your platform https://archive.synology.com/download/Os/DSM/7.1.1-42962-1
  5. I have HP Microserver Gen 8 with DSM 7.1.0-42661 Update 4 using ARPL. Try with this bootloader and tell me. With Tinycore Redpill I can build an image without pid/vid but before you burn, can modify with OSFmount. Releases · fbelavenuto/arpl · GitHub
  6. Issue with .img or .pat incorrect. There are several bootloaders, try with others.
  7. Try with DS920+ because is more compatible with olders cpu.
  8. Read This RedPill TinyCore Loader Installation Guide for DSM 7.1 BareMetal https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic?share_fid=107315&share_tid=60130&url=/index.php?/topic/60130-RedPill-TinyCore-Loader-Installation-Guide-for-DSM-7%2E1-BareMetal&share_type=t&link_source=app
  9. @fbelavenuto One question, I update to arpl v0.4 alpha 8 from update menu while compile github and crash the boot. I have download older v0.4 alpha 7 to recovery. Is it possible to update from update menu when not is possible to download from github the new version? ARPL v0.4 alpha 8 works well. I am testing now with Proxmox.
  10. I test on my DS918+ with DSM 7.1.1-42962. When I use Jun´s mod DSM 7.1-42218 or ARPL v0.4 alpha 7 works perfectly, but when boot with Redpill DSM 7.1.0-42661, DSM show recovery loop, try to do postupdate with this commands and not fix the issue, follow on recovery loop. Change to other bootloaders (Jun´s mod o ARPL), and work perfectly DSM 7.1.1-42962. I think only works if you create new boot with DSM 7.1.1-42962 with Tinycore v0.9. ./rploader.sh postupdate apollolake-7.1.1-42962
  11. I think all issues is with satamap not config like arpl. Could you do fix this easier for new people?
  12. I test it with VMWare, why change SataPortMap=58 DiskIdxMap=0A00 to SataPortMap=1 DiskIdxMap=10??? With first found a disk, with second no disk. Show disk 12 with SataPortMap=58 DiskIdxMap=0A00, how can I put disk 01 change SataPortMap and DiskIdxMap? This is TCRP jumkey's jun mode ds1019p does not require model.dtc patching Before changing user_config.json { "extra_cmdline": { "pid": "0xa4a5", "vid": "0x0525", "sn": "1230LWN009033", "mac1": "0011322A46E7", "SataPortMap": "58", "DiskIdxMap": "0A00" }, "synoinfo": { "internalportcfg" : "0xffff", "maxdisks" : "16", "support_bde_internal_10g" : "no", "support_disk_compatibility" : "no", "support_memory_compatibility" : "no" }, "ramdisk_copy": { } } Serial Number for Model : 1980PDN014948 Mac Address for Model DS1019+ : 00:11:32:68:16:32 Should i update the user_config.json with these values ? [Yy/Nn] Machine is VIRTUAL Hypervisor=VMware Running on VMware, no need to set USB VID and PID, you should SATA shim instead Machine is VIRTUAL Hypervisor=VMware Found "02:03.0 VMware SATA AHCI controller" Detected 30 ports/2 drives. Mapping SATABOOT drive after maxdisks WARNING: Other drives are connected that will not be accessible! Computed settings: SataPortMap=1 DiskIdxMap=10 Should i update the user_config.json with these values ? [Yy/Nn] y Done. { "extra_cmdline": { "pid": "0xa4a5", "vid": "0x0525", "sn": "1980PDN014948", "mac1": "001132681632", "SataPortMap": "1", "DiskIdxMap": "10" }, "synoinfo": { "internalportcfg": "0xffff", "maxdisks": "16", "support_bde_internal_10g": "no", "support_disk_compatibility": "no", "support_memory_compatibility": "no" }, "ramdisk_copy": {} }
  13. sudo ./patch.sh -p Password: Detected DSM version: 7.1.1 42962-0 Patch for DSM Version (7.1.1 42962-0) AVAILABLE! Available binaries to patch/restore: 1) /usr/syno/bin/synocodectool 2) Quit Please choose which binary you want to patch/restore:1 Corrupted synocodectool detected. Please use the -r option to try restoring it. No works with DSM 7.1.1-42962
  14. Works with 7.1.1-42962 or need to update files original and patch to repository?
  15. Try with this https://mariushosting.com/synology-how-to-add-usb-support-on-dsm-7/
  16. I test DS918+ DSM 7.1.1-42962 with Tinycore Jun mod DSM_DS918+_7.1-42661 and arpl v0.4 alpha 7 and works. When I put Tinycore DSM 7.1.0-42661 start with recovery loop and run ./rploader.sh postupdate apollolake-7.1.0-42661, but no works, other time recovery loop and no fix the issue. I try to create a new loader, but had errors and fail. ./rploader.sh ext apollolake-7.1.1-42962 auto ./rploader.sh build apollolake-7.1.1-42962 error.txt
  17. - Update new arpl version. - boot and update from DSM to new update. - When reboot, boot arpl automatic fix ZImage and ramdisk to new DSM version.
  18. pid/vid pendrive incorrect or .pat Download Center - DS918+ | Synology Inc.
  19. You can use: - menu.sh - ssh (WinScp, Putty, etc) - ip:7681
  20. I have 4 hdds with migration from DSM 6.2.3 to DSM 7.1, not fresh install and need to format.
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