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Found 9 results

  1. So, I'm a bit stuck. Over the last years when a disk crashed, I'd pop the crashed disk out, put in a fresh one and repair the volume. No sweat. Over time I've migrated from a mixed 1 and 2TB disks to all 3TB one and earlier this year I'd received a 6TB one as a RMA for a 3TB one from WD. So I was running: Disk 1: 3TB WD - Crashed Disk 2: 3TB WD Disk 3: 6TB WD Disk 4: 3TB WD So I've bought a shiny new 6TB WD to replace disk 1. But that did not work out well. When running the above setup; I've a degraded volume, but it's accessable. When putting in the new
  2. After 4-5 years happy usage of Debian9 + Proxmox5.2 + Xpenology dsm 5.2 I upgraded six months ago to DSM6.2.3 Proxmox6.3-3 Debian10. All went well, until a few weeks ago... One night at 3am my volume 2 crashed! Since then I can read my shares from volume 2, but not write. It is read-only. I suspect the activation of write back cache in proxmox is the reason. Status of SMART and all my harddrives and raid controller is just fine, so I suspect no hardware issue. After using google, this forum and youtube I still have no solution. The crashed volume has all my musi
  3. Hi guys, For some of you who wish to expand btrfs Syno volume after disk space increased. Before: df -Th btrfs fi show mdadm --detail /dev/md2 SSH commands: syno_poweroff_task -d mdadm --stop /dev/md2 parted /dev/sda resizepart 3 100% mdadm --assemble --update=devicesize /dev/md2 /dev/sda3 mdadm --grow /dev/md2 --size=max reboot btrfs filesystem resize max /dev/md2 After: df -Th btrfs fi show mdadm --detail /dev/md2 Voila Kall
  4. So when installing DSM on my gen10 microserver in ESXi i gave 4TB initially to an 8TB (7.27TB formatted) to the volume thinking I could expand it later. However, I can't seem to expand the volume. It sees it as a 4TB volume in a 7.27TB drive but when I click Create, the Storage Manager doesnt see the Drive 5 where the 4TB is, only Drive 1 where the Synology OS is. How do I expand the storage so that DSM 6.2 sees the whole drive?
  5. Hello, I am encountering a weird issue with my server (hp n54l baremetal). It has been working for years with no issues at all with DSM5.2 Two days ago I was thinking to backup my booting USB in case it might fail one day and if I wanted to finally update to 6.x So I turned of my server, remover the usb drive and tried to back it up with my laptop. I say tried because each time the software I use gave me an error saying it could not do it. Then I gave up and put back the usb drive into my server which booted with no problem...until I wanted to acces one v
  6. hi i have a ds3617xs setup. i created aa shr volume with 4 2TB disk. one of the disk died and i decided that i needed more space ,so i bought 2 new 4TB red drives. i started by replacing the failed 2TB drive with a 4TB repaired my volume and finally swapped an other 2Tb for a 4TB. all went well expect the total volume size doesn't seem to have increased. i was expecting to have 8TB available but i only have 5.6TB. do any of you can give me a clue about what's going on?
  7. Hi Everyone, I made a really stupid mistake of deleting volume 1 of my NAS. The Volume consists of 2 - 2TB WD drives and 1 - 1TB WD drive. one of the 2TB drives failed and I was supposed to repair it. I've done this before but in this instance, it totally slipped my mind that I need to uninstall the failed drive first before running the repair function. I made the moronic mistake of thinking the repair function was the remove volume function and now I lost volume 1. The failed drive is now uninstalled, the other 2 drives show they are healthy but the status is "
  8. Bonsoir à tous, Voila, Ce samedi 10 mars j’ai subi une coupure d’électricité inopinée et depuis mon volume est considéré comme dégradé. Pas moyen de le réparer ! Et aucun disque n’est considéré comme défaillant ! Voici quelques images de mon interface si l’un des experts avait une idée. Merci d’avance.
  9. Hi, I updated to DSM 6 using Jun's loader. Shortly after, I tried to add another HDD to my NAS. DSM wasn't recognizing the HDD, so I powered it off and used the SATA cables from one of the working drives to ensure it wasn't the cables. This is where everything went wrong. When DSM booted up, I saw the drive I needed, but DSM gave an error of course. After powering the unit off and swapping the cables back, it still said it needed repair, so I pressed repair in Storage Manager. Everything seemed fine. After another reboot, it said it had crashed. I let the parity check