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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, Hope you are all well at this very strage moment in history. So, the topic... I am running: VMware ESXi-6.7.0-20191204001-standard-customized (VMware, Inc.) DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 6, 3617xs HP Microserver Gen8/E3-1220 V2, Latest firmware and iLO HP P420 PCIe RAID w/ 4x HDD, RDM - ready to attach to VM (tested an working) HP Cougar Point AHCI w/ 2x SSD - passthrough, connected to VM Install and update was flawless, I set the following in grub.cfg: set sn=xxxxxxxxxxxxx set mac1=xxxxxxxxxxx DiskIdxMap=0C00 SataPortMap=1 Post install, the boot drive is hidden and my disk numbering starts at my second disk (SATA 1:0) I have my data disks set to RDM and have tested them with this config, the connect as disks 2,3,4,5 (SATA 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4) I have disconeccted them while i figure out this issue (they ar not in the screenshots) The issue: My passthrough for the AHCI starts at disk number 33 and only one SSD is present, both are connected (see attached pic), both SSD work fine and were attached and visible in ESX prior to enabling passthrough. I would like the 2x SSD in passthrough visible in DSM so I can setup SSD caches, however I need some pointers on what I am doing wrong. I am guessing it is something to do with SataPortMap? Can anybody help this dude under quaratine, opr likewise, if you have any questions about this etup, fire away
  2. Hi, i already have Gen8 with DSM 7.1-42661 Update 1 with hardware DS3622xs+, I would like to use deduplication, but only these models seems able to do deduplication FS-series FS6400, FS3600, FS3410, FS3400 SA-series SA6400, SA3610, SA3600, SA3410, SA3400 21-series RS4021xs+, RS3621xs+2, RS3621RPxs2 My question is, is there some loader that support one of there models that can run on my Gen8 microserver? My cpu is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31220 @ 3.10GHz Thanks
  3. Hello all: This is my hardware configuration HP MicroServer Proliant Gen8 , Intel Xeon E3 1265L V2. 16 GB RAM running with Proxmox 7.2-7 Successfully upgrade my DSM 6.2 to 7.1 using tinycore-redpill 0.8. Following this forum recommendations change hardware definition from DS3615xs to DS3622xs+. Everything is working pretty good but usb In my previous installation usb was configured by adding this lines to the config file usb0: host=1-1.1 usb1: host=1-1.2 usb2: host=5-1,usb3=1 But no working anymore. Nor usb storage recognized neither any other devices. Any solution ? Thanks for your help.
  4. Расскажу о своем печальном опыте создания ssd кэша на своей Xpenology. Система на HP Proliant Gen8, 2 тома, 4 диска по 3Тб SHR, 1 SSD Basic В распоряжении был RAID контроллер Dell PERC H310. Перевел его в it mode и решил сделать SSD кэш. Поставил 2 SSD диска по 64Гб из них мастер предложил сделать RAID1, все прекрасно сделалось и работало... до первой перезагрузки, к слову всего может быть минут 30 работала система с новой конфигурацией, сервер надо было ставить на место в коридор... После перезагрузки на систему напала амнезия о созданном кэше она забыла и оба диска стали видны как не инициализированные а первый раздел помечен как поврежденный Доступа к данным нет... из шар только одна на работоспособном втором разделе... Вопрос... что в подобной ситуации лучше сделать, как вернуть первый раздел в рабочее состояние?
