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  1. jadehawk

    Impossible to migrate array?

    @MooseMan123 Try the following. Create fresh VM install and name the new server the exact same name as the original. once you are up and running do not create a new volume. shutdown VM and add your drives to the new VM. restart VM. and log back in to DSM , open up "Storage Manager", it should pick up the original array "Volume" and ask you to repair . I just migrated an array from a VM DS3617xs running 6.2, to a VM DS3615xs running 6.2.1. And all worked great. My drives however are RDM's which makes them easy to add to VM's (When I made them RDM's, they were part an array Volume already and I did not loose any data) Good luck This is how I made them RDM's : Video
  2. jadehawk

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I have a similar setup as simoareva , so I'll share my results and await @simoareva to compare as well, my drives however are OLD WD Green drives in an SHR setup. Transfer is from a Windows 10 to the VM Virtual machine. on 1gbe Network connected to my router Hope this helps.. For comparison, Same test but from the Windows 10 to a Synology DS1817+ Via SFP+ DAC 10Gbe Cable (No Switch):
  3. jadehawk

    DSM 6.2.1-23824 - Update 1

    - Outcome of the installation/update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: Fresh Install - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: VM - HP Microserver GEN 8 - ESXi 6.7 + 1 VMDK on SSD + 3 RDM Drives (Network vnic set to E1000e) - Additional comments: See below ======================================================================================== RDM Drives where loaded on DSM 6.2 Update #2 DS3617xs. Migrating to new VM DS3615xs was as simple as assigning the drives to the new VM (after DSM 6.2.1 U1 was setup) and letting DSM repair the partitions. Didn't make changes to SataPortMap or DiskIdxMap (Interested in knowing why would I need to do so? @simoareva). HP Microserver Specs - 16GB ECC RAM, Xeon E3-1265L V2, 3x 2T Drives, 1x 500GB SSD(ESXi Datastore).
  4. To those interested.. DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 1 = Did NOT work on ESXi Using DS3617xs (Changing Network vnic to E1000e did not help) DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 1 = Works 100% on ESXi Using DS3615xs (Changing Network vnic to E1000e). Migrating the already setup Volume from DS3617xs to DS3615xs was as simple as reassigning the vmdk disks 1-3 to the new VM and repairing the partitions Thank you @haydibe Now Running latest DSM version on my HP Microserver Gen8!!!
  5. Will DO.. I'll update here if it worked with DS3617.. Thank you again.. Time to pack up and head home.. Long night...
  6. If I were to simply switch the setting on my current VM to 1000e, can I update? or better just try a new VM..? Also I am using DS3617xs. are your VM's on the same?
  7. Really!.. This I was not aware.. Will give it a sometime next week (On my day off). Thank you!..
  8. jadehawk


    Old hardware try: The Tutorials And Guides Section and you can watch this to give you an idea as well Good luck
  9. jadehawk

    Noob has questions :)

    If you had it working on DSM 5.x, by any chance you still remember what IP your router assigned your box? should still be in the routers DHCP table records... If you do maybe try to access the box with the IP address directly (once you are on the "happy hacking" screen) IP X.X.X.X:5000
  10. If you can, just backup what you have now on the fileserver, and test XPEnology on your current hardware. I notice that once XPEnology is running I have no need to go into its OS and tinker.. It just works (like your current fileserver is doing right now). The only benefit I see (for me) to go with new hardware, is to be able to install new versions of XPEnology as they become available. Starting with the new Loader 1.04b requires you to have new architecture CPU to install the latest DSM 6.2.1.xxxxxx. And the benefits to go that high is to eventually maybe gain hw transcoding for videos. I would give your current hardware a try first. then decided to spend the money on newer, better hardware. Some ppl here have rigs that blow anything that Synology hardware has to offer, but since they are limited by what DSM can do, they have other ways to get things like transcoding done more efficiently. Test it out on your current hardware. Start from 1.03b DS3617xs and work your way down till it works, if it doesn't then you got your answer. good luck.
  11. jadehawk

    Completly lost

    I made this video tutorial few days ago, it should help you to install 6.2. is for baremetal install, it just happens I was using an HPex485 in the video.
  12. jadehawk

    Loader 1.02A + Microserver Gen 8 > Error 13

    any reason why you need to use loader 1.02A when the Gen8 supports up to Loader 1.03b?
  13. jadehawk

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Not going to work. The hardware on the Gen8 is not compatible with the 918+. (CPU Architecture) We are currently topped out at DS3617xs on DSM 6.2-23739 Update 2.
  14. Video tutorial on how to get XPEnology to run on an HP Microserver Gen8 via ESXi 6.7, and install DSM 6.2 on SSD drive on ODD port, and pass drivebays to VM with RDM (Raw Data Mapping) MANY Thanx go to the great tutorial already posted here by @luchuma [ Tutorial: Install/DSM 6.2 on ESXi 6.7 ] I just always prefer to watch a video
  15. jadehawk

    Plex Server

    I currently have Plex installed on a separate PC and all my media in the Synology box. I don't see any downside and can easily handle almost 6 transcodes of 1080p H264 content down to 3Mb 720p to stream outside the home and zero issues direct stream to my home tv at full res. I am planning on moving SABnzdb , Sonarr, and Radar to the PC and see if my Synology box finally enters drive hibernation. As of now I have never seen my box enter that stage and drives are running 24/7.