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Found 15 results

  1. Just a quick guide from my installation of DSM 6.2.1 Update4, before I forget it. The process was much easier than I expected, thanks to all the contributions and sharing in this forum. *** This guide required MODDED BIOS and a HP NC360T NIC *** Hardware Setup Flash kamzata's modded bios, use attached file to burn an USB drive with the modded bios, boot the server from it and let it completes the bios flashing Install the HP NC360T NIC, I bought a used one in Taobao for 14 bucks Load "Optimal Defaults" from BIOS, then In Advance page,
  2. Установка и настройка DSM на основе версии 6.2.3 Ну вот, муки поиска позади и вы пришли к эпохальному решению создать сервер на основе Хрени.....)))) Надеюсь, что подошли к этому шагу с долей познаний и оценили свои возможности. Данный мануал является общим, без акцента на частные настройки и особенности применяемого вами железа, такие как настройки БИОС_а и хардово-софтовые нюансы вашего железа. Процедура описана на основе последней возможной (на данный момент) для установки версии DSM. Но она применима и на ранние версии DSM 6 . Более древние уже не помню )))
  3. Video tutorial on how to get XPEnology to run on an HP Microserver Gen8 via ESXi 6.7, and install DSM 6.2 on SSD drive on ODD port, and pass drivebays to VM with RDM (Raw Data Mapping) MANY Thanx go to the great tutorial already posted here by @luchuma [ Tutorial: Install/DSM 6.2 on ESXi 6.7 ] I just always prefer to watch a video
  4. Good day I have successfully installed the DSM 6.2 on VmWare 14 Pro. For this I have only the official DSM 6.1 installed. For this let the bios on legacy and HDD Type not on Scsi but on Sata. And put the Lan attitude on bridged. simply insert the 6.1.vdmk as sata in the first place then add ne hdd eg 500gb. And in the options menu of Junloader Baremetal select. Now download and install DSM_DS3615xs_15047.pat through the Synology archive. If the DSM is ready set up you can download the update to 6.2 under Control Panel and INSTALL. When the DSM restarts it will not be f
  5. Hello. I'm the user which use xpenology with jun's loader. I've already bought chinese NAS which already installed DSM 6.2.2 ( When I had used this(on a month ago), I can't find my NAS in Web/Client Assistant, but can connect my NAS by manually typing internal IP. Yesterday, I was change my internet environment and my router, and NAS cannot find my Assistant. Router still recognize NAS' IP, but I cannot connect NAS using Assistant, either internal IP I've also trying to re-install on my NAS, but it
  6. Hello, I am very interested in the new DSM 6.2 loader by Jun. I read the posts in the Developer section but i must admit that i am not a great linux specialist. So i am not undestanding erverything. Just a simple question: Is it possible to run DSM 6.2 with Jun's new 1.03a2 loader , baremetal, on a DELL PowerEdge T30 with an Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5, 4x 3.30GHz? LAN is an Intel i219. Thank you for your suggestions. Greetings, Sonnyboy
  7. Note the update of NVMe code. Anyone who has used the NVMe patch should consider removing cache prior to applying this update.
  8. So when installing DSM on my gen10 microserver in ESXi i gave 4TB initially to an 8TB (7.27TB formatted) to the volume thinking I could expand it later. However, I can't seem to expand the volume. It sees it as a 4TB volume in a 7.27TB drive but when I click Create, the Storage Manager doesnt see the Drive 5 where the 4TB is, only Drive 1 where the Synology OS is. How do I expand the storage so that DSM 6.2 sees the whole drive?
  9. This is a MAJOR update of DSM. DO NOT UPDATE TO DSM 6.2 with Jun's loader 1.02b or earlier. Your box will be bricked. Use loader 1.03b instead. You have been warned.
  11. Hi guys, I’m new at xpenology and I would need to install a DSM on a google cloud platform instance. is this feasible? is anyone interested in helping me getting that up and running please? Cheers Stanley Brusse
  12. Hi, I just setup HP Microserver N54L running on DSM 6.1.3-15152 and System update shows/suggest to update it to 6.2.1-23824? Can I please know whether it is safe to click & update? Current SETUP: Current - DS3615xs - DSM 6.1.3-15152 16G RAM Regards, Mathew
  13. after changing my router i am not able to acces php myadmin nomore, my setup 1780PDN123456 DS918+ INTEL Celeron J3455 3.3 GHz 4 4096 MB DSM 6.2-23739 2019-01-27 20:46:47 3 day(s) 23 hour(s) 8 minute(s) 22 second(s) (GMT+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna Flash Drive - Alcor Micro Corp. any help is very welcome
  14. Hi, I was using DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 2 with loader 1.02b on VMware ESXi 6.5 with PCI Passthrough. Recently, I updated DSM to 6.2.1 23824 but after reboot, my NAS did not come up. Then I pulled out all the Data Drives and restored the system to the last snapshot. Now I can access the DSM GUI (with DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 2) without my Data Hard Drives, But when I insert the Hard Disks and reboot it lost its static IP and take IP from DHCP and show the status as "Recoverable" I tried to click on "Recovery" but after a reboot Synology Assistant could not detect it.