  5. I am using pocopico's tinycore-redpill to build bromolow-7.0.1-42218 for my HP microserver Gen8. At first everything seemed to work fine, but because of some boot issues (my USB wasn't found most of the time, probably because of a BIOS issue), I updated my BIOS to a new version. Ever since, I cannot get my Xpenology working anymore. Booting the system from my USB works fine and https://find.synology.com successfully finds my system, even uploading the DSM_DS3615xs_42218.pat goes well. But as soon as it needs to restart the system and the 10 minutes has been passed, I get a "Something went wrong" message (see below image): Revisiting the same URL (https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5000) results in a new installation process: I cannot resolve the issue.... for some reason it doesn't finish the installation correctly, but I don't know why. Any thoughts? BIOS version: HP BIOS J06 04/02/2013 My user_config.json { "extra_cmdline": { "pid": "0x1666", "vid": "0x0951", "sn": "*************", "mac1": "00********70", "mac2": "00********71", "mac3": "00********72", "mac4": "00********73", "netif_num": "4", "SataPortMap": "6", "DiskIdxMap": "00" }, "synoinfo": { "internalportcfg" : "0xffff", "maxdisks" : "16" }, "ramdisk_copy": {} }
  6. Video tutorial on how to get XPEnology to run on an HP Microserver Gen8 via ESXi 6.7, and install DSM 6.2 on SSD drive on ODD port, and pass drivebays to VM with RDM (Raw Data Mapping) MANY Thanx go to the great tutorial already posted here by @luchuma [ Tutorial: Install/DSM 6.2 on ESXi 6.7 ] I just always prefer to watch a video
  7. How can I read fan speed and temperatures from SNMP on GEN8, using command-line interface and SNMPWALK utility? Something like this: snmpwalk -Ov -v 2c -c public <iLO-IP> <some-numbers>
  8. Bonjour à tous, Mon annonce peut sembler douteuse car je n'ai qu'un seul message à mon actif mais mon inscription date de 2015 et je consulte régulièrement ce forum. C'est juste que les tutoriels écrit par les membres de cette communauté sont très explicite et je n'ai jusqu’à maintenant pas eu besoin de poster Je met en vente 3 kits d'upgrade pour HP GEN 8. Contenu du 1er kit : Xeon 1270 V2 3,50 GHz/3,90 GHz Turbo, 8 mo de cache, socket 1155, 69W PDT 8GB de ram SK hynix : 2x4GB de ram 1333 MHz ECC 80€ + 5€ de fdp Xeon 1240 V2 3,40 GHz/3,80 GHz Turbo, 8 mo de cache, socket 1155, 69W PDT 8GB de ram SK hynix : 2x4GB de ram 1333 MHz ECC 70€ + 5€ de fdp 8GB de ram SK hynix : 2x4GB de ram 1333 MHz ECC 30€ + 5€ de fdp Je fonctionne avec cette configuration depuis plus d'un an sans le moindre soucis de surchauffe. Mon Xpeno me sers de stockage, transcodage Plex, VirtualBox, ... Je change la pâte thermique tout les ans par précaution, cela me prend 10 minutes. Le tout fonctionne parfaitement, testé avant l'envoi.
  9. Currently i am running DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 7 on my HP Microserver Gen8 and i would like to start updating it to the latest version. However, its been a while for me since I installed this update. Is possible to perform an update with the newest loader? Are there any tutorials/guids available? There used to be some pinned tutorials..
  10. I used to run DSM 6.1.4 on an HP Microserver Gen8 using loader 1.02b. a few days ago, I accidentally upgrade the DSM to 6.2 beta (it is stupid, i know), and the box just didn't boot anymore. In Synology Assistant, the Gen8 is not even discoverable (two NICs on Gen8 was configured as Bond connection in 6.1.4). I tried to prepare a fresh USB with 1.02b Loader, and after the box is booted into reinstall mode, I actually can find the both NIC in Synology Assistant, and the status is showing as recoverable. Same thing as if I access the box in the browser, it asks me to recover, but the problem will remain after choosing recover in either way. Please kindly help me on that. Thank you very much.
