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  1. A dedicated chip for the bootloader, interesting. So not much difference to baremetal method using a USB Stick, with the loader simulating a chosen high end DS Hardware. Now that I've done the whole process (several times) I finally get the principal. Thanks for the hint, all done. It's no fun to fiddle around in the files like that, but also no rocket science. Ok, no use to utilise a separate HDD/SSD, thanks. N54L use with newest critical update has been confirmed working, also with Jun's Loader 1.06b. It's just not working for me...
  2. Same here. Modified with proper MAC & IDs, Memory line updated and different DS S/Ns tried... but no use. Must be something else then. Gosh... there is always something!
  3. With what Loader? I'm trying Jun's Loader 1.06b here and my n54l is not found in the network, whatever I do!
  4. So, here we go: another Noobie, another set of questions! First: I'm so grateful people are doing this XPEnology thing, this is just great. Great for user having leftover hardware or can not afford Synology Hardware. Also great for Synology promoting their Software, maybe gathering future DS users. Thanks. Thanks a lot! *deep and slow bow* Now to me: Quite normal PC user, Gamer, having build silent/watercooled PCs for over 15 years, nothing fancy, still fascinated by PC Hardware, although now getting a bit tired of the hobby. Always more Hardware than Software