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Found 13 results

  1. After 4-5 years happy usage of Debian9 + Proxmox5.2 + Xpenology dsm 5.2 I upgraded six months ago to DSM6.2.3 Proxmox6.3-3 Debian10. All went well, until a few weeks ago... One night at 3am my volume 2 crashed! Since then I can read my shares from volume 2, but not write. It is read-only. I suspect the activation of write back cache in proxmox is the reason. Status of SMART and all my harddrives and raid controller is just fine, so I suspect no hardware issue. After using google, this forum and youtube I still have no solution. The crashed volume has all my musi
  2. Hi Team, I've been running 6.1 for the passed 12 months. I noticed an alert that drive 6 of my 6 drive RAID 5 was beginning to fail. I purchased another drive and replaced i t the other day and set it to expand into the raid group. Today i had an issue with an application so I rebooted the Synology. It didn't come back up. I now have a crash error with 3 of the six drives are stating they are failing. I noticed that the new drive had failed to initiate and 2 other drives have failed. Im now in a bad sit
  3. Bonjour, Mon NAS est en version 3615XS en DSM 6.1.3 avec juns 1.02 alpha. J'ai un HDD de 4 TO (plein) que je souhaite récupérer... enfin j'espère pouvoir... Pas de raid car c'est avant un media center. J'avais crée les volume en "basic" je ne me souviens pas du type de système de fichier. Suite à une mésaventure avec ma clés usb, j'ai donc tenté de la recréée avec juns 1.02 b (j'ai pas trouvé la alpha) Avec le syno assistant, j'ai remarqué que le NAS avait changé d'ip, une fois connecté dessus il à travaillé durant 10 minutes pour "récupération"....
  4. I been trying to troubleshoot my volume crash myself but I am at the end of my wits here. I am hoping someone can shine some light on to what my issue is and how to fix it. A couple weeks I started to receive email alerts stating, “Checksum mismatch on NAS. Please check Log Center for more details.” I hopped on my NAS WebUI and I did not really seem much in the logs. After checking my systems were still functioning properly and I could access my file, I figured something was wrong but was not a major issue… wrong I was. That brings us up until today, where I notice my NAS w
  5. Hi all. Just installed Xpenology DS3617xs with Jun's 1.02b on Acer Revo RL85 (iCeleron 2957U@1.4GHz/4GB RAM/Realtek PCIe GBE lan/2x INTEL 250GB SSD) Everything is OK, running for couple of days, virtually 0 problems after installation. Decided to quickly backup settings, logged in - Control panel -> Update & Restore -> Configuration Backup. Few second after I clicked on backup and confirmed the standard dialog listing backed items of configuration the window returned back to the initial screen. I waited a few seconds, hoping the save dialog window wi
  6. Hi guys, I decided to make a call for help as right now I'm stuck on recovering data from my BTRFS drive. I am using a hardware RAID 1 on the back-end [2x 4TB WD Red Drives], and on the front-end, on XPEnology I configured a Basic RAID Group with only "one drive" passed from ESXi. Until this January I've been using EXT file system, but I read that BTRFS is better both in speed and stability terms, so I decided to give it a go :) I run my system on UPS which can keep the system powered for more than 4 hours, in case of a blackout, so I though that my data was safe.
  7. Hi all! SHR-2 Crashed 3 failed HDD, please help, only 2 disks report crashed in red color but I have still 2 disks initiated but I can't use "Manage" button to repair. I have SHR-2 with 2 failing disk but I see that I got 3 disks with problems..... How can I get back my data. in Putty the MD2 seems quiet ok I just need 80-90% of the data back because is so much. I need someone that knows this in detail and ask also for more data if needed from me. It seems that I need assistance due to mange button can't be used (it greyed) even I have 2 disks available for mending the volu
  8. Hi everyone! Recently I updated from 5.2 to 6.1 (6.1.5 at the moment). I've been using XPEnology on DSM 5.2 for about a year and a half. The update went fine, except that now I have a strange problem. When I use any of the services, the router crashes and restarts. This happens with Plex, Transmission, and Nextcloud (Docker). There is no problem until any of these services are used intensively. For example I can leave transmission running without problems until I add a torrent, which in around 30 seconds make the router crash. Same for Plex and Nextcloud. This could mean that
  9. Hello, running DSM 6.1 (jun's loader) on Asus A88X-Plus/USB 3.1 with AMD A series A10-7860K CPU, 8 Gb RAM and expanded from 8 disks to 10, system is configured as RAID 6. As the motherboard natively only supports 8 disks I added a PCI-E sata controller Highpoint Rocket 640L. I added the 2 disks to the external sata controller. The system appears to have succesfully switched from 8 to 10 disks, but never fully worked,as the system partition appears to be faulty of the 2 added disks. Re-installing DSM did not work either, everything ok until I get a timeout when wr
  10. Hi everyone My hardware: AMD E450M1-deluxe OS: 6.1.3 Update 8 loader 1.02b My problem DS finder, DS file, DS download .... always crash out when I login with ip-lan or ddns. The only DS photo and DS cloud app is no proplem At first I used "loader 1.01 DSM 6.0.2 update 6" cant login the app, i tried up loader 1.02b 6.1.3 update 8 but alway crash If I must to new install , can I keep the data, my NAS is not raid sorry i use google translate.
  11. Alright, strap yourselves in, because this might get long... Hardware setup: 4x WD 2TB Red in SHR ASRock H81M-HDS Mobo Intel Celeron Processor 8GB Crucial Ballistix RAM First, some background: A few days ago I noted the network drives that I have on my system were not showing up in Windows so I navigated to the system via my browser and the system told me I needed to install an update and that my drives were from an old system and would need migration. I wrote a different post about that here: The versions it wanted to install was
  12. Hi, I updated to DSM 6 using Jun's loader. Shortly after, I tried to add another HDD to my NAS. DSM wasn't recognizing the HDD, so I powered it off and used the SATA cables from one of the working drives to ensure it wasn't the cables. This is where everything went wrong. When DSM booted up, I saw the drive I needed, but DSM gave an error of course. After powering the unit off and swapping the cables back, it still said it needed repair, so I pressed repair in Storage Manager. Everything seemed fine. After another reboot, it said it had crashed. I let the parity check
  13. I've had a mixture of WD Red drives in a Syno DS410 and an Intel SSE4200 enclosure running Xpenology for years with very few drive issues. Recently I thought I'd repurpose an Intel box I'd built a few years ago but was just sitting there (CPU/RAM/MOBO) and successfully set it up with 4x3TB WD Red drives running Xpenology. When given the choice, I chose to create a btrfs RAID 5 volume. But. In the 5 or so months I've been running this NAS, three drives have crashed and started reporting a bunch of bad sectors. These drives have less than 1000 hours on them, practically new. Fortuna