  11. Hi guys! As I am currently struggling while getting my HP Microserver Gen8 to work with my additional RAID controller, I was wondering which working hardware configuration/setup (e.g. Hard Drives, Raid controller, Mods, opt. cabling) you are using on your Microserver Xpenology build. I am especially interested in Raid controller setups (i.e. if you are using an additional one, in which mode you are using them, etc.), since I am thinking about buying a different one. But I had a hard time finding posts with an actual working configuration which I could use for inspiration. So, if you like to share your setup to inspire other people like me who are looking for a good and working configuration to use for their own build, feel kindly invited to drop a brief description of your rig here Here is my problem btw. Cheers - Salir
  12. Ahora tengo un QNAP de 2 bahias, y estoy pensando en comprar un HP microserver gen8 para instalarle XPEnology. Por lo que he visto es perfectamente compatible y muy fácil de instalar. Mi duda es la configuración de discos duros. Ahora tengo 2 discos de 2Tb en el QNAP, Mi idea es comprar 2 discos de 4 tB e instalarlos con estos pasos: Copia de seguridad en un disco de 4 Tb de los datos actuales con USB Instalo los 2 discos de 2Tb y el otro de 4 Tb en el HP Gen8, instalo XPEnology en una USB o SD interno y creo un volumen con SHR, que permite mezclar discos Copio los datos desde el otro disco Instalo el otro disco de 4Tb y lo añado al volumen. Creo que es una manera sencilla de hacer la migración. No creo que pueda instalar los discos directamente desde el QNAP al XPEnology. Por favor, indicadme si el proceso es factible, especialmente el orden en la instalación de los discos. Por lo que he leído no puedo instalar discos adicionales que sean de tamaño inferior a los existentes, por lo que debo instalar primero los de 2Tb y luego los de 4Tb
  13. Hello Petit retour sur mon expérience d'une installation toute fraiche à base de Proliant Gen8 1610T loader : 1.02b jun DSM : 6.1.3 15152 update 3 Precision : processeur du proliant changé immediatement par un i5-2390t (avec le meme TDP) Ensuite, j'ai suivi les tutos à la lettre . J'ai simplement rencontré un problème de reconnaissance reseau. Apres le kernel boot, impossible de trver le syno sur le reseau. J'ai refait la clé usb sans ajouter le extra.lzma et tout est passé nickel. concernant la config , c'est OOB. Je n'ai rien modifié dans les bios , ni me suis servi de iLO. J'ai utilisé le port USB interne et il boot parfaitement. Installation ensuite du 6.1.3 - 15152 Au premier démarrage, on m'a proposé l'update 3. Je l'ai fait et c'est passé tranquillement. Ce que j'ai fait ensuite : 1 volumes sur Raid5 en btrfs avec 4 disques WD Red de 3To / utilisateurs / partages etc....: nickel Tenté un 802.3ad LACP qui est passé du premier coup sur un switch Ubiquiti : nickel Installé certains paquets pas communs : Virtual manager, Mono, Web... : nickel j'ai cree 3 VMs : 1 windows 10 et 2 Ubuntu : nickel Le ventilo est inaudible apres le demarrage et le boot de la machine. Mais pendant les différents Post, cest un avion. Heureusement, il est parfaitement géré par le Syno mais aucun choix concernant son 'mode' qui ne comporte qu'un seul choix dans l'interface : mode frais. Du coup impossible de tester le mode calme. Certains disent qu'il tourne à 13%, d'autres à 6.... Je ne sais pas où ils relevent cette valeur. Peut etre avec iLO ?! WOL : nickel Meme si pour des questions ethiques, je ne voulais pas me servir de quickconnect, j'ai quand meme cliqué dessus. La fenetre se referme immediatement avec un message "erreur inconnue" . Tant pis et tant mieux à la fois. Il tourne depuis 3 heures. Les disques copient 3 To de fichiers en ce moment meme. Bref pour ceux qui voudraient tester ce matos en particulier, c'est bien, compatible 6.1.3 .... et pas cher Fred
  14. Hi everyone, I try to install DSM6 on HP Gen8 with SAS controler HP410 I configure 2 logical drive. Each logical drive contain one physical disk (Raid 0) I have compiled hpsa.ko and add on to the extra.lzma. I have maked the Usb Key The server boot on the usb key... I have access to the wizard to install dsm I select the 2 disk but the install stop with error 35 : failed to format the disk. Could You help me to solve this problem ? Thanks
  15. Is it only me who has an issue with WoL? It's been working fine before on previous versions. Now since DSM 6.1.2-15132 and fresh install on HP Gen8 Microserver I can't wake up the thing. I have tried both images: DS3615xs and DS3617xs and latest bootloader 1.02b without success. It seems that DSM instead of properly shuting down the machine is executing some sort of sleep mode that can't be normally woken up by sending regular WoL packet. Now I can only Wake up the server by sending WoL packet when the server had power cut off.